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					John Dibble
Freeburg, Illinois 62243                                               

Insurance professional with 30 years of experience as a Claims Adjuster and as an Arbitrator for the
Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission seeks position as an adjuster with a nationally recognized
property casualty insurance group or risk management service provider to utilize strong organizational
and decision making skills to analyze complex and technically difficult claims

     Investigation Skills: ability to use research and analytical skills to analyze evidence, relevant
     laws, statutes, and medical documentation to determine the validity of a case or claim
     Evaluation Skills: ability to use extensive knowledge of medical terminology and treatment
     procedures for work-related injuries, in conjunction with workers’ compensation case law and
     statutes to determine the nature and extent of injury as it may be related to a work accident
     Negotiation: ability to negotiate claims to an amicable resolution by assessing liability based
     upon case law and medical evidence to avoid costly litigation when possible
     Planning and Organization: ability to manage an extensive case load and the litigation process to
     ensure the timely resolution of claims
     Supervisory and Management: ability to direct and manage the work of administrative and
     professional staff including direct reporting staff and contract personnel
     Relationship Building: ability to build strong professional relationships with others
     Communication: ability to communicate with a broad range of individuals including clients,
     agents, claimants, plaintiffs, defendants, and legal and medical professionals

Speaking Events
      The Illinois Chamber of Commerce, “Current Trends in Workers’ Compensation Law”
      Southwestern Illinois College, “Basic Workers’ Compensation Principles”
      Southern Illinois Claims Adjusters Association, “Current Workers’ Compensation Case Law”

September 1990- October 2011         Arbitrator        Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission

Administrative Law Judge
      Conducted binding hearings, rendered decisions, and approved settlement contracts
      Efficiently managed case load and produced one of the lowest appeal rates in the state
      Facilitated communication of all parties and mediated settlement discussions
      Coordinated and directed efforts of the parties to resolve issues
      Reviewed settlement contracts and medical records submitted by the parties for approval
      Analyzed evidence and reviewed laws and statutes to determine validity of cases
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July 1980-September 1990 Supervising Adjuster-In-Charge USF&G Insurance, Marion Illinois
Insurance Adjuster – Workers’ Compensation, Property Damage, and Personal Injury Claims
       Examined first report of claim relative to policy language to determine coverage
       Investigated claim and gathered available medical information to determine initial reserves
       Interviewed claimant, witnesses, physicians and other relevant parties to claim
       Determined validity of claim, additional actions necessary, and settlement value
       Evaluated medical evidence and directed medical management of claims, including rehabilitation
       Communicated with agents, insureds, and home office on status of all claims
       Communicated with agents, insureds, and underwriting on loss risk issues
       Assigned and supervised legal counsel on litigated claims
       Responsible for third party recoveries and subrogation cases
       Determined coverage, evaluated exposure, and established reserves
       Evaluated and negotiated settlements within policy limit authority
       Reviewed reports, treatment records, and medical bills to determine the extent of liability
       Analyzed all information gathered in the litigation process
       Managed the litigation process to ensure timely and cost effective claims resolution

March 1979-June 1980                  Claims Adjuster        Hartford Insurance, Wichita Kansas
March 1978-March 1979            Telephone Claims Adjuster   Hartford Insurance Co. Peoria, Illinois

Bachelor of Science - Business and Economics - MacMurray College, Jacksonville, Illinois

National Judicial College Training: 1980, 2002

Annual formal professional development programs provided by the State of Illinois which
       Substantive and procedural aspects of the arbitrator position
       Current issues in workers’ compensation law and practice
       Current case law review and study
       Medical lectures from experts in areas such as orthopedics, ophthalmology, psychiatry,
       neurology, and rehabilitation counseling
       Requiring participants to analyze the facts of a hypothetical case and to apply the appropriate
       statutory and case law to render a decision
       Writing classes taught by law professors to assist in improving our legal writing skills

Continuing Legal Education Programs sponsored by Illinois State Bar Association
       Advanced Illinois Workers’ Compensation Practice
       Illinois Evidence
       Medical terminology

Illinois State Medical Society

        Workers’ Compensation Impairment Evaluation in Illinois

Description: John Dibble is an insurance professional with 30 years of experience as a Claims Adjuster and as an Arbitrator for the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.