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					                                                                                                                         Volume 186
                                                                                                                                        MARCH 2010
Sponsors                                                                                            WIFV Hosts Special Evening with Sharon Sloane
Star                                                                                                   Creating Interactive Learning Adventures: An Evening with Sharon Sloane will
                           The Newsletter of the Washington D.C. Chapter of Women in Film & Video

Interface Media Group                                                                               include the premiere screening of The War Inside, a groundbreaking video-
                                                                                                    based simulation that seeks to improve warrior
Celebrity                                                                                           psychological health and arm our soldiers for the
Media Central                                                                                       battles they often face inside themselves after
                                                                                                    returning home. During the event, attendees will
Visionary                                                                                           actually be given the ability to manipulate the course
DC Film Office
                                                                                                    of the video-based simulation through electronic
Eastman Kodak                                                                                       voting. Produced in collaboration with the Army
                                                                                                    Medical Department, The War Inside demonstrates
Henninger Media                                                                                     how WILL Interactive’s unique, interactive films
                                                                                                                                     allow users to play
                                                                                                                                     out real-life scenarios
The Virginia Film Office                                                                                                             before they live           WIFV Woman of Vision
                                                                                                                                     them out. A cross          Sharon Sloane, President &
                                                                                                                                                                CEO of WILL Interactive
Donor                                                                                                                                between live-action
City Club of Washington                                                                                                              movies and video games, WILL’s programs
idea design                                                                                                                          help people navigate complex, stressful, and/or
National Geographic                                                                                                                  unanticipated situations and dilemmas. On March
 Digital Motion                                                                                                                      30, audience members will experience a cutting-
                                                                                                    edge training program designed to help U.S. military personnel returning
                                                                                                    from deployments. Whether you are a camera operator, film executive,
                                                                                                    game technician, or learning expert, you’ll gain a keen sense of how WILL
                                                                                                    Interactive’s programs have influenced a wide range of decision-makers on the
                                                                                                    most important and challenging issues of today.

• Newsletter Design                                                                                 March 30th, 6 pm
  Rip Bang Pictures
• Newsletter Layout
                                                                                                    US Naval Memorial
  Charlotte Rinderknecht
                                                                                                    701 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, DC
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Writing for Daytime Dramas                                 Bigelow Scores Big with Oscars
By Jane Barbara                                               Here are some of the comments and articles we’ve
   One of my most favorite comedies happens to be          received related to Kathryn Bigelow’s win of the 2010
Soapdish, starring Sally Field and Kevin Kline. It tells   Best Director Oscar® for
the back stage story of cast and crew of a popular         The Hurt Locker. Bigelow
daytime drama, The Sun Also Sets. Whoopie Goldberg         was only the fourth woman
plays the Head Writer, who is informed by her Producer,    director to receive an Oscar
played by Robert Downey, that she must bring back          nomination, following
Kline’s dead character - even though that character        Lena Wertmuller for Seven
was decapitated! Only on the soaps can a dead -            Beauties, Jane Campion for
decapitated character - return. Anything goes on the       The Piano and Sofia Coppola
soaps. That is why we love them so.                        for Lost in Translation.
   Turns out Soapdish is not so far from the truth!           “As female directors
Screenwriter Meg Kelly has won three daytime EMMYS         celebrate around the world
for BEST WRITING, was Co-head Writer for Days of Our       for her victory ---I am here
Lives and Scriptwriter for As the World Turns. She also    drinking champagne--all we
created the night-time drama Motor City, and co-wrote      can wish for is that it won’t
                                                                                           Photo from
the pilot for CBS. Meg has some stories to tell - about    take another 82 years for a
transplanted faces - and - how it feels to be a writer     female feature director to win again. After all women
working on a team.                                         have been winning for directing docs for years.” – Aviva
                                                           Kempner, WIFV Advisory Committee Member, Director
  Come hear Meg share her stories and experience
                                                           of Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg
working on some of daytime’s most popular shows.
                                                              Melissa Silverstein in her Women and Hollywood
  Please RSVP to Jane Barbara
                                                           blog is doing a fantastic job of reaching out to female                                    directors for their reactions. You’ll want to keep
  301-871-5072                                             checking back!
  Light refreshments will be served.                          From Variety – “Bigelow described her win as “the
                                                           moment of a lifetime.” Asked backstage her reaction as
An Act of Congress Screening                               the first woman to win the directing award, the helmer
                                                           said she hopes “I’m the first of many. And of course,
   In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of
                                                           I’d love to just think of myself as a filmmaker, and I
Earth Day, the Charles Guggenheim Center for the
                                                           long for the day when a modifier can be a moot point.”
Documentary Film at the National Archives presents a
                                                           Bigelow first woman to win director Oscar by Dave
screening of Charles Guggenheim’s 1979 documentary,
H.R. 6161: An Act of Congress. Narrated by E. G.
Marshall, the 58-minute film documents the journey of         From HitFix – “She’s a storyteller. You look back
one piece of legislation – in this instance, HR 6161 (a    at her career, and it’s not the career that female
bill to amend the Clean Air Act) – is enacted by the US    filmmakers are supposed to pursue. She has always
Congress.                                                  been attracted to stories about characters who live on
                                                           the edge, people who push themselves to extremes.
April 15, 7 pm, in the National Archives’ William G.       She’s made movies that interest her, movies that stand
McGowan Theater, Constitution Avenue between 7th           defiantly outside any easy box, and as a result, this
and 9th Streets, NW, DC. The doors to the building will    win tonight feels like it is more than a win for her, and
open 30 minutes prior to the start of the program. Use     more than a win for women in general.” A look at the
the Special Events Entrance on Constitution Avenue.        larger meaning of Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar win for Best
For more information, call 202-357-5000 or toll free at    Director posted to by Drew McWeeny
877-874-7616 or e-mail  

                                                           Have you been Tweeted?
                                                              Sign up to follow WIFV via Twitter at WIFV_DC. We
                                                           are also eager to follow your tweets as well so email your
                                                           Twitter account info to and we’ll
                                                           join your nest! Let us know what you think are the most
                                                                               valuable tweets you receive in a day
                                                                               – we’re always trying to learn more.
                                                                               This won’t replace the WIFV listserv,
                                                           but gives you another avenue to communicate with and
                                                           about WIFV!

