LEARNING PLAN :Goal 1 of 2 2011

Professional Development: Goal for this Year (see pg. 16 Professional Portfolio and Learning Plan Guide)
I want to lead three journal club sessions this year to implement learning from an Evidence Based Practice
course. The journal club will help facilitate the application and translation of skills learned into practice.

Please identify the intended service user for this goal: (Reference: Professional Portfolio and Learning
Plan Guide pages 17-18 and 25)
My intended service user for this goal is other physiotherapists.

Proposed Learning Activities:
   A) How am I going to meet my goal?
          I have registered and completed an Evidence Based Practice course through the University of
          Toronto in the fall of 2010. As the facilitator for the journal club, I will choose appropriate articles
          based on clinical questions arising from daily practice to distribute to my colleagues to appraise.
          We would then meet to discuss the article using an appropriate appraisal tool to assess the
          article’s relevance to practice.

     B) Resources/Personnel to be used: (see pg. 17 Professional Portfolio and Learning Plan Guide)
          Course notes and assignments, course textbooks, online access to the library’s resources,
          colleague feedback, mentoring from course instructors.

Indicators of Success: How will I demonstrate or what is the evidence that I have
met my goal? (see pg. 17 Professional Portfolio and Learning Plan Guide)
Successful completion of the journal club sessions. Feedback from the participants informally and through
questionnaires. Ultimately, having the participants feeling more comfortable with their own critical
appraisal skills to implement in their daily practice would be an indicator that knowledge translation has

Target Date for Completion:
December 2011
Date: January 27, 2011
I.D. Number:

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