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									                      The Branches of Government CyberHunt

SOL CE.6 The student will demonstrate knowledge of American Constitutional government by
1) explaining the principle of separation of powers and the operation of checks and balances
2) describing the structure and powers of local, state and national governments.

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     Use this link to complete the first two columns of the Branches of Government Table below.
     Then click on Checks and Balances to complete the last column. Give one example of how each
      branch uses its checks and balances power.

Branch of           Job         Who are                    Checks and
  Gov’t                          they?                      Balances



The Legislative Branch

The House of Representatives

1. How many representatives are there in the House?

   What is the represented area of each state called?

2. Identify three qualifications one must meet to become a representative.




3. Find Richmond’s Representative in the House and write his name below.

The Senate

1. How many members make up the Senate?

2. Identify three qualifications Senators must meet.




3. Senators hold office for six years, and Representatives for two years. Look at the
    qualifications for both. Whose qualifications are harder to meet? Why do you think
    this is?
The Executive Branch

1. What is the duty of the president?

2. How is the president’s job different from a representative or senator?

3. Identify three roles of the president:




4. If the president dies or is unable to carry out his or her job, who becomes the new

The Judicial Branch

1. What is the Judicial Branch responsible for?

2. The court interprets law based on the                         .

3. The Constitution is called a “living document.” What does this mean? Give two topics
    relevant to today’s society that aren’t mentioned in the Constitution.

4. How long do Supreme Court Justices hold their positions? Why is this so?
5. Who nominates a Supreme Court Judge to a position?

     Who confirms the nomination?

      This is an example of checks and balances!!!

How Does the Government Affect YOU???

a. Click on the above link.
b. Click on Go To the Town.
c. Follow the instructions, then:

1. Identify one way the government affects:

     The media-



     Choice of your own:

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