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Directions: Please respond to the questions below regarding the poem.

                           Nothing Gold Can Stay
                                   by Robert Frost

                            Nature's first green is gold,
                             Her hardest hue to hold.
                             Her early leaf's a flower;
                               But only so an hour.
                            Then leaf subsides to leaf.
                              So Eden sank to grief,
                            So dawn goes down to day.
                              Nothing gold can stay.

   1. Define: allusion -

   2. Define: grief –

   3. Subject: What is this poem about?

   4. Metaphor: What two things are being compared?

   5. Theme: What is the poem’s meaning or message?

   6. Tone: What is the author’s attitude toward the subject?

   7. How do you think it relates to The Outsiders?

   8. How do you know if someone has “stayed gold?”

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