2012 13 Geo syllabus by 6hlc488


									                                       World Geography-Honors
                                              Grade 9

                                               Mr. Ward
                                    West Broward High School Bobcats

Contact information:
 Planning period: 7
 School Phone: (754) 323-2600
  Email: Patrick.Ward@browardschools.com
 My webpage: http://www.quia.com/profiles/drodrigues

Supplies needed for class:
o Motivation to succeed                                 o     Colored pencils
o Small Dictionary                                      o     Printer and Internet access
o A positive attitude                                   o     Loose-leaf paper
o 3-ring binder/notebook                                o     Flash drive for document storage
o Pens & #2 pencils

Glencoe: World Geography – ($63.99 if lost)
All necessary reading material will also be made available via the teacher webpage.

Projected 2012-2013 Cultural Geography Topics of Discussion:

Unit 1 - Chapters 1-4, The World                            Unit 7 - Chapters 20-22, Sub-Saharan Africa
Unit 2 - Chapters 5-7, United States and Canada             Unit 8 – Chapters 23-25, South Asia
Unit 3 - Chapters 8-10, Latin America and Caribbean         Unit 9 – Chapters 26-28, East Asia
Unit 4 – Chapters 11-13, Europe                             Unit 10 – Chapters 29-31, Southeast Asia
Unit 5 – Chapters 14-16, Russia                             Unit 11 – Chapters 32-34, Australia, Oceania
Unit 6 – Chapters 17-19, North Africa and SW Asia

Grading System:
Test/Projects: 40%   Quizzes: 30%                 Classwork: 20%                 Homework: 10%

Classroom Policies and Procedures:
   o All School Board of Broward County Student Code of Conduct policies are in effect in the classroom
       and throughout the school.
   o It is expected you will give others the same respect, courtesy, and understanding you would expect to
   o Tardy Policy: The student is expected to be in his/her seat when the tardy bell rings. Disciplinary
       action will be taken for excessive tardies.
   o Absences: If you are absent, you are given two days to make-up the work assigned the day you were
       absent, per School Board policy. Projects and pre-assigned work do not fall under this rule. Any work
       that was assigned before you were absent and due on the day(s) you were absent is due the day you
       get back, without exception. If you know you are going to be absent, turn the project or work in
       before your anticipated absence.
   o Projects: Semester projects are assigned to all Geography students. Projects will be completed in
       steps, and each step will have its own deadline. All projects will be accompanied by a rubric.
   o   Quizzes: Various quizzes are given throughout the year to assess student strengths and weaknesses. A
       quiz may cover terms/vocabulary, class discussions, required readings, etc. Quizzes may or may not be
       announced. Be prepared to take a quiz daily.
   o   Tests: Tests make up the largest portion of a student’s grade in geography and are administered at the
       end of each unit. Students who are absent during tests will be given a test of the same content but of a
       different format.
   o   Cell Phone & Electronic Devices: Your cell phone and any electronic devices should be powered off
       and in your book bag/purse at all times. This is your warning. The use of cell phones during class
       time will result in the phone being taken and turned over to administration per School Board rules.
   o   Teacher webpage: Our class website is the easiest way to keep updated with daily class activities,
       homework, and future tests. It is imperative you check the website daily! Occasionally, you will be
       required to print something from the website to bring to class or go to a specific website to look up
       information for homework. It is important that you have access to the Internet, as well as a working
       printer. If this is a problem, you can go to the public library or use the media center before or after
   o   Helpful Links:
   o   www.westbrowardhigh.com
   o   https://gradebook.browardschools.com/redirect/index.html (Pinnacle – to view grades)
   o   https://earth.google.com

EVALUATION; The grading system will be based on content specific writing components, reading
selections, quizzes, tests, completed assignments, journals, essays, book reports, projects, map skills,
notebook portfolio, and class participation. A final grade will be given based on the percent average
of the previous and according to the countywide grades scale.

A = 90-100           B = 80-86              C = 70-76             D = 60-66
B+= 87-89            C+= 77-79              D+= 66-69             F = 0-59

Academic dishonesty (cheating of any kind) will result in a grade of 0, Late work will not
Extra Credit: Students will be given extra credit opportunities (i.e., essays, posters) during the term
You are required to keep this course syllabus in your notebook and please feel free to refer to it as
Your success in mastering the content of this course is my utmost priority, but your effort will
greatly affect your performance. If you have any problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to seek
my assistance.
                                            WEST BROWARD HIGH SCHOOL
                                             SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT
                                                PARENTAL CONTACT

       Dear Parents or Guardians,

        I would like to welcome your and your child to West Broward High School. I am excited to have your
child in our American History class. We will be doing a variety of activities this term to learn about America’s
past and looking forward to its’ future. I would like to recommend that you check with your child frequently to
see how he/she is doing in class. It is important that you be aware of his/her academic progress. If you have
any questions, please feel free to contact me at Patrick.Ward@browardschools.com., or at West Broward High
        Please take the time to fill out the following information and have your child return it this week.

                                                                                  Thank you,
                                                                                  Mr. Ward
                                                                                  Social Studies

       Student’s Name _______________________________ Date _______________

       Student’s Signature _________________________________________________


       Parent/Guardian’s Name ________________________ Date _______________

       Parent/Guardian’s Signature __________________________________________

       Street Address _____________________________________________________

       City __________________________________ Zip Code __________________

       E mail ___________________________________

       Home Phone _________________________ Cell Phone ___________________

       Emergency Contact Person’s Name ____________________________________

       Emergency Contact’s Phone Number ___________________________________

 PARENTAL COOPERATION: It is strongly encouraged that parents communicate with me preferably at the
above e-mail. Messages will be returned within 24 TO 48 hours. I recommend that parents also make
themselves accessible as possible by leaving both a cell number, and a home number.

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