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                          Betty F. King, M.S.P.H.

                                  CAREER GOAL

Seek a senior management position in the planning, operation, and evaluation of a
complex health organization.

                            CURRENT EMPLOYMENT

King & Associates (Tucson, AZ)

Co-authored rural Arizona behavioral health system assessment. Completed
Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Social and Behavioral
Responsible Conduct of Research training. University of Arizona Rural Health Office
(Tucson, AZ) (2011)

Conducted board and staff organizational development. Coordinated strategic
planning for the organization using Appreciative Inquiry techniques. Southeastern
Arizona Behavioral Health Services (Benson, AZ) (2011)

Provided program development and policy analysis services. National Center for
Frontier Communities (Santa Fe, NM) (2006-2010)

Developed educational programs, evaluation design and communication strategies.
Technical skills included writing, program evaluation, committee coordination,
webinars, and conference design including tool kit creation. Content areas included
health information technology, emergency medical services, Critical Access
Hospitals, oral health, mental health and workforce issues. National Organization of
State Offices of Rural Health (Sterling Heights, MI) (2007-2009)

                               PAST EMPLOYMENT

Cochise County Health & Social Services (Bisbee, AZ)

Duties and Accomplishments: Directed all operations for county agency. Reported
directly to County Board of Supervisors. More than doubled department programs
to over 135 FTEs and an annual budget of more than twenty-six million dollars.
Responsibilities included personnel management, budget development &
monitoring, new program development, and procedure & policy development.
Addressed policy issues for diverse programs including public health, indigent and
managed care, housing and public fiduciary.

Project Director, RWJ/Kellogg Turning Point Initiative Local Project. Centers for
Disease Control Public Health Leadership Institute Scholar. (1993-2001)

Executive Director
Internal Medicine Center to Advance Research and Education (Washington, D.C.)

Duties and Accomplishments: Directed all activities of 501(c) (3) research
foundation established by the American Society of Internal Medicine. Developed
strategic directions, identified and pursued appropriate funding sources. Produced
publications, facilitated health services research, established and managed other
foundation projects. Provided staff support to board and committees.

Increased revenue by 200 percent. Chaired task force to design American Society
of Internal Medicine computer system. (1988-1993)

Senior Project Manager/Project Director
The Circle, Inc. (McLean, VA)

Duties and Accomplishments: Managed National Clearinghouse for Primary Care
Information. Supervised the Project Director and monitored contract
implementation and expenditures. Directed Public Health Service Recruitment
Project, an initiative to promote and facilitate the placement of health professionals
in underserved areas (budget in excess of three million dollars and staff of

Wrote successfully funded proposal and named Project Director for a contract with
the Office of Rural Health Policy, Health Resources and Services Administration.

Assistant Director
National Rural Health Association (Kansas City, MO)

Duties and Accomplishments: Frequently oversaw operations in Executive Director's
absence, and assisted with overall management of the Association. Wrote grant
proposals, promotional materials and publications. Directed all project
development including migrant health publications, Perinatal Advisory Task Force,
project on rural physician leadership, and a regional rural health conference
(Governor Bill Clinton, keynote speaker).

2 Betty F. King
Wrote and published major federal rural health policy analysis in six weeks to
provide timely information to membership. Established employment exchange
program for annual Association conference attendees. (1984-1985)

Assistant Director/Lecturer
Rural Health Office, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of
(Tucson, AZ)

Duties and Accomplishments: Coordinated the establishment and expansion of the
Rural Health Office. Directed organization and staffing. Developed outreach
activities on local, state and national levels through liaison, advocacy and technical

Procured and managed the first state National Health Service Corps contract.

Rural Health Coordinator
Health Systems Agency of Southeastern Arizona (Tucson, AZ)

Duties and Accomplishments: Outreach and project development coordinator for
five rural counties.

Organized the first regional seminar on health promotion in the work place. (1980-


Master of Science in Public Health, Health Policy and Administration, University
of North Carolina

Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Political Science and Health Education,
University of North Carolina

       Public speaking: Numerous presentations on a variety of health topics at the
        national, state and local levels. Audiences included students, community
        members, professionals and elected officials.

                                 HONORS AND AWARDS

       Alumni Leadership Award: University of North Carolina School of Public
        Health, Department of Health Policy and Administration (2005)
       Arizona Rural Health Professional of the Year (2001)
       Invitee, Arizona Town Hall (1999)

3 Betty F. King
                             PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS

       Adjunct Lecturer appointment and guest lecturer for “Public Health and Rural
        Policy Analysis” course, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
       Member, Ortiz Endowment Committee (2009-present)
       National Frontier Education Center, Secretary-Treasurer (1999-2010)
       Arizona Public Health Association (ongoing; Vice President (1997); founder
        and Chair of section (HARP) (1983)
       American Public Health Association, Medical Care Section Chair (1994-1997),
        Governing Council Representative (1986-88, 1991-1992)
       American Society of Association Executives (1990-1993)


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4 Betty F. King
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                                   OTHER INTERESTS

       Travel: In United States and abroad (Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Tunisia,
       Gardening: Master Gardener with Pima County Extension Service (2004);
        designed children's (k-10th grade) gardens and taught them how to grow and
        harvest food
       Children’s education: Serve on Family Faculty Organization as parent
        representative and numerous volunteer contributions including mentor for
        First Lego League
       Nutrition and food policy: Member, Food Conspiracy Cooperative Board of
        Directors (2010-2011)

5 Betty F. King

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