Save Time and $ with Talent
   Producers can feel confused and frustrated when it
comes to hiring VO and on-camera talent for a project.
This program, facilitated by Melissa Leebaert, will guide
you through the process of getting a low budget waiver
that will allow you to hire SAG talent for your low budget
film. The panelists will also discuss how working with
professional talent may actually be more cost-effective
as you save time by relying on the skills of experienced     Be Found with IndieGOGO
talent.                                                      By Nichole Bardin

Panelists include:                                           Do you find yourself in a constant state of
                                                          anticipation? Are you on an endless search for funding
Jane Love- Ass’t. ED, Washington/Baltimore Local of
                                                          on your next project? Or, are you trying to build your fan
                                                          base? Times are tough, but you’re only beat if you stop
Lisa Laden – Sr. Producer, US Dept. Health and Human      working for yourself.
                                                    was founded on the principles
Brenna McDonough - Actor, Narrator, Coach/teacher;        of DIWO- that’s Doing It With Others: networking,
Sean Pratt - Actor, Narrator, Teacher, Writer;            advertising, fundraising, and building a fan base.
Kimberly Skyrme - Casting Director, Producer     puts the filmmaker directly in touch
                                                          with fans, other filmmakers, and contributors. As a
  Bios are at in the calendar listing for
                                                          fundraising filmmaker the best way to keep generating
March 24.
                                                          support, money, and a successful product is to have
  Debunking Myths about Hiring Professional Talent        a site that is professional, accessible, aesthetically
  Wednesday, March 24, 2010                               appealing, and easy to navigate. IndieGoGo provides
  6:30 pm reception; 7:00 pm panel                        the filmmaker with the necessary tools to make
                                                          contacts, and gain exposure but, it doesn’t end there.
  Interface Media Group
                                                          Recently,, the most trafficked website
  1233 20th Street, NW, DC                                for film funding, has partnered with SnagFilms to give
  $10 WIFV Members/$20 public                             documentary filmmakers access to more opportunities
                                                          for exposure and fund-raising.
Bedford Awarded                                              IndieGoGo keeps redefining and expanding
   The Johnson Group, the McLean, VA based, Emmy®-        the possibilities of self/social-marketing. It has
nominated producers of Paper Clips, won the coveted       now opened itself up to all types of self-starters:
Faith and Freedom Award in television for their newest    musicians, designers, inventors, developers, artists,
long form documentary, Bedford: The Town They Left        activists, change-makers, architects, writers…all are
Behind. The award was presented to Robert M. Johnson, welcome! With over 28,000 projects, in 90+ countries,
executive producer, and Joe Fab, producer, co-director    accommodating tens of thousands of Creatives
and writer of the film at the Movieguide Awards on        IndieGoGo is a forward thinking, cutting edge, online
February 23, 2010 in Los Angeles.                         social- market place. So, do what I did - make a profile,
                                                          surf the site, and, either fund or be funded!
   Bedford: the Town they Left Behind explores the
universal issues of the costs of service to one’s country    Want to hear about IndieGOGO directly from Nichole?
through the eyes of residents in Bedford, VA. That        Email her at Nichole is a graduate
town lost more men per capita on D-Day than any other of The Catholic University of America where she majored
American town. The film also explores the lives of the    in Media Studies and Communications. She currently
new, fresh-faced members of that same unit sixty years    works as a Freelancer exploring all logistical and creative
later, as they are deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. This aspects of production. Nichole’s newly formed company
cross-generational story is a thought-provoking look at   LoCo Motion Multimedia Productions Inc. is created on
those who go to war, and those they leave behind. The     the principles of encouraging creativity, preserving the
DVD is being distributed domestically by Vanguard         vision, empowering the client, ensuring quality, and
Cinema, and will be available on March 23, 2010.          exceeding expectation.
   For more info,,

