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					           Ohio Dairy Goat Association
                                   Annual Show
                        July 5 & 6, 2008
              Hartford Fairgrounds – Croton, Ohio
                                   Friday (July 4)
   5:00 PM – Goats may begin arriving – please unload in the rear of the barn only
                         6:30 – 9:00 PM - Show Check-In

                                  Saturday (July 5)
                        7:30 AM – Show Check-In begins
  9:00 AM – Youth Show (Showmanship/Senior Doe/Junior Doe) – Judge Molly Saal
    ~2:00 PM – 2-ring Junior Doe Show – Judges Tim Flickinger and Todd Biddle
          ~7:00 PM – Goat Products Dinner and Raffle/Auction of doe kids
                   Evening – Youth Fitting & Grooming Contest
                           Youth fun events with prizes

                                   Sunday (July 6)
  9:00 AM – 2-ring Senior Doe Show and ODGA Futurity – Judges Flickinger/Biddle
    ~2:00 PM – 2-ring Buck Show and ODGA Futurity – Judges Flickinger/Biddle

Molly Saal is from Lodi, Ohio and raised Nubians for 17 years under the Us and Udders
herd name. She remains involved with dairy goats through judging.

Todd Biddle resides in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, and raises Saanen dairy goat under
the herd name of Royal Colors. He is an agriculture teacher and FFA advisor in South
Central, PA. In addition to teaching and judging, he does some writing for the dairy goat

Tim Flickinger raises Sable & Lamanchas under the herdname Flick's Acres Dairy
Goats. He has been an ADGA & AGS licensed judge since 2000, and served on the
Breed Standards & Publicity/Promotion committees for ADGA. He is also a USBGA
licensed judge & AGS classifer.
                                      Show Rules
2.    The Junior and Senior doe shows are separately sanctioned by ADGA for the
      following breeds:
          - YOUTH JUNIOR DOES: Alpine, Lamancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, All
              Other Purebreds, Recorded Grade, & Best in Show
          - YOUTH SENIOR DOES: Alpine, Lamancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian,
              Oberhasli, Toggenburg, All Other Purebreds, Recorded Grade, & Best in
          - OPEN JUNIOR DOES: Alpine, Lamancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, All
              Other Purebreds, Recorded Grade, & Best in Show
          - OPEN SENIOR DOES: Alpine, Lamancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian,
              Oberhasli, Saanen, Toggenburg, Recorded Grade, & Best in Show
      The above listings also represent the planned show order for each show
3.     Bucks are sanctioned by ADGA for Alpine, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, AOP, & Best
      in Show. This will be the show order.
4.    The show order may be changed by the show committee to facilitate a smooth show.
5.    Any breed failing to meet sanction for two consecutive years may be moved to AOP
      the following year. Once the breed has sufficient entries in AOP, the following
      year they will be separately sanctioned. If only one breed fails to have sufficient
      entries, it may not be sanctioned in subsequent years.
6.    The youth show will be begin with Showanship (oldest to youngest). Upon
      completion of the showmanship classes the youth Senior Doe show will be held,
      followed by the Junior Doe show.
7.    Original registration papers (required for animals six months of age or older) or
      stamped duplicates must be shown to the show secretary before the start of the show
      for animals 6 months of age and younger.
8.    For the Youth Show, the registration/recordation certificate, or a stamped duplicate,
      must show the youth exhibitor as the owner. Animals owned by a family or herd
      name are acceptable if the entries are accompanied by a letter from ADGA (or other
      registry) indicating the specific youth is a member of the ownership unit. Leased
      animals are acceptable provided they are on an official 4-H, FFA or recognized
      registry lease form and are effective by May 1 of the current year. A copy of the
      lease form must accompany the entry form. All youth show entries are to be made in
      the name of the youth exhibitor. The named exhibitor is expected to show their own
      animals unless prior permission is granted by the show committee. In the event of
      multiple entries in a class, another youth may help show. Adults are not to assist in
      the showing of the animals.
9.    No pre-show milkout.
10.   No horned animals allowed.
11.   No visible signs of abscesses or other contagious diseases (pinkeye, ringworm, etc.)
      will be allowed. ALL ANIMALS MUST BE HEALTHY. A veterinarian will be called
      for any unhealthy or questionable animals at the owner’s expense. Out-of-State
      animals are required to have a health certificate issued within 30 days of the show and
      must comply with the Scrapie regulations and should state that there are no signs of
      Scrapie or FMD in the originating herd. No health papers required for Ohio goats.
      Please list your Scrapie Premise ID on the entry form.
12.   All animals will be inspected before unloading. Animals may arrive from 5:00 pm to
      10:00 pm on Friday, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm Saturday, and after 6:00 am Sunday
      INSPECTED. Animals arriving after 10:00 PM Friday or Saturday will not be
      permitted to unload until after 6:00 AM on the next morning. Please plan
13.   Youth show entries MUST be in place and checked in with the show secretary no
      later than 8:30 AM Saturday morning. Open show junior does MUST be in place and
      checked in with the show secretary no later than 1:00 PM Saturday afternoon. Open
      show senior does MUST be in place and checked in with the show secretary no later
      than 8:30 AM Sunday morning. Bucks MUST be in place and checked in no later
      than 1:00 PM Sunday afternoon.
14.   No telephone entries accepted. Entries will be accepted via e-mail through midnight
      Monday, June 30th, 2008. Those entering via e-mail will be expected to pay for all
      entries submitted, even if deciding to leave an animal home on the date of show. An
      e-mail response will be sent within 48 hours to acknowledge all entries received via
      e-mail. If the acknowledgement e-mail is not received, the exhibitor should resend
      the original e-mail again.
15.   No dogs are allowed in the barn or show area. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on
      the fairgrounds. No coffee pots or electric cooking devices are to be used in the barn
      where the goats are housed. A separate area will be provided if needed, as space is
      available for cooking devices. A food trailer will also be provided near the show barn
      for the purchase of food and drinks.
16.   Neither ODGA nor the Hartford Fairgrounds will be held responsible for losses,
      damage or accidents. Any person or family not exhibiting proper behavior as judged
      by the show committee will be required to leave the fairgrounds immediately and will
      not be permitted to return for the remainder of the show. Parents/guardians or an adult
      willing to take responsibility for child/children under 18 are required to control their
      child/children at all times or proper authorities will be called and ALL will be asked
      to leave immediately.

