; Stimulating Factors of Language Learning and Their Importance
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Stimulating Factors of Language Learning and Their Importance


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									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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         Learn of the Different Stimulating Factors of Language Learning and Their Importance
                                                            By Benedict Smythe

   At the beginning of the 21st century where computer and other high-tech media reign supreme, it is
always advantageous to be able to speak English. A native English speaker, without putting any effort,
has a definite lead among non-English speaking people. Those who have learned English as a second
language are also blessed with opportunities that non-English speakers are not presented with.

 English is the main language that is used for international media, cinema, music, politics, science and
technology. Any civilized country should have at least a little knowledge of the so-called Universal

Factors that Drive Language Learners to Strive

 For those who are learning the English language, the obvious reason for studying the language is to
take part in the opportunities that this great language can offer. A little English is good enough to be
able to connect to the world. Yet another advantage is the intellectual edge that any person has when
he learns a major language.

 There are many reasons for those who are striving to learn a language other than English. Some of
the learners look upon a new language as tackling a great obstacle or challenge. Others want to learn
out of intellectual curiosity. Those who are curious with other languages are given pleasure when they
finally learn how to understand and eventually speak a certain language. Learning a new language
also paves the way appreciation of cultural concepts and ideas that are not found in a person’s native

 Diversity can be a great divider but it can also become a stimulus when a person looks at it as a
chance to learn the major differences and revel in it. Learning the language of a foreign country could
make a learner realize the beauty in variety.

 Geography can also be a stimulating factor to learning new languages. Countries or areas that speak
a single language such as Brazil, China, Japan, USA, and majority of Latin America often do not find
any necessity for learning a second language. But for countries in Asia and Europe, language learning
becomes more of an urgent requirement. Non-English speaking countries need to learn English

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

because of its major use in trade and other relations.

 Sometimes, necessity would dictate that a person should learn a new language. Someone who has
been hired by a company and has to go to a country that speaks differently should exert an effort in
learning the new language. Some people who work in contact centers also have a need for learning a
new tongue. Majority of contact centers now turn to Asian countries for their manpower (due to lower
cost of labor). These companies see the necessity to train their new foreign employees with the
English language. The language training would give them the tools to talk to native speakers.

 Frequent travelers and tourists need to learn at least the language basics of the country that they are
going to visit. For instance, a frequent traveler to Europe would do well to learn a little of German,
French, and British English slang. This is also true for businessmen who need to transact with

 There are many reasons why a person should learn a second language. One thing is definitely sure
when a new language is learned—the learner would have a greater appreciation for different cultures
and variety in general.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                       Expect Negative Factors In Learning German
                                                       By Shareen Aguilar

 In learning the German language, there are certainties that a student must and needs to consider.
Since the Internet have taken its many changes mostly for the betterment of each Internet user, there
have been countless German programs and materials, be it video or audio, scattered all over the World
Wide Web. All you need is several left-clicks or right clicks and you're good to go for your first German

But searching for the correct and appropriate German material isn't the only time-taking part in learning
the German language. You do realize that learning the German language still requires a lot of time,
effort and understanding. Experience and practical use of the language is also a high necessity. So
what else is there that you need to know about learning a foreign language?

Aside from the reality that people say learning the German language isn't much of a difficulty when you
are learning it, the part where you have and need to stick to your lessons is dragging. It can be more of
a temptation to completely forget about it. At some point, you will lose interest, disregard the lesson or
think about how to abandon the entire course.

But there are real factors that can happen when you are on the process of learning the German
language regardless what foreign language you want to learn. Embracing each and every difficulty
should be the only way to do it.

And of course making mistakes is going to happen in a rampant manner. This too, you have to expect
because if you are not well prepared, you might see yourself a failure. And that's not a very good thing
at all. With every obstacle that you learn in life and from learning German at least, there are some
things that you need to accept. Don't try to be too perfect because even a native German speaker still
makes mistakes.

And of course, expect to have fun as you move along.

Shareen Aguilar is a writer for Learn German http://www.learn-german-program.com which has
Memory Improvement Books and Memory Game Software for better German language memorization.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

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