  3 Introduced                                     Link of the Month
   Link TV’s new digital-media hub,,           By Claude LaVallee
will tap the latest in search technology to enable users        Already known to many of
to find content complementing the hub’s fund of video         us who continue to expand
stories that highlight “progress in reducing hunger,          and sharpen our skills, lynda.
poverty, and disease in developing nations,” according        com (
to the Link TV site. The site aims to attract passionate      can truly be an invaluable
people who want to share and blog about specific              resource to career-changers
topics in the videos they see. Aiding this goal, semantic     and others entering the
Web technology, which sees the entire Web as one big          media industry.
database, does more than scan for keywords in content
across the Web. It analyzes context and meaning to find       What’s
the most relevant results. Not only will ViewChange.             This site offers a
org site visitors see a video clip; they’ll have access to    cornucopia of online video
continually updated links to resources from around the        tutorials for almost every software application you’ll ever
Web, including articles, videos, and blogs. This could        want to learn, including post-production software (Final
also become the new model for aggregating content             Cut Studio, Avid Express Pro...), animation software
across social networks and building the open social           (After Effects, Flash...), business and administrative
graph Google has touted for years. In this instance,          software (Microsoft Office Suite, Quickbooks...), web- relies on the FreeBase social database         creation and interactive tools (Dreamweaver...), graphic
as a common reference source to bring in related              design tools (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator...), audio
information.                                                  editing (ProTools, GarageBand, Soundtrack Pro...),
   An investment from the Bill and Melinda Gates              desktop publishing, presentation and many more,
Foundation of more than $2 million for two years aims         totaling 745 online courses.
to support “this pipeline for social change” by bringing
“incredible stories” to the masses, according to Wendy        Who’s This Link For?
Hanamura, who heads the project.                These tutorials are great for people who
“It relies on breakthrough technologies and gives
people a chance to find the stories they are just not          ∙   learn best by watching and doing;
seeing,” she says. The site will acquire video content         ∙   prefer learning at their own pace;
through traditional sources like film festivals, as well as
partnering with movie makers and distributors. It will         ∙   need to accommodate their unique schedule
also include supporting material from agencies like the
United Nations.                                               What’s So Great About
   The group will unveil the site, ViewChange.                 ∙   These tutorials include multiple versions of
org, on June 1, but expect to see a filmmaking                     software applications, with current upgrades
contest,, launch April                   regularly uploaded so you_ can stay up-to-date.
30 to build content and awareness for the site. wants professional
                                                               ∙   Courses are well-organized. Each is separated
filmmakers, amateurs and experts to share personal
                                                                   into chapters so you can go directly to the topic
stories about the progress being made in achieving the             you need, and a duration is indicated for each
United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. Site                 video title within a chapter.
organizers hope to use the videos to raise awareness,          ∙   No matter what subscription plan you choose,
inspire action, and accelerate the worldwide movement              you have access to the entire library of courses,
to reduce extreme poverty by 2015. The first prize                 so you don’t have to choose one application over
pays $20,000, but there are six categories and the                 another.
top winner for each receive $5,000. The six categories
include Sustainability, Innovation, Overcoming Conflict,       ∙   If you like to check out sites before making a
Empowerment, Leadership & Governance, and Local/                   commitment, several videos are available for
Global Partnerships. Online voters will help determine             free; just click on your topic of interest.
the finalists in each category.
   For more information, contact Wendy Hanamura at            Also Through this Link
LinkTV                                      As an alternative to learning online, you can also
                                                              purchase’s books and training CD-Roms.
                                                              These allow you to use the resource indefinitely, without
                                                              paying the monthly access fee.
                                                                 Suggest a Link - If there’s a link you’d like to share
                                                              with your fellow WIFV Members, please let us know at
                                                     . If your link is chosen, you’ll be given
                                                              credit in this column.

                                        Corporate Members
The Actor’s Center                   Henninger Media Services       Rocket Media Group           
 (202) 332-1911                       (202) 833.3444                 (703) 645-8889
BET                                  Hillmann & Carr                Sapling Pictures                 
 (202) 608-2000                       (202) 342-0001                 (703) 517-5185
Bexel Broadcast                      idea design                    Sheffield Institute for the                        Recording Arts
 (703) 437-5559                       (240) 247-0086       
Capitol Prompting                    Interface Media Group           (800) 355-6613           Shine Creative LLC
 (703) 271-4070                       (202) 861-0500       
Carlyn Davis Casting, Inc.           The Johnson Group               (202) 408-7575                         SILVERDOCS: AFI/Discovery
 (703) 532-1900                       (703) 356-6969                 Channel Doc Festival
Center for Social Media,             Last Name Left Productions
 American University                   (301) 495-6742         (703) 635-2164                SRB Communications
 (202) 885-3107                      M2 Pictures           
City Club of Washington                 (202) 775-7721                     (757) 722-1400                Studio Kinate
 (202) 347-0818                      Maryland Film Office  
ColorDisc CD & DVD Replication           (571) 321-2012                 (410) 767-6340                TEAM
 (410) 596-3182                      The Maslow Media Group
DC Office of Motion Picture and            (202) 363-1000
 TV Development                       (202) 965-1100                TEAM People                         Media Central         
 (202) 727-6608                        (202) 587-4111
The Documentary Center/GWU            (301) 217-0049                Tess Wald Productions               Mobile Video          
 (202) 994-6787                         (301) 986-5826
Dominion Post, Inc.                   (202) 331-8882                Towne Group                Nine Yards Media      
 (703) 891-7400                      (202) 253-5996
Double R Productions                  (703) 549-4909                The Travel Channel          O’Keefe Communications, Inc.
 (202) 797-7777                           (212) 548-5128
Eastman Kodak Company                 (202) 363-2101                Video/Action                       Ott House Audio       
 (212) 631-3446                       (202) 338 -1094
Envision Communications               (240) 450-1577                VideoTakes, Inc.   Post-Op Media         
 (202) 333-6500                         (703) 276-7077
Faith2Reality Productions             (703) 525-7000                Virginia Film Office    Purple Minibike Media 
 (757) 286-1523                             (804) 545-5530
Flying Colors Broadcast               (202) 701-7415                WILL Interactive                                             
 (202) 293-5300                                                      (301) 983-6006
Future Media Concepts                                               Word Wizards                                       
 (202) 429-9700                                                      (301) 986-0808

Pentagon Channel Details its Use
of Social Media at the GVExpo
  Brian Natwick, general manager of the Pentagon
Channel, spoke at the Government Video Expo in
Washington, DC in December as the afternoon keynote
as he explained how the channel is pushing forward into
the social media frontier.