         ENTRY FEES:
               $3.50 per goat per ring if entery is RECEIVED by 6/30/08
               $4.50 per entry received after 6/30/08 (including day of show)
               No charge for showmanship.
               All fees must accompany entry and are non-refundable.

         PEN FEES-
               $1.00 per pen. Pay at show for pens used.

         CAMPING –
               $12.00 per night, payable at the show. Anyone camping, with or without hookups, will
               be required to pay camping fee and MUST park/set-up in the campgrounds. No tents
               permitted in the barn area. Sleeping in the barn, without fee, is permitted.
                                          Show Classes
Class # Description                                            Class # Description
        SENIOR DOES                                                    JUNIOR DOES
S1      Under two years in milk                                J1      Junior Kid (On or after 4/1/08)
S2      Two years and under three                              J2      Intermediate Kid (3/1/08 – 3/31/08)
S3      Three years and under four                             J3      Senior Kid (1/1/08 - 2/29/08)
S4      Four years and under five                              J4      Junior Yearling (7/1/07 - 12/31/07)
S5      Five years and older                                   J5      Senior Yearling (7/5/06 - 6/30/07)
        Senior Grand/Senior Reserve Grand Champion                     Jr. Grand/Jr. Reserve Gr. Champ
S6      Champion Challenge
        Best of Breed

B1        Buck Kid (On or after 1/1/08)                        B5       Three years and under five
B2        Junior Yearling (Born 7/1/07 to 12/31/07)            B6       Five years and older
B3        One year and under two                                        Gr./Reserve Gr. Champion Buck
B4        Two years and under three                            B7       Champion Challenge
                                                                        Best of Breed

  Base date is the day of the show: 7/5 for Youth Show and Junior Does, 7/6 for Senior Does and Bucks.

                                             BREED CODES
A - Alpine        D – Nigerian Dwarf         B – Oberhasli   L – LaMancha N – Nubain
S – Saanen        T – Toggenburg             R – Recorded Grade     P – All Other Purebreds

                        SHOWMANSHIP (Sign up by 8:30 am Saturday morning)
        Pee Wee - Age 8 and under            Junior - Age 9-11         Young Adult – Age 19 - 21
        Intermediate - Age 12-14             Senior - Age 15-18
                                        (Age as of January 1, 2008)
 The top three showman in each class, except Pee Wee, will be placed. Pee Wee is non-competitive. The
winners of each class will receive a $25 cash. The Showman of Showman (1st place winners from each age
                    division except Pee Wee to compete) will receive an ODGA Jacket.

             FITTING & GROOMING CONTEST (Sign up by 3:00 pm Saturday afternoon)

     1.   Open to youth ages 8 through 21
     2.   Teams of four youth will be presented a doe to groom for show. Assume hooves have been
          trimmed already.
     3.   Youth must work together to fully groom the animal and then present her to the judges within a 30
          minute time period. At the end of the 30 minutes, all team members must be in their white show
          clothes and the preparation area must be clean.
     4.   No more than 1 hoof may be off of the ground at any one time or the team will be disqualified.
     5.   The doe will be groomed while standing on the ground.
     6.   Teams will be judged on grooming of the doe, the cleanliness of their work area, and overall
          presentation. Presentation themes are encouraged.
     7.   The team must supply all equipment needed for the competition. Goats will be provided.
      Croton is located near the geographic center of Ohio with easy access from all major routes.

From the North/US 23 southbound: Take the SR 37 exit in Delaware. Turn left and follow SR 37 to I-
71 and follow below directions.
From the North/I-71 southbound: Exit at SR 37 (exit 131). Turn left on to SR 37. Follow 37 through
Sunbury (37 turns in Sunbury) to the edge of Johnstown. Fairgrounds Road turns only to the left.
Fairgrounds is approximately 6 miles on your right, just past Croton.
From the south: Take SR 161 east from I-270. Exit at the SR 62 (Johnstown/New Albany exit) and turn
left onto SR 62. Follow 62 into Johnstown and turn left onto SR 37. Follow SR 37 to the edge of
Johnstown and turn right onto Fairgrounds Road. Fairgrounds is approximately 6 miles on your right.

                                 Youth Show Awards
                Each GCH will receive a food bowl filled with awards
                 BIS (Junior and Senior) will receive hoof trimmers
                  Showman of showman will receive ODGA Jacket
   1st in each Showmanship (Junior, Intermediate & Senior) will receive $25 cash

                           Show Chair & Entry Clerk: Julie Lucas
                          3359 Miller Paul Road; Galena, OH 43021
                                       (740) 965-2486

                              Youth Show Chair: Beth Adams
                           2878 State Route 222; Bethel, OH 45106
                                       (513) 734-2513

                                    Saturday Dinner
Saturday evening, a special dinner will be served. Exhibitors are invited to bring their
goat products (cheese, fudge, ice cream, etc.) to compliment the meal. The cost for the
     meal is $5 per person and advanced reservations (indicate on entry form) are

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