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									                            Gulf Coast Agricultural &
                          Natural Resources Association
                                         Jack Livingston, President
                                   P. O. Box 653   Cantonment, FL 32533


Breeding Goats: ownership and registration deadlines:
March 01, 2012

Market Goats: weigh-in, ownership, and registration deadlines:
January 7, 2012

Check In: When: April 13, 2012
Where: Langley Bell 4-H Camp
4810 W. Nine Mile Road
Pensacola, Florida
Time: 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Show: April 14, 2012
Time: TBA

1. All youth participants must be bonafide 4-H or FFA members and be in “good
standing” with their respective organizations. Each member will have an official
membership card from the respective organization and show in the appropriate
(4-H dress is dark slacks or skirt, white shirt or blouse with a 4-H chevron).

2. Youth are eligible to show from age eight (by September 1, 2011) through the
senior year of high school. All 4-H and FFA youth from the following counties are
eligible to show: Escambia, FL; Escambia, AL; Santa Rosa, FL; Okaloosa, FL:
Walton, FL; Baldwin, AL; and Mobile, AL.

3. Classes will be finalized after the show check-in.

4. Market goat wethers shall be less than fourteen months old by show date and
breeding does shall be under two years old. Market wethers with unknown birth
dates shall not have shed the front two “baby” teeth.

5. Market wethers must weigh a minimum of 25 pounds at weigh-in, and a minimum
of 50 pounds at final weigh-in.

6. Youth may enter one market class and as many breeding meat goats as desired,
however, premiums will be paid only on a total of three goats (excluding
showmanship premiums). Entry fees will be $5.00 per animal for the first three
animals entered (including the market goat classes) and $1.00 for each
additional goat (over three) for GCA and NRA members and $10.00/$2.00 for

7. Entry Forms: Exhibitors who knowingly state false information on entry forms will
be subject to disqualification from the Show. Exhibitor’s signature,
parent/guardian’s signature and teacher/leader’s signature on the entry form that
is submitted for a project signifies the rules and regulations have been read by
the exhibitor, parent/guardian, teacher/leader and that all understand and agree
to abide by rules and regulations.

8. If the animal’s identity is found to differ from initial weigh-in exhibitor will forfeit
any prize money and/or sale proceeds, any add-ons and forfeit all rights and
privileges to exhibit in the future.

9. All market wethers must be owned by January 7, 2012. Breeding Goats must be
owned by March 1, 2012 or leased at least 60 days prior to show date, except for
doe kids born after those dates. Entry deadline for the market class is January 7, 2012.
Entry deadline for breeding classes is March 1, 2012. Entries for the
Market and Breeding classes should be mailed or delivered to:

Roger Elliott
9280 Gibson Rd.
Molino, FL 32577

10. Entries may be shown with either halter or collar.

11. Parents will not be allowed in the ring during any portion of the show, unless
authorized by show superintendent.

12. Youth should individually conduct all grooming processes while at the show site.

13. Only goats showing meat goat characteristics may be shown in the meat goat
classes. Meat goat breeds should represent at least 50 per cent of the genetics
of goats entered in all meat goat classes.

14. All animals must have been dehorned or have horns tipped.

15. Standardized record books will be available online. These record books are due
to the show superintendent on April 13, 2012. A record of show, which will
include photos and story, will be due by April 23, 4:30 P.M.A forfeiture
of one third of all premiums will be made if the appropriate record books are not
submitted in a timely manner, or if any portion of the record book or show record
is incomplete.

16. Premiums will be distributed at an awards dinner approximately 30 days following
the show.

Youth, if participating in showmanship, can only show an animal that was shown
                                    in class.

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