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The Adult Learners Association(ALA), formerly known as the
Non-Traditional Students' Organization or NTSO, is a diverse
group of students brought together by the common pursuit of
higher education at SUNY Potsdam.

Meeting Times for 2010-2011 Academic Year

Monday: Noon - 1 p.m.


An Adult Learner (also known as a non-traditional student) is someone who meets
one or more of the following criteria:

       22 years of age or older

       Has had at least a two year break in his or her education

       Holds a GED rather than a high school diploma

       Is married

       Or single with dependents


       To encourage non-traditional students to become an effective and integral part of the college

       To serve as an advocate for the special needs of the non-traditional student to the college
        administration, faculty, staff, traditional students and the local community;

       To initiate programs designed to enhance academic, financial and social opportunities for these

Benefits of being a member:

       Having a place to go with Adult Learner Concerns and where you can have a voice on campus.
       Having ASO tutoring available.
       Lockers available in Sisson 12, Sisson 110 and Carson 12 to sign out for use.
       Laptop Loans- Go to Sisson 110 to sign out for a week.

       Networking with others on campus who may have the same concerns or interests.

       Socialization.

       Care and needs of the Carson Adult Learner Lounge North.
       Wear special ALA stoles at Graduation.


Louise Tyo, Director of Student & Family Transitions
(315) 267-2580

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