Communication is a two-way street and social media is
all about communication. In reaching our audience, it’s
not only about getting them to come to us on our Web
site, but also coming to them in their various favorite
modes of communication. It’s evermore important now
to reach out to our viewers in more ways than one and        WIFV Presents Wammie
through media they use everyday.
   “We’re aware that our audience is ‘plugged in’ so it      WIFV President Denise Moak and Executive Vice
only made sense to look at new ways to communicate           President Paula Bellenoit presented the Artist of the
with them,” said Natwick. “In addition to the great          Year Award at this year’s Wammies to Patty Reese.
content already on the channel, we’re using social media     They also had the pleasure of introducing the
to connect with viewers in a way they’re completely          female Go-Go band, Be’la Dona, that brought down
comfortable with, which can only enhance the user’s          the house!
   The channel chose to use social media because             Helping Docs Find An Audience
many of our men and women in uniform reach out for
information through the internet and spend a good               Ross Koenig from SnagFilms, Davin Hutchins of
amount of time in using social media. The channel uses       NomadsLand Films, and Angela Shelton, Director of
social media not only to keep them informed but also to      Searching for Angela Shelton provided an informative
get their feedback and to respond to them. “We must          presentation on how SnagFilms can assist documentary
talk back in social media,” Natwick urged. “We have to       filmmakers find an audience for their films while
be there for our men and women to get them to the info       raising money for non-profits. Most interesting part of
they need.”                                                  the discussion was how providing a documentary for
                                                             “free” can actually generate revenue to the filmmaker.
   Natwick stressed a few key points in using social
                                                             SnagFilms is committed to promoting the work of their
media successfully such as not over-saturating the
                                                             exhibited filmmakers and to
audience with tweets lest the information be seen
                                                             helping link important films,
as noise. While the channel boasts a great internet
                                                             causes and audiences. WIFV
presence with the longest live stream on the web
                                                             and SnagFilms will continue
(streaming 24/7 online for the last 5 and ½ years), we
                                                             to work together to benefit WIFV Members.
also complement our broadcast presence and main Web
site by using the social media tools as a tease to push         “It’s refreshing that SnagFilms is taking serious
the viewer to the content on TV and on the Web. Natwick      documentaries seriously. Having worked for an
explained it this way: “We’re not just repeating the         aggregator of web content in San Francisco in the 90s,
news block. It’s putting a key piece of info out, a tease,   I was familiar with the SnagFilms model as a business.
like a piece of cheese to pull the mice in to see the rest   However, it’s not a business model that sells, but the
of the story.”                                               passion of people that are part of it, and that came
                                                             across clearly. I was also very impressed with Davin
   So, while the Pentagon Channel keeps you and the
                                                             Hutchins and I found the idea of using
military community informed with command information
                                                             the web to match short form filmmakers with aligned
and military news everyday and entertained with lifestyle
                                                             non-profits very unique and I can see how they’ll do
programming and new fun shows, we’re also bringing
                                                             well. I wish them both great success and hope to work
you more. Extra footage, tidbits, stories and up to the
                                                             with them in the future.”
minute info on what we’re doing can be found through
the various other modes of communication.                       -Jon Miles, Two Dragons Media
   We want to be where you are. So stay tuned and               “Just like many other media, the documentary
log on for pictures, outtakes, and our crew’s personal       distribution model is becoming more and more
experiences. Follow us on Twitter, be our fan and            fragmented. So the doc distribution panel held on March
see footage only found on Facebook, read about our           3rd helped me see other viable ways to get my doc out
experiences through blogs on, see our            online through SnagFilms and Nomadsland. Thanks
videos on YouTube, and download from iTunes. As              WIFV for a very informative evening.”
always, the main site (                 -Tom Dziedzic, Tom Dziedzic Videos
remains the source for military news and information
from the Pentagon Channel.
EIC Announces 14th Annual Prism Awards
Nominees                                                                        Advisory Board
   How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad, Law & Order:
                                                                                Deborah Redmond, Chair
Special Victims Unit, and the films Crazy Heart and The Soloist are among        President, The SOHO Group
the productions receiving nods for the 14th Annual PRISM Awards. The
PRISM Awards, produced by the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.            Sheila Brooks
                                                                                 CEO, SRB Productions, Inc.
(EIC) in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
Administration (SAMHSA) and FX, honor actors, movies, music, media              Michal Carr
and television’s top shows that accurately depict and bring attention to         Hillmann & Carr
substance abuse and mental health issues. This year’s ceremony, scheduled       Jennifer Cortner
for April 22, 2010, will take place at the Beverly Hills Hotel.                  President, EFX Media
   “All one has to do is watch the evening news to see how tough times are      Ginny Durrin
affecting the American psyche,” said EIC President and CEO Brian Dyak.           President, Durrin Productions
“Increased risk of substance abuse and mental health concerns is a reality
                                                                                Phylis Geller
which dictates that we as an industry must rise to the call to be an industry
                                                                                 President, Norman Star Media
of character and respect for our viewers. PRISM faces those realities and
puts forth hope – the exact optimism we all need right now.”                    Ricki Green
                                                                                 President, EverGreen Productions
   John Landgraf, President & General Manager of FX and Chairman of
the PRISM Awards Honorary Committee, said “This year’s nominees are a           Frances Hardin
remarkable mix of popular entertainment that also have a message. Our            Consultant
industry is to be commended for making accurate portrayals a vital part of      Shelleé Haynesworth
the creative process.”                                                           President, Indigo Communications
   NBC earned 10 nominations – the most among the networks – followed           Judith Dwan Hallet
by HBO, Fox, A&E, TNT, ABC, Lifetime, CBS, Showtime, TeenNick, USA,              Productions President, Judith Dwan Hallet
AMC, VH1, PBS, and CNN, with multiple nods. Among studios, Sony led with         Productions, Inc.
11, then 20th Century Fox Television/Fox Searchlight/FTVS, ABC Studios,         Melanie Jones
CBS Television Studios, Universal Media Studios, DreamWorks, Warner              Segment Manager, Television Commercial
Bros., Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, and Magnolia Pictures.                     Production, Eastman Kodak Company
   Among the top feature films nominated in various categories are Crazy        Aviva Kempner
Heart, Brothers, Julia, Answer Man, A Single Man, and The Soloist. Jeff          Executive Director, The Ciesla Foundation
Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal (Crazy Heart), Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie
                                                                                Jennifer Lawson
Foxx (The Soloist), and Tobey Maguire (Brothers) are all competing for           General Manager, WHUT-TV
“Performance in a Feature Film.”
                                                                                Bonnie Nelson Schwartz
   The PRISM Awards also honors daytime TV, teen and children’s                  Executive Producer, Cultural Strategies, Inc.
programming, talk shows, news programming, documentaries, biographical
shows, unscripted non-fiction, original DVDs, music and music videos,           Kathleen Pearce
                                                                                 President, Mediagroup Films
comic book storylines, and public service projects. A complete list of
nominees can be found below and at                           Ruth Pollak
                                                                                 CEO, EFC Film & Video
   Honorees are selected by an 80-person committee of entertainment
industry professionals and technical experts from the fields of medicine,       Rosemary Reed
mental health, and addiction. In addition to the ceremony, a magazine            President, Double R Productions
format show will be telecast on FX and other networks, and will be featured     Robin Smith
at a special Capitol Hill Showcase in Washington, DC in September in             President, Video/Action
celebration of National Treatment and Recovery Month.
                                                                                Pauline Steinhorn
   For a full list of nominations and more info on EIC, SAMHSA and FX            President, Duet Communications, LLC
Network go to
                                                                                Catherine Wyler
                                                                                 Wyler/Rymland Productions
Fair Use Update
   WIFV Member Brian Grundstrom shared this resource from NPR.
   To some in Hollywood and the music industry, there's a fine line between
using movie and audio clips to create new works and flat-out copyright
infringement. Joel Rose reports on the some of the intricacies in fair-use
law. (Feb 12, 2010)

