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									                Jodhpur is the Blue city of India

Jodhpur is the Blue city of India, it is due to the fact that whole of
the city is painted in Blue color and one having a look from the
famous palace of Jodhpur can appreciate the actual delight. It is
developed as a major tourist hub. It is also the Sun City of India as
the Sun shines all the year round. The location of the city makes it
yet popular among the tourists as they have to travel much less
distance to experience the extravagant desert life.

Memories related to the city
Rao Jodha was a Rajput Chief of a Rathore Clan. It was he who
laid the foundation of the city in 1459. Later on Rao Jodha
conquered the neighboring territories to declare all the area as
Princely state of Jodhpur. During the Medieval age, Mughals
attacked India, but Jodhpur remained intact due to its fealty
towards them. Jodhpur got several important arts and architecture
education from the Mughals. During the Colonial Rule, Jodhpur
enjoyed its peaceful position among the other princely states. After
India got independence, Jodhpur was declared the city of state of

Economic conditions
The city is well established in commercial products such textiles,
bicycles, metal utensils, glass items, carpets etc. It is an exporter of
locally hand embroidered and hand crafted products. The area is
also used for cultivating wheat and special variety of red chilies,
which are too much hot. There are mining areas in which salt and
gypsum are mined. The city is also serving as a market place for

Cultural Importance of the city
The city is populated basically by the Rajputs of Rajasthan and
therefore, the main culture or the religion is Hinduism. However,
some of the Jain population is also found here. The people from all
over the world flock in Jodhpur to see the culture, art and
architecture of the city in past.

Places worth visiting
The city is full of historic places worth visiting. The Mehrangarh
Fort is the largest Fort in Rajasthan and is located in the heart of
Jodhpur. It is vast premises built on top of a hill, it features
unbreakable security features and therefore, it always remained
untouched. You can also get the best travel service with many
Jodhpur travel agents and can make your Jodhpur tour luxury.
There is Chamunda Mataji Temple in the Mehrangarh Fort which
is also a place worth visiting. There is yet another beautiful
building made from white marble, The Jaswant Thada. Then
comes the number of Umed Bhawan Palace which is situated at a
distance of 8 km from city center. Khejarla Fort is another
historical monument which is worth visiting. The city also features
good natural sites such as lakes, temples and partial forest areas.

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