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									                              Karnatak University’s
                       Sir Siddappa Kambali Law College
                College Road, Dharwad – 580 001, Karnataka, India
              (A Constituent College of Karnatak University, Dharwad )
Telefax:0836-2448177                  E-mail:
Ref.No.K.U./U.Law/                                                       Date: 5-8-2012

           The Fifteenth S.C.Javali Memorial National Moot Court Competition
                                    20th and 21st October 2012

Dear Sir / Madam,

        Our College which was popularly known as the University College of Law, Dharwad, a
Constituent College of Karnatak University, Dharwad has been renamed in memory of a great
‘son of the soil,’ Sir Siddappa Kambali; he served the cause of educational development in this
        It is our great pleasure to inform you that the Sri.S.C.Javali Memorial National Moot
Court Competition will be held on the 20th and 21st October, 2012 at our college. We invite your
esteemed institution to participate in the said competition. The moot court problem and detailed
rules governing the competition, are enclosed.

         Dharwad, a very prominent centre for literary and cultural activities, is also a renowned
centre of learning. Dharwad is situated between Belgaum and Hubli and can be reached by road
or rail. The nearest airports are at Hubli and Goa. Mooters and researchers who have participated
in our yearly competition have always appreciated the local hospitality and have gone back with
very pleasant memories.

        Kindly let us know the travel plans of your team so that our volunteers can receive the
team. For any information or clarification, please visit us at; write to us or call us
at any one of the following numbers.

       Contact numbers:
       College            : 0836- 2448177
       Principal (Res)    : 0836-2797780, 2442319, Cell: 098454 31663
       Dr.R.R.Bharamgoudar: 09611316094
       Mr.Mahesh Hebbal : 09900979190
       Mr.Mahesh R.S.     : 09916038407
       Mr.Manoj Hiremath : 09448640187

       Thanking you,

                                                             Yours sincerely


                     Rules Governing the Moot Court Competition
1. Law Colleges recognised by the Bar Council of India are eligible to participate in the

2. Each participating team has to pay a registration fee of `.500/- (rupees five hundred only)

   through a demand draft drawn on any nationalised bank, in favour of the Principal, Karnatak
   University’s Sir Siddappa Kambali Law College, Dharwad.
3. Each College may send a team consisting of two speakers and a researcher.
4. Lots will be drawn on 20th October 2012 around 11.00 a.m. and fixtures for the Preliminary
   Round will be announced.       Fixtures for subsequent Rounds will be announced fifteen
   minutes before the commencement of the Competition.
5. The Organisers will not defray the travelling expenses of the participating teams. However,
   the participants will be provided boarding and lodging on the days of the competition.
6. The language of the Moot Court shall be English.
7. Law Colleges/Institutions willing to compete, shall confirm participation by the 13th
   October, 2012.
8. The Moot Problem, being the property of Karnatak University, shall not be used by any
   Organisation, College or Institution without the express written permission from Karnatak
9. The enclosed Registration Form should be duly completed and returned on or before 13th
   October 2012.
10. The team of the Karnatak University’s Sir Siddappa Kambali Law College, Dharwad
   shall not participate in the moot court competition.
11.The mooters shall be identified by their respective names and institutions.
Some Salient Features of the Moot Court Competition
1. Each team shall submit written Memorials on behalf of both the parties to the case latest by
   9-00 a.m. on 20th October 2012.
2. Each team shall be given 30 Minutes to advance its arguments or make submissions. Hence,
   each counsel shall have fifteen minutes only at his/her disposal.