Documentary Roundtable Notes                                  of attendees is small, only about 25 people. You get
                                                              to meet a lot of movers and shakers in the PBS world,
by Matthew Radcliff                                           and you get individual attention that is appropriate for
   The WIFV Documentary Roundtable had another                your project. The whole week does cover every part
full house on February 25 for a lively discussion about       of the process, from proposal writing and production to
“summer camps” for filmmakers, looking for funding,           outreach and marketing. The attendees were a mix of
and the pros and cons of new distribution models. Many        public television employees and independents (who are
thanks to Interface Media Group for hosting the evening.      typically working with a PBS station). This workshop is
   In February they were joined by Aviva Kempner, an          not for beginners.
esteemed filmmaker who has attended several artist                 Saltanat shared with us her experience at the
colonies to write scripts and work on a book. Her list of     Flaherty Seminar last year. The Flaherty is an annual
films include last year’s feature, Yoo-hoo, Mrs. Goldberg,    one-week seminar on documentary films, named for
as well as The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg and           the legendary Robert Flaherty (Nanook of the North and
Partisans of Vilna. Jehan Harney, who is working on           many other films). Every year there is a new curator,
an ITVS-funded doc called, Dream of America, spoke            who picks films to fit with a theme. Last year it was
to the group about the CPB/PBS Producers Academy,             “Witnesses, Monuments, Ruins,” and this year will be
and Saltanat Berdikeeva, a board member of Docs In            “Work.” The films are not announced in advance, and
Progress, gave the low-down on the Flaherty Seminar.          it is only once the film starts playing that you find out
Saltanat is developing a film about post-traumatic stress     what it is. After each film there is a discussion, and
disorder among American soldiers.                             then they move to the next film. This happens all day
   According to Aviva, an artist colony is a cocoon of        long, and it is followed by an evening of socializing
doing whatever you want; no one, except yourself, is          and informal discussion. There are maybe 40-50 films
checking up on you. She has had residencies at the            shown during the week. The Flahery is the largest of the
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the MacDowell          three types of “summer camps,” discussed with 150 or
Colony in New Hampshire, and Yaddo in Sarasota                more people in attendance. There are many filmmakers,
Springs, New York. They are all pretty similar in             but also critics, teachers, students, or whoever. The only
structure, but have some differences in logistics.            criterion is that you love documentary films. The main
MacDowell is the oldest arts colony in the US and has         focus of the week is the discussion after the screenings.
a cabin (“studio”) for each visiting artist to work in.       Anyone can attend the seminar, and registration
Sleeping quarters are in another building, and while          is around $1,100, but there are also a number of
they are single rooms, the walls may be thinner than          fellowships available. Meals and lodging are included in
you would prefer. Breakfast and dinner are served in          the registration. There is also a student price, of $850.
a common dining room, and eaten together – lunch              The application process was pretty straight-forward,
is delivered to your studio. There are somewhat               but there will be some work to do during the week in
impromptu screenings or performances in the evenings,         exchange. In general, it involves helping set up or clean
as well as games of ping-pong or similar social activities.   up or some such.
Collaborations may develop out of the experience, but              The Flaherty Seminar is June 19-25 this year, and
may be fleeting.                                              applications are due March 5. It will be at Colgate
   It is very helpful to have good people writing you a       University in upstate New York. The Producers Academy
recommendation for your application, and they need            is also June 19-25, and is in Boston. Applications are
to be great recommendations. Typically, one describes         due March 23. They are involved, so don’t wait until the
the project you intend to work on while at the arts           last minute! Artist colonies are typically open all year
colony; once there you are free to work on whatever           long, but each has their own rules. The summertime
you want, or even to work on nothing. The length of           is usually the most competitive. MacDowell Colony
stay is variable, and different places have different         has three deadlines throughout the year: April 15,
rules. Eight weeks is often the maximum stay, and five        September 15, and January 15. They accept around 250
weeks is most typical length. There are usually no costs      residencies each year. Yaddo had two deadlines through
associated with staying at an arts colony, but there may      the year, Jan 1 and Aug 1.
be application fees and travel costs.                              Make sure to mark your calendars for our meeting on
   The CPB/PBS Producers Academy is a one-week                March 25th, when we will be joined by Jody Arlington of
workshop held every summer at the WGBH offices                PR Collaborative, to talk about publicity for your film.
in Boston. Jehan gave us a good summary of the
week. There is a detailed application process, but once
accepted, there are no costs. To be accepted, you need
stellar recommendations as well as a strong essay about
your vision and what contribution you would bring to
PBS. The application is followed by a phone interview.
   Once you are accepted, they give you a packet
of homework: readings, and exercises of budget
planning, scriptwriting, etc. The day’s activities go
from 8am to 8pm, and then the requisite “summer
camp” socialization late into the evening. The group                                                               8
VIFF Winners Announced
   The winners of the third annual Virginia Independent Film Festival, sponsored by
the Virginia Film Office, were announced Sunday, February 28th at the Byrd Theatre
in Richmond. The festival was created to support and showcase Virginia independent
filmmaking, which includes but is not limited to short films, features, documentaries
and content for new media outlets. A juried panel selected three feature films, three
documentaries and six short films to screen at the festival from over seventy submitted
entries. From these twelve films, a second panel of jurors selected one grand prize
winner in each category and those winners were announced at the festival. One
audience choice award winner in each category was also selected by ballot during the
   The film festival was co-produced by the Virginia Film Office and the Virginia
Production Alliance, an industry trade organization with a mission to support Virginia
media production. Community Idea Stations joined the festival this year as a media
   “We’re proud to sponsor this remarkable festival that champions films made by
Virginians in Virginia,” commented Virginia Film Office Industry Relations Manager
Kathryn Stephens. “There is a wealth of talented filmmakers and actors in Virginia and
this festival proves it.”
   The grand prize and audience choice award-winning documentary was Meet Me
In the Bottom by Shawn Utsey (Richmond); the grand prize-winning short film was
Paperwise by Chris Yeaton and Jared Carlisle (Charlottesville), while the audience
choice award-winning short film was Squashing Ticks by Megan Holley (Richmond);
and the grand prize and audience choice award-winning feature film was Blue Ridge
by Vincent Sweeney (Roanoke). Detailed information about all the finalist films can be
found at Other official selections of the festival this year included
documentaries The Colors of Veil and Death; short films Posting, Any Sense in Cents,
Plink and Santo Diablo; and features Trenches and Mantra.
 For more about the Virginia Film Office visit
 For more about the Virginia Production Alliance, visit
 For more about Community Idea Stations, visit

