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									Improving Student Performance by Creating a College-going Culture in Your School

“Highly successful schools have academically rigorous curricula that also incorporate real-world
relevance.”   - Dr. Willard Daggett, President International Center for Leadership in Education

When students see the connection between doing well in their middle school and high school
classes and being prepared for college, they view class work as relevant and their academic
performance improves. Everyone from President Barack Obama to Superintendent Mike Flanagan
has said that college must be a priority, and while school administrators surely agree with this, their
school districts often do not have a comprehensive college-planning program. This workshop
provides numerous resources and practical, easy-to-implement suggestions beneficial to
administrators, counselors and K-12 teachers. Participants will examine assumptions, myths, and
obstacles associated with attending college. They will also be asked to analyze strategies already in
place at their schools, and then to make an action plan for improving upon those.

Presenter: Teresa Gibbons
      College Planning Consultant Teresa Gibbons is a former high school
English teacher and is currently an affiliate professor of writing at Grand Valley State University
where she also works as a faculty advisor at freshman orientation. Teresa has served on the GVSU
faculty scholarship committee and is a former board member of the Saugatuck Douglas Educational
Foundation, promoting and awarding college scholarships. Teresa has taught college transition
workshops to high school seniors, she has developed curriculum for high school senior seminar
classes, and has conducted training seminars for AmeriCorp volunteers. Teresa served four years
as a member of the Saugatuck Public Schools Board of Education. In addition, Teresa developed
college English curriculum at Green River Community College (Seattle) and has worked as a
consultant for the College Board, scoring the national AP Language and Composition Exam and
evaluating high school AP English curriculum. Teresa has taught high school essay exam
workshops and has scored placement essay exams at GVSU. As a result of Teresa's work as a
college planning consultant, she has presented at many conferences throughout Michigan, including
the 2009 Governor's Education Summit. Teresa has a BS in English and MAE in Reading from Ball
State University, has a K-12 Michigan teaching license, is a member of the National Council for
Teachers of English and the National Association for College Admissions Counseling. Most
importantly, Teresa is a parent of two college students.

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