Instructions for Downloading The NEW by 6hlc488


									                    Instructions for Downloading the NEW
                    CATALYST ActiveX Reporting Control
This instruction guide will step you through the process of installing the McKesson Medication
Management CATALYST ActiveX reporting control. This control is needed to run reports through
the McKesson Medication Management CATALYST reporting system. Please follow the steps

   Connect to the internet and open your Internet Explorer web browser
   Please go to the following link:
     Under the Graphic in the center of the screen you will see the following statement:

        Click HERE to download the NEW active X control. File size ~2M

       Click on the word “HERE” in the sentence to start your download.

       A file download dialog box will open.
         If the dialog box says: “Would you like to Open the file or save it to your computer?”
             Click Open
         If the dialog box says: “What would you like to do with this file?”
             Please select Run this program from its current location and click OK.
             Click Yes when it asks if you want to download the Seagate Crystal Active X control

   The installation program will run for a minute or two.
   You will then be prompted with “Welcome to the Viewers Setup Program” click Next to
   A message box will appear with “Netscape is not detected on this system, But Internet
    Explorer is present and the Crystal Report ActiveX viewer can be set up for this browser.
    Continue?” Click Yes.
   The program will install the ActiveX control on your PC.
   You will be prompted with “Setup Complete” click Finish to end the installation.

If you encounter any problems during this installation, please email

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