WIFTI Shorts Showcase
   The WIFTI Shorts Showcase is an annual undertaking of the global
organization to screen short films by women on International Women’s
Day. This year we are combining the screening with a Martini Madness
at Nanny O’Brien’s, 3319 Connecticut Avenue, NW (Cleveland Park
Metro). The films to be shown are at The films will also
be shown on SWAN Day, Saturday, March 27 at CDIA-BU as part of
the day-long celebration in Georgetown. Support Women Artists Now
by attending the screening on March 27. Times will be posted to the

Job Fair 2010

           Speed Connect
           Co-hosted by:

Environmental Film Festival                                           first woman to receive the prestigious Directors Guild of
                                                                      America Award for this film. She went on to receive this
to Screen Films by 73 Female                                          award three more times for other films.
Filmmakers                                                               Filmmaker, activist and educator Judith Helfand is
                                                                      best-known for her ability to take the dark cynical worlds
    The 2010 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s
                                                                      of chemical exposure and heedless corporate behavior
Capital will screen works by 73 women filmmakers
                                                                      and make them personal, resonant, highly charged and
among the 155 documentary, feature, animated,
                                                                      entertaining. Her films, including the Sundance-award
archival, experimental and
                                                                                              winning Blue Vinyl, nominated
children’s films in the Festival.
                                                                                              for two Emmys, and its Peabody
The acclaimed Venezuelan
                                                                                              Award-winning prequel, A Healthy
pioneering feminist filmmaker
                                                                                              Baby Girl (a five-year video-diary
Margot Benacerraf, filmmaker
                                                                                              about her experience with DES
and activist Judith Helfand,
                                                                                              related cancer), explore home,
famed biographical and historical
                                                                                              class, corporate accountability,
filmmaker Perry Miller Adato,
                                                                                              intergenerational relationships
natural history filmmaker Allison
                                                                                              and the ever-shrinking border
Argo, first-time director Mai
                                                                                              between what is personal and
Iskander, digital filmmaker
                                                                                              what is a critical part of the public
Jessica Oreck, and local
                                                                                              record. At the Festival, Helfand will
filmmakers Marilyn Weiner and
                                                                                              screen and discuss her work-in-
Phylis Geller are among the 24
                                                                                              progress, Cooked, about the larger
female filmmakers who will present and discuss their
                                                                      issues surrounding the deadly 1995 Chicago heat wave,
films at the 18th annual Festival from March 16 through
                                                                      on March 21 at 3 p.m. at the Carnegie Institution for
28. For the complete schedule of Festival films, visit our
Web site at
                                                                         Acclaimed natural history filmmaker Allison Argo
     Margot Benacerraf will present the Washington, D.C.
                                                                      will speak after her film, Frogs: The Thin Green Line
premiere of a newly restored 35mm black and white
                                                                      is shown at the National Zoo on March 26 at 7 p.m.
print of her film, Araya, a brilliant tone poem that won
                                                                      The film highlights the startling discovery of the
the Cannes International Critics Prize in 1959. Through
                                                                      disappearance of frogs and toads from the planet. This
breathtaking high-contrast black and white images, the
                                                                      environmental crisis is unfolding around the globe as
film captures the grueling work of salt miners on the
                                                                      habitat loss, pollution, and human populations have
Araya peninsula in Venezuela. Benacerraf has been a
                                                                      increased over the past 50 years, but there is also a
                                                  leader in the
                                                                      new major culprit: a fungus that cannot be stopped.
                                                                      A producer, director and writer, Argo has received
                                                  of cinema in
                                                                      numerous awards for her films, including six national
                                                                      Emmys. Based on Cape Cod, her production company,
                                                  and has won
                                                                      ArgoFilms, is dedicated to finding innovative ways of
                                                                      bringing message-driven films to mainstream television.
                                                  prizes, including
                                                  the Venezuelan         Mai Iskander makes her directorial debut with
                                                  National Film       Garbage Dreams, to be screened on March 27 at 4:30
                                                  Award, Simon        p.m. at AFI Silver Theatre. Based in New York City,
                                                  Bolivar Medal       Iskander is a producer, director and cinematographer
 A "saltinero" from Margot Benacerraf's classic
                                                  of Honor, Order     who has worked with the legendary Albert Maysles and
 film, "Araya," to be presented on March 20 as
 part of the Environmental Film Festival. Credit: of the Italian      Academy Award-nominated Miroslav Ondricek, on TV
 1959 Margot Benacerraf/2009Milestone Film & Government,              shows for A&E, PBS, LOGO, on over a dozen features
                                                  and France’s        and on numerous commercials.
National Order of Merit First Class. Araya will be                       Jessica Oreck will speak following Washington, D.C.
screened on March 20 at 2 and 4 p.m. at the National                  premiere of her first feature film, Beetle Queen Conquers
Gallery of Art.                                                       Tokyo on March 25 at 8 p.m. at the Hirshhorn Museum
    Perry Miller Adato will speak after the screening of her          and Sculpture Garden. This film explores the web
award-winning documentary Georgia O’Keeffe on March                   of influences behind Japan’s fascination with insects,
27 at 1 p.m. at The Phillips Collection. The film candidly            providing a window into a country where a single beetle
reveals the artist’s warmth, humor and practical wisdom               recently sold for $90,000. The film makes side trips to
and, for the first time on camera, O’Keeffe openly                    Zen temples and Buddhist shrines, nature preserves and
discussed her work and inspiration taken from New                     art museums in its quest to discover the inspiration that