3. Each team will be assessed for 100 marks in oral rounds. Memorials will be assessed for 50
   marks separately. Memorial marks will not be added to oral rounds to decide the
   qualifying team for the next round and finally, even to decide the winners and runners
4. The Four stages in the Competition shall be: First Round; Quarter Finals; Semi-Finals and
   (a)       First Round: Every participating Team shall take part in the Preliminary Round as
             per the fixtures drawn and announced.
   (b)       Quarter Finals: Fifty percent of the teams appearing on behalf of the Petitioner and
             fifty percent of the teams appearing on behalf of the Respondent shall, on the basis of
             the marks secured in the Preliminary Round, enter the Quarter Finals.
   (c)       Semi-Finals: Four out of the Teams participating in the Quarter Finals shall, on the
             basis of the marks secured therein, move on to the Semi-Finals.
   (d)       Finals: Two out of the Teams in the Semi- Finals shall, on the basis of the marks
             secured therein, enter the Finals.
Rules Regarding Submission of Memorials

1. Each team has to submit two sets of memorials for both sides.
2. The Memorials should be typed on one side of bond papers and be double-spaced.
3. The arguments should not exceed 15 pages. However, these 15 pages will not include the
   Cover page, Page of Content, Table of Authorities, Table of Cases, List of Abbreviations,
   Statement of Facts, Issues/Questions presented, Summary of the Arguments and Appendices.
4. The Memorials should be neatly bound and submitted.
5. The Memorials submitted will not be returned.
Dress Code:
         The Dress Code for the Participants shall be as prescribed by the Bar Council of India.
         Prizes will be awarded to: 1.Winners, 2.Runners-up, 3.Best Memorials, 4. Best
Gentleman Advocate and 5.Best Lady Advocate. 6. Sri.Shambuprasad Singh Advocate Memorial
Cup for the Best Advocate.

       Apart from these prizes, additional prizes shall be awarded to the Best Gentleman
Advocate and Best Lady Advocate selected from among three top mooters in the finals by the
students of the KUSSK Law College.

                                  REGISTRATION FORM

                                   20th and 21st October 2012
Name and address of the College including e-mail and phone numbers:

1. Name of the Mooter:
   Class                   :
   Address           :______________________________                   Photo
   Phone No.         :

2. Name of the Mooter:
   Class                    :
   Address           :______________________________
   Phone No.         :
3. Name of the Researcher:
   Class                      :
   Address              :___________________________
                        ____________________________                 Photo
   Phone No.         :

                                                    Signature and Seal of the Principal
* Photographs should be attested by the Principal/Head of the concerned Institution.

                              MOOT COURT PROBLEM*

                   Unite Lost Indians                              … Petitioner
                  Union of India                                … Respondent
                  Right to Privacy                              … Intervener

1.     The Government of India established a Unique Identity Authority (UID) for the collection
       of the bio-metric data of people; in response to the scheme, a large number people
       voluntarily enrolled and submitted their bio-metric data.

2.   A reputed NGO called “Unite Lost Indians” filed a PIL in the High Court, inter alia, seeking
       directions that the Government of India should issue instructions to the UID to collect the
       blood samples of those who propose to enrol or those who have already enrolled and
       have their DNA profiles published on its website, with a search engine. According to the
       NGO, such information is vital and essential to unite thousands of lost children living in
       an orphanage or with adoptive families waiting to be united with their real parents, which
       is their fundamental right as protected in Article 21 of the Constitution.

3.     However, another NGO, lead by Ms. Priya Khan – a known name in Bollywood,
       immediately filed an intervention to oppose the PIL. The intervening NGO called “Right
       to Privacy” submitted that the relief sought by the petitioner NGO should not be granted,
       as the collection of blood samples and publication of DNA profiles by the UID on its

 The moot court problem is prepared by Sri.Mohan V. Katarki, Advocate, Supreme Court, New
Delhi with the assistance of his intern, Ms.Tahira Kathpalia, Student of Law, Harris Manchester
College, University of Oxford.

     website as prayed in the PIL is contrary to the right to privacy guaranteed to the people
     under Art.21 of the Constitution. Unearthing the secrets of life which are buried deep is
     like inviting “a bull into a china shop”, said the intervening NGO. The Government of
     India, in its reply, did not take any sides on the contentious issues arising from the
     competing rights claimed by the NGOs under Art 21 of the Constitution, but agreed to
     abide by the directions of the Court, if any, to be issued.

4.   The High Court posted the PIL for final hearing on ‘X’ September 2012.

5.   The mooters are required to prepare brief for the Petitioner “Unite Lost Indians” and also
     the Intervener “Right to Privacy”.



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