GoEco Fundraiser by bsN2jI5X


									Go Green with products made from our recycled juice pouches! Throughout the year, our
school has been collecting empty juice pouches and recycling them with Terra Cycle. To date,
we’ve collected more than 43,000 pouches! GoEco has reprocessed these bags into earth
friendly products including school supplies (think Back-to-School!), cleaning products, gifts,
toys, and more.

Visit www.dwellsmart.com/GoEco00089 to browse and purchase these eco-friendly products.
Products are delivered right to your door and James Monroe can earn up to 40% of the retail
price. Just think…those funds can be used to manage and maintain our school garden next
year! Remember to use our unique URL, www.dwellsmart.com/GoEco00089, to be sure
purchases are credited to our account and feel free to send the link to friends and family!

Check out some of these fantastic products made from our recycled trash!

       backpack                     homework folder                        lunchbox

       gardening gift set                                     gardening play set

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