Mexico’s mountain deserts. In her film portraits, Adato               created this fascination, while other countries developed
pioneered the use of historical documentary techniques,               a profound fear of insects. Oreck is devoted to the
such as the use of old photos, letters, readings, art                 making of science and nature films, especially those
objects, songs, newsreel footage and interviews, to                   dealing with ethnobiology.
bring her subjects to life. A major figure in the art of                 Ana Sofia Joanes will discuss her second documentary,
biographical and historical filmmaking, Adato was the                                                                          12
Fresh, after its screening at the National Geographic on            “outstanding contributions to the television industry.”
March 17 at 7:30 p.m. Born in Portugal, Joanes grew up              The Weiners have won over 130 top international awards
in Switzerland and came to                                          for their films, which have been shot on location on five
the U.S. to get a B.A. and a                                        continents and broadcast throughout the world.
law degree. Fresh celebrates                                           Phylis Geller will speak after the screening of her film,
the farmers, thinkers and                                           Coal Country, on March 23 at 7:30 p.m. at St. Columba’s
business people across                                              Episcopal Church. The film spotlights the “new civil war”
America who are re-inventing                                        taking place in Appalachia over mountaintop removal
our food system. Her first                                          mining for coal, revealing the environmental effects of
documentary, Generation                                             this invasive type of coal mining. President of Norman
Meds, explored fears and                                            Star Media, Geller has been a media executive and
misgivings about mental                                             producer for 30 years. She has overseen programs in all
illness and medication.                                             genres, including history, science, drama, performance
Before becoming a                                                   and children’s programs and has won the most
filmmaker, Joanes founded                                           prestigious awards in broadcasting.
Reel Youth, Inc., a video
production program for youth                                           Debra Anderson, director and producer of Split Estate,
coming out of detention.                                            will discuss her film following its screening on March 22
                                Ana Sofia Joanes, director of       at 7 p.m. at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.
    Stephanie Slewka will      "Fresh," screened on March 17
                               as part of the Environmental         The film is an eye-opening account of the issues raised
discuss the film she co-
                               Film Festival. Credit: 2009 Ripple   when landowners have no claim to the resources below
produced, “River of Hope”: Effect Productions
                                                                    their soil and are powerless to stop energy companies
Welcome to Our City, Mr.
                                                                    from mining and drilling on their land. Anderson has
President at its Washington, D.C. premiere on March
                                                                    been working in the film and television industry for 17
27 at 2:30 p.m. at the Carnegie Institution for Science.
                                                                    years as an editor and a producer for channels such
Slewka is co-producing the documentary series, “River of
                                                                    as PBS, National Geographic, HBO, A&E, AMC and
Hope” in partnership with Mayor Fenty and the National
Geographic spotlighting the positive transformation of
formerly committed youth participating in D.C.’s Civic                 Ann Dunsky will speak with her husband Steve
Justice Corps. This youth-focused lens provides a unique            following the world premiere of their film, Butterflies
perspective into the lives of young people involved in              and Bulldozers: Fred Smith and the Fight for San Bruno
the criminal justice system who are seeking to reclaim              Mountain and their work-in-progress, Green Fire: The
their lives and the Anacostia River. Among Slewka’s                 Life and Legacy of Aldo Leopold. The films trace the
productions is the short film, 415 M documenting                    battle to protect the largest undeveloped area of urban
the colorful history of her house at that address in                land in the country and the life and legacy of Aldo
Washington, D.C.                                                    Leopold, arguably the greatest conservationist of the
                                                                    20th century. Ann works as an editor for the U.S. Forest
    Sarah Mondale, a co-producer, director and writer
                                                                    Service and the films she produces with her husband
for Megamall, will speak after the film’s Washington,
                                                                    are shown in visitor centers from Washington, D.C. to
D.C. premiere on March 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the National
                                                                    Washington state and from Alaska to Indonesia.
Building Museum. Twelve years in the making, Megamall
documents the origins and building of the massive                      Daro Padwo-Audick will speak following the screening
Palisades Center Mall and its impact on the suburban                of her work-in-progress, Bhutan: A Kingdom of
community of West Nyack, N.Y., 18 miles north of                    Happiness, on March 28 at 4:30 p.m. at the Carnegie
Manhattan. Mondale has worked on documentary and                    Institution for Science. The film addresses the question
feature films for over 25 years, including the award-               of what it means to be happy in Bhutan, a tiny country
winning Marcel Proust: A Writer’s Life and the Emmy-                nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas attempting
nominated Asylum. She is co-founder of Stone Lantern                to protect its ancient past while embracing economic
Films, Inc.                                                         development. Padwo-Audick is an award-winning writer,
                                                                    producer and director with over 20 years of experience
    Washington filmmaker Marilyn Weiner will discuss her
                                                                    with cable and network broadcast programs. She has
work-in-progress, Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization
                                                                    served as an executive producer for Discovery Channel
on March 27 at 4 p.m. at the Carnegie Institution
                                                                    and Discovery HD Theater and has done work for Animal
for Science. With her husband Hal through their
                                                                    Planet, CBS, National Geographic Television and PBS.
Washington, D.C. production company, Screenscope,
                                                                    She also teaches in the School of Communication at
Weiner has produced, written and directed over 225
                                                                    American University.
documentaries and four public television series (Journey
to Planet Earth, Women at Work, Faces of Man and                       Liv Violette will discuss the film she produced, The
The World of Cooking). They have also produced three                Green House. Design it. Build it. Live it, after its world
feature films and won Emmy Awards for The Earth                     premiere on March 17 at E Street Cinema. Violette is the
Summit Pledge, commissioned by the United Nations                   President and CEO of The McLean PR Group, which she
to open the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and Streets              founded after the successful development of two high-
of Sorrow. They are recipients of the National Academy              tech corporations, Washington Laboratories, Ltd. and
of Television Arts and Science’s Silver Circle Award for            American TCB.

