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									                                                                            PLC Plan
School: Eastlake                        Team: 2nd Grade                                                 Team Facilitator: Susan Happy
Team Members: Susan Happy, Larry Laugh, Patty Poppy                                 Teacher/Student Learning Focus: Reading

District Goals:
    The percentage of special education students scoring at proficiency or higher in reading and writing will increase at all grade levels by the end of the 2010-2011
    school year as measured by OAKS.

School Goals:
    60% of the fall intensive students will be strategic by the spring 2011 DIBELS Next benchmark assessment
Team SMART Goal                  Strategies and Action             Responsibility                    Timeline and Team                Evidence of
                                 Steps                                                               Meeting Schedule                 Effectiveness
Our reality (baseline             Analyze fall data to             Team members will               This team will meet from         Teacher learning will be
data):                             determine skill deficits          collect student data prior      12:30-4:00 on:                   reflected through:
In Spring of 2010, 23% of         Plan and implement targeted       to each PLC meeting             September 19                      Data Snaps
                                   instruction during core
our second grade students                                                                            October 18                        Team meeting notes
were intensive as measured                                          Team members will co-           December 13
                                   Decoding – use direct
by DIBELS ORF                      instruction strategies from       construct criteria for          February 14                      Student learning will be
                                   Imagine It! green belt to         data snaps and develop a        April 18                         measured by:
Our goal:                          strengthen decoding,              plan for collecting data in                                       Progress monitoring using
By spring of 2011, less than       accuracy and automaticity         each classroom                   Review weekly progress           DIBELS Next progress
5% of our second grade             -Incorporate targeted                                               monitoring data for              monitoring passages –
students will be intensive         instruction/practice using                                          intensive students at            once per week for
as measured by DIBELS              connected text from the                                             each meeting                     intensive; twice a month
                                   core program materials
ORF                                                                                                                                     for strategic
                                                                                                      Review benchmark data
                                   Rate/prosody – utilize group,
                                   partner and multiple                                                after each administration       DIBELS Next ORF
                                   individual reads of core                                                                             benchmark assessments
                                   story and core program
                                   fluency passages during core
                                   & workshop instruction

                                   Provide in-addition-to the
                                   core practice time using
                                   connected text for strategic
                                   and intensive students

July 23, 2010

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