Ten Ways to Make Everyday Shopping More Enjoyable

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                                 10 Ways to Make Everyday Shopping More Enjoyable
                                                               By Angelique

  Make shopping for everyday items less stressful. By fine tuning your approach you not only make
shopping more enjoyable but you also can learn to make the most out of your time and money.

 1. Compare prices before you go shopping. Whether you compare prices online or by newspaper ads
you need to make sure you’re getting the best price out there. Different stores have different sales
going on at different times, so to maximize your spending money you need to take advantage of sales
prices when they are going on.

 2. Browse the adds at your shopping destination before you go. This not only lets you know what’s on
sale including any items you might need, but is also a great way to shop in advance. Instead of being
forced to buy everyday items at full price, you can buy items you need when they are on sale, ensuring
these items are on hand for the future and therefore saving money in the long run.

 3. Set aside one day a week as errand day. Get all your running around done in one day instead of
back and forth all week and you’ll be amazed at the amount of time, money, gas and sanity this can
save you.

 4. Go shopping in the morning. If your schedule allows, do the entire errand shopping early to avoid
unnecessary crowds, thus freeing up the rest of your day.

 5. Go shopping later in the evening. Again, if your schedule allows, you can avoid noisy after work
crowds and make shopping less frustrating.

 6. Create a list. Know what you are shopping for and buy only those items. This one step will save you
a great deal of money buy avoiding the urge to “impulse buy.” Plus this makes the shopping trip much
quicker buy getting what you need and then getting out just as quickly.

 7. Do all your shopping in one location. Sometimes just shopping at one store will save you time and
money. With all the big super centers going up today it’s now easier than ever to do one stop shopping.
Of course don’t forget to compare prices and buy items on sale, but the hassles of going to multiple
stores will be eliminated and most super centers can buy in large bulk, thus passing the savings onto

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 8. Make it a family outing. Instead of putting the full burden on yourself, get the family involved. Set
aside that one night a week to get all the shopping done while at the same time spending time
together. It beats going shopping alone and extra hands are always nice to have around.

 9. Bring a friend. Friends can help you stay on task and not overspend. Plus it’s always more fun to
shop with someone else.

 10. Shop Online. In my opinion this is the best option. Nowadays you can do your grocery shopping
and household shopping all online. It not only saves lots of time, expensive gas and money, but best of
all you never have the leave the comfort of home. Or if you don’t get delivery in your area, shop online
and have the items waiting for you at the store. Online shopping also creates a more hassle free
experience and you won’t be so tired when done. Plus you have a better chance to resist impulses by
not wandering around the store and giving into that urge to spend.

 By adding these simple steps to your shopping routine you will become a more effective shopper and
have a more enjoyable experience. Best of all these simple changes help you save money and allow
you to have more time for other fun activities.

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                                                      Ringtone Solutions
                                                        By Lisa Pacheco

 Has this happened to you when you were out with friends or in a crowded place you received a phone
call and a lot of people reached for their phone thinking it was their phone ringing? If it has it can be
very aggravating but there is a simple solution and that is just customizing your own ringtone.

  Cell phone ringtones are the most popular form of accessory used. Cell phones have become more
of a fashion statement not just a communication tool. Ringtone styles are availiable for any personality
type and come in varieties such as sing tones, voice tones, caller songs or lyrics, polyphone,
monophonic, and many more. Most can be downloaded to your phone instantly. Some are free and
some are not just depends on your budget.
   The cell phone will one day completely replace the landline phone just like the old way we were
receiving television signals was replaced with digital tv. Who wants to pay for two phone bills anyway.
The mobile phone is more practical and enjoyable especially with all of the improved features. You can
download wallpapers, games, access the internet, and not to mention the latest fad of downloading
ringtones. You can customise your own ringtone. As you know most cell phones come with ringtones,
screensavers, and wallpaper but are very dull. That's why downloading your own is the perfect

 The lastest cell phone can store a lot of ringtones. So if you get tired of one just switch to another
one. Some people wear the same pair of shoes everyday that doesn't mean you have to have the
same ringtone everyday. People you are around everyday will love for your phone to ring so they can
see what you have chosen for that day. This will add some excitement and can be entertaining for all.
Take advantage of todays technology and have your own unique ringtone. Life will be more enjoyable
and not as boring.

Ringtone creations offers solutions for selecting customised ringtones for your cell phone.

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