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									230    Community Service/Anthropology

program adviser or the university’s Web site
3. Major Requirements: Completion of all
                                                         Institute of
requirements for a major as specified by the
respective department.                                   Anthropology
4. Minor Requirements: Completion of all
requirements for a minor as specified by the             Main Office
respective department.
                                                         Chilton Hall, 308
5. Electives: Any approved UNT courses the               P.O. Box 310409
student and adviser deem appropriate to the degree       Denton, TX 76203-0409
may be selected. Caution must be exercised to            (940) 565-2290
ensure the student fulfills the university requirement   Fax: (940) 565-4663
of 42 hours of advanced-level course work.
6. Other Course Requirements: See individual             Jeffrey L. Longhofer, Director
7. Other Requirements:                                   Faculty
• A total of 42 hours of upper-division work;            Professor Naylor. Associate Professors Gibbs,
• at least 24 of the last 30 hours in residence. See     Hartman, Jordan, Longhofer, ReCruz. Assistant
  individual program.                                    Professor Pérez.

                                                            The Institute of Anthropology coordinates and
                                                         directs a program for those who wish to pursue a
                                                         career in the discipline of anthropology, for those
                                                         simply interested in the human condition and for
Center for Public                                        those who may wish to combine the study of
                                                         anthropology with another discipline.
Service                                                     Courses in anthropology are grouped to provide
                                                         students with an understanding of human physical,
                                                         social and cultural complexity, and the relationships
Main Office                                              of humans to one another and the environment.
Chilton Hall, 261                                        Physical anthropology provides an understanding of
P.O. Box 310409                                          human origins and human biological variability.
Denton, TX 76203-0409                                    Anthropological linguistics adds to the understand-
(940) 565-4863                                           ing of language and other forms of human commu-
Fax: (940) 565-3141                                      nication within the context of culture. Archaeology
                                                         provides a sense of the past by exploring the
Stanley R. Ingman, Director                              changes and development of ancient cultures and
                                                         environments. Sociocultural anthropology provides
                                                         appreciation and understanding of human social and
Introduction                                             cultural patterns and human behavior.
   The Center for Public Service promotes the
service, public affairs, public interest and applied     Programs of Study
research goals of the School of Community Service
and the university. Students, faculty and staff are      Bachelor of Arts
involved in a variety of research and service            Major in Anthropology Degree Requirements
projects that contribute to the welfare and develop-         Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts with a major
ment of individuals and of communities. The              in anthropology must meet the following require-
center’s programs include aging and health services,     ments.
urban social development, environmental education,
volunteerism and international exchange. The             1. Hours for the Degree: Completion of a
center coordinates a number of service-learning          minimum of 124 total semester hours; 42 hours
experiences.                                             must be advanced. Completion in residence of at
                                                         least 31 semester hours, including 24 of the last 30
                                                                                       Anthropology      231

2. General University Requirements: See                 • Geography/History, 3 hours: GEOG 1200, World
“General Degree Requirements” in the Academics            Regional Geography, or HIST 1060, World
section of this catalog.                                  Civilization from the Sixteenth Century, or HIST
3. Major Requirements: Major of 36 hours in               4290, Intellectual and Cultural History of Medi-
anthropology, including ANTH 1010, 2250, 2500,            eval and Early Modern Europe, or HIST 4370,
2700, 3100 and 4250. Of the remaining 18 elective         Intellectual and Cultural History of Modern
hours, 15 must be taken at the upper-division level       Europe.
(3000 or 4000) and with a minimum of 6 hours from       4. Minor: No minor is required.
the 4000 level. A maximum of 6 hours of field-          5. Electives: See individual major.
school and a maximum of 3 hours of ANTH 4920
may be applied toward satisfying the 36-hour            6. Other Course Requirements:
requirement. In addition to the 36 hours of anthro-     • a 2.0 grade point average must be maintained in all
pology, candidates must take 3 hours from each of         courses.
the following three areas.                              • transfer course work to be substituted for required
• Statistics, 3 hours: MATH 1680, Elementary              anthropology courses must be approved by a
  Probability and Statistics, or SOCI 4880, Quantita-     student’s faculty adviser during the degree plan
  tive Methods of Social Research, or PSYC 3610,          process.
  Quantitative Methods in Psychology
• Philosophy, 3 hours: PHIL 2310, Introduction to
  Ancient Philosophy, or PHIL 2330, Introduction to
  Modern Philosophy

                                        Major in Anthropology
  Following is one suggested four-year plan. Students are encouraged to see their adviser each semester
   for help with program decisions and enrollment. Some requirements may have changed because the
  University Core Curriculum was being revised at the time this catalog went to press. Contact a degree
                                           program adviser.