    Suzan Beraza will speak following the screening of her    History. The film traces the history of the solar panels
work-in-progress, Bag It on March 28 at 2:45 p.m. at the      that President Jimmy Carter installed on the White
Carnegie Institution for Science. This film will chronicle    House after they were taken down in 1986 during the
the global production, use and disposal of plastic bags       Reagan presidency. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, she
and other plastics, documenting the environmental             received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the
consequences of these products, including the effects         Zurich University of Arts and did Advanced Studies
of plastics on a wide range of species, lands, waterways      at the Academy of Arts in Gent, Belgium. Her films
and oceans. The film also identifies smart alternatives       include At this Place, Postpetrolism, A Moral Equivalent
and solutions. The focus of Beraza’s production company,      of War and L‘Energia siamo noi.
REEL Thing Productions, which deals with social and              Jennifer Redfearn will speak after her film The Next
environmental issues, is to challenge viewers to examine      Wave, part of a series of films screening with The
their choices and be aware of their impact on the rest of     Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting on March 23 at 4
the world.                                                    p.m. at the Carnegie Institution for Science. Her film
    Jenny Stein will discuss the film she directed,           explores the rising sea levels that face inhabitants of
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home at its                    the Carteret Islands in the South Pacific. Redfearn’s
Washington, D.C. premiere on March 27 at 12:15 p.m.           professional life has been largely shaped by four years
at the Carnegie Institution for Science. This film explores   of international travel and work experience. A love
the awakening conscience of people in traditional             of storytelling and curiosity led her to documentary
farming/animal husbandry culture who have now come            filmmaking, and for the past six years she has worked
to questions the basic premises of their inherited way of     on productions for PBS, cable networks, independent
life. Stein strives to merge the up-front authenticity of     and educational distribution.
documentary with the fluid emotional dynamics usually            Hilary Hatfield and Lynn Walter will speak after
found in dramatic films. Stein’s films have appeared in       their film, A Journey Shared: The Art of Bart Walter,
70 festivals around the world, where they have won 14         which will be screened on March 28 at 3:45 p.m.
awards, including three for Best of Festival and 10 for       at the National Wildlife Visitor Center in Laurel, Md.
Best Documentary. Their work has also appeared on PBS,        This film shows how artist Bart Walter develops his
LinkTV and FreeSpeechTV.                                      sculpture, drawing on the plains of Kenya, in the
    Karen Anspacher-Meyer will speak after her film, Lords    mountains of Rwanda and the jungles of Uganda,
of Nature: Life in Land of Great Predators on March 24 at     and creating dynamic works in bronze. Hatfield has
7 p.m. at the Carnegie Institution for Science. The film      worked in the visual arts for 25 years with museums,
explores the role of top predators in restoring ecosystems    arts organizations and artists. Walter, who is a trained
and biodiversity. Anspacher-Meyer is the Executive            biologist began documenting her family’s experiences
Director of Green Fire Productions, an Oregon-based           in Kenya for A Journey Shared. Her digital photographs
non-profit organization, which over the past twenty years     have been seen in various Maryland art venues as well
has produced award-winning films on conservation issues       as numerous studio publications.
around the world.                                                More info about the Festival is at
    Jane Sablow will present and discuss three of her
films, Cravings, Smart Machine and Wishful Thinking on
March 16, 17, 18, 22 & 23 at D.C. Public Libraries. After
spending 15 years as a painter, sculptor, set designer and
art director for short independent films, she transitioned
in 1999 into digital art in the area of visual storytelling
and character animation. In 2000 she began to develop
character-driven 3-D computer animations.
    Avis Richards will speak after her film, Lunch, on
March 22 at 7 p.m. at its Washington, D.C. premiere at
American University. This documentary takes a close
look at the nation’s school food programs through the
meals offered by Baltimore public schools, highlighting
the politics of food and focusing on initiatives aimed at
giving children healthier lunches. Richards is the CEO
and president of Birds Nest Productions, a visual media
production company dedicated to supporting philanthropic
efforts. Ms. Richards is an award-winning producer and
creative director and has overseen the production of 50
videos promoting various charities since the founding of
her company.
    Swiss filmmaker Christina Hemauer will speak after the
United States premiere of her film A Road Not Taken, on
March 20 at 2 p.m. at the National Museum of American

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 WIFTI Liaison                                                                          Arlington Independent Media
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 Past President                                       Environmental Film Festival in      Arlington, VA
Patricia Jenkins
                                                        the Nation’s Capital  
                                                                                        April 7, 2010, 6:30 pm
                                                      March 17, 2010
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Board of Directors                                           $10 WIFV Members/$20 public
Alexandra Balbuena Alleyne
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Jane Barbara
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Melissa Houghton, Executive Director        
Imon, Membership Coordinator
                                                      March 25, 2010, 6:30 pm
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