BA with a Major in Anthropology
FRESHMAN YEAR                                           FRESHMAN YEAR
  FALL                                      HOURS         SPRING                                 HOURS
  ANTH 1010, General Anthropology4, 3           3         ENGL 1320, College Writing II                 3
  ENGL 1310, College Writing I                  3         MATH 1680, Elementary Probability and
  MATH 1100, College Algebra10                  3            Statistics                                 3
  PSCI 1040, American Government                3         PSCI 1050, American Government                3
  CSCI7                                         3         Oral Communication8                           3
  Total                                        15         Visual/Performing Arts13, 15                  3
                                                          Total                                        15
SOPHOMORE YEAR                                          SOPHOMORE YEAR
  FALL                                   HOURS            SPRING                                 HOURS
  ANTH 2500, Introduction to Archaeology      3           ANTH 2250, Introduction to Sociocultural
  ENGL 2210, World Literature I               3              Anthropology3, 4, 5                        3
  HIST 2610, United States History to 186512  3           ANTH 2700, Introduction to Physical
  GEOG/HIST 24                                3              Anthropology6                              4
  Elective                                    4           ENGL 2220, World Literature II                3
  Total                                      16           HIST 2620, United States History Since 186512 3
                                                          Elective                                      4
                                                          Total                                        17
JUNIOR YEAR                                             JUNIOR YEAR
  FALL                                HOURS               SPRING                                 HOURS
  ANTH 3100, People and Cultures5, 3         3            ANTH 4250, Development of Anthropological
  ARCH 2800, Archaeological Science          4               Thought                                    3
  LANG 2040, Foreign Language (intermediate) 3            LANG 2040, Foreign Language (intermediate) 3
  ANTH (3000-4000 level)                     3            ANTH (3000-4000 level)                        3
  Elective (advanced)                        3            Elective (advanced)                           3
  Total                                     16            Wellness16                                    3
                                                          Total                                        15
232   Anthropology

SENIOR YEAR                                           SENIOR YEAR
  FALL                                HOURS             SPRING                                     HOURS
  ECON 1110, Principles of Macroeconomics  3            ANTH (3000-4000 level)                         3
  ANTH (3000-4000 level)                   3            ANTH (3000-4000 level)                         3
  ANTH (3000-4000 level)                   3            PHIL14, 24                                     3
  Elective (advanced)                      3            Elective (advanced)                            3
  Elective (advanced)                      3            Elective (advanced)                            3
  Total                                   15            Total                                         15

          Actual degree plans may vary depending on availability of courses in a given semester.
                   Some courses may require prerequisites not listed in the above plan.
                    See Community Service notes in supplement booklet for footnotes.

Summary of Degree Requirements:                       Applied Anthropology; ANTH 4030, African-
Anthropology Major (21 hours advanced):          36   American Culture; ANTH 4050, Contemporary
*Core:                                                Ethnic Groups; ANTH 4600, Topics in Physical
   English                                       12   Anthropology; ANTH 4610, Topics in Sociocultural
   American History                               6   Anthropology; ANTH 4620, Topics in Archaeology;
   Political Science                              6   ANTH 4700, Magic, Witchcraft and Religion;
   Laboratory Science                             4   ANTH 4750, Culture Change; ANTH 4800,
   Wellness                                       3   Anthropological Fieldmethods; ANTH 4810,
   Economics                                      3   Archaeological Field School.
   Visual Performance Arts                        3
   Philosophy                                     3
Computer Science:                               0-3
Oral Communication:                             0-3
Anthropology:                                    36   Major in Social Science
   General Anthropology                           3      Students may use anthropology in pursuing a
   Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology     3   Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in social
   Introduction to Archaeology                    3   science that requires completion of at least 48
   Introduction to Physical Anthropology          4   semester hours in social sciences, including 18
   Peoples and Cultures                           3   hours in anthropology and 30 hours in at least two
   Development of Anthropological Thought         3   other social science disciplines; 24 hours of the
   Additional Anthropology courses (15 hours          above must be taken from upper-division levels
      advanced)                                  18   (3000 or 4000). See “Interdisciplinary Majors” in
   Statistics                                     3   the College of Arts and Sciences section of this
   Geography/History                              3   catalog for an example of courses distributed over
* The University Core Curriculum was being            four years.
revised at the time this catalog went to press.
Consult a degree program adviser or the               Minor in Anthropology
university’s Web site (www.unt.edu/catsched/).           A minor requires completion of 18 hours in
Note:                                                 anthropology, including ANTH 1010, one introduc-
   42 hours must be advanced; 24 of the 42 hours      tory (2000-level) course, and 6 hours from the
      must be taken at UNT;                           upper-division level (3000 or 4000).
   24 of the last 30 hours must be completed at
      UNT;                                            Courses of Instruction
   12 hours of free electives must be advanced.          All Courses of Instruction are located in one
   In addition to those cited above, anthropology     section at the back of this catalog.
courses include the following:
                                                      Course and Subject Guide
ANTH 2035, Urban Poverty; ANTH 2045, Women
                                                         The “Course and Subject Guide,” found in the
in Culture; ANTH 2100, World Cultures Through
                                                      Courses of Instruction section of this book, serves
Film; ANTH 2150, World Cultures; ANTH 2350,
                                                      as a table of contents and provides quick access to
Cultural Diversity in U.S. (American) Culture;
                                                      subject areas and prefixes.
ANTH 3350, Anthropology of American Culture
and Society; ANTH 3650, Origins of Civilization;
ANTH 4010, Language and Culture; ANTH 4020,

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