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									                                  IEEE P802.15
                         Wireless Personal Area Networks

Project     IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs)

Title       IEEE802.15 WG minutes
Date        18 March, 2008
            [Pat Kinney]                               Voice:      [1.847.960.3715]
            [Kinney Consulting, LLC]                   Fax:        []
            [Chicago, IL]                              E-mail:     [pat.kinney@ieee.org]
Re:         802.15 Plenary Meeting in Vancouver

Abstract    IEEE 802.15 Working Group Minutes

Purpose     Official minutes of the Working Group Session

Notice      This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE P802.15. It is offered as a
            basis for discussion and is not binding on the contributing individual(s) or
            organization(s). The material in this document is subject to change in form and
            content after further study. The contributor(s) reserve(s) the right to add, amend or
            withdraw material contained herein.

Release     The contributor acknowledges and accepts that this contribution becomes the
            property of IEEE and may be made publicly available by P802.15.
                  IEEE 802.15 Plenary Meeting – Session #59
                      Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, Canada
                                  March 10, 2009

Monday, 9 March 2009
1:32 PM The chair, Bob Heile, called the meeting to order. There were
        approximately 100 attendees.
      The chair asked for new attendees to raise their hands; 12 were present.
         Social on Wednesday at the Fairmont hotel at 6:30 pm
         Chair asked for those interested in the 802.15 treasurer position to
            contact him

      Chair informed the group of, and displayed the IEEE-SA patent policy
      presentation slides 0-5 (http://standards.ieee.org/board/pat/pat-slideset.ppt).

      Chair displayed and read the standard IEEE Anti-Trust statement.

      Chair asked the participants who wished to declare a Letter of Assurance or
      to identify patent claim(s)/patent application claim(s) and/or the holder of
      patent claim(s)/patent application claim(s) that the participant believes may
      be essential for any of the ongoing activities within the 802.15 WG. There
      were no responses to this call.

      Rick Alfvin stated the information (IEEE 802.15-08/466r03) on registration
      requirements and the network information. Basic topics covered were:
             Registration requirements
             Network information
             Attendance sheets
             Voting Tokens
             Voting Rights
             Meeting Video Audio recording – not allowed

      802.15 Work Group Membership status:
          190 voting members
          54 nearly voters
    99 aspirants

Future Sessions
    10 – 15 May 2009, Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth, Montreal, Canada
    12 – 17 July 2009, Hyatt Regency San Francisco, CA
    20 – 25 Sept 2009, Hilton Waikoloa Village, Big Island, HI
    15 – 20 Nov 2009, Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, GA
    17 – 22 Jan 2010, Hyatt Regency, Garden Grove, CA
    14 – 19 Mar 2010, Caribe Royale Suites, Orlando, Fl
    16 – 21 May 2010, Shangri-La Beijing, Beijing, PRC

Chair presented the EC Meeting Report (IEEE 802.15-09-0167-00)

J Barr presented the Treasurer Report (IEEE 802.15-09/144r1)
   • Jan 18, 2009 - $226,793.36
    Mar, 09 - $227,101.55 in Wachovia
   • Additional funds remain in Face-to-Face Events account:
          • F2F ≈ $49,509 (Mar09)
   • Reserves:
          • Meeting Expense Reserve - $276,611
      LA attendance: 355
          • Net surplus $9,835

Chair asked to have the WG approve the agenda (document IEEE 15-09-
093-02-0000). Ben Rolfe moved to approve the agenda with Art Astrin
seconding the motion. Following neither discussion nor objection the
agenda was approved.

Art Astrin moved to approve the previous meeting minutes (document 15-
09-015-00-0000) and James Gilb seconded the motion. Following neither
discussion nor objection the minutes were approved. No matters resulting
from the previous minutes

Review 802.15 Objectives, activities, and plans for this session

Task group reports follow:

   Reed Fisher status on TG3c
              Looking for CA to be approved by 802.19
              LB49 comment resolution: 2 “no” votes, 6 comments
              Goal is to go to sponsor

         Pat Kinney gave TG4e goals for week (15-09-157-01)
             Hearing subgroup proposals
             TG4e decision on each: go forward, reconsider, cease efforts

         Mike McInnis gave TG4f (RFID) goals
            TRD and selection criteria

         P Beecher gave TG4g (SUN) (15-09-176-00)
             Hearing preliminary proposals and application presentations

         Arthur Astrin gave BAN TG6 review (15-09-149-01)
               • Hear preliminary proposals

         Eun Won gave TG7 goals
            Hearing presentations and working on technical requirements

         TerraHz IG by R Roberts
           2 presentations

              802.15.2 reaffirmation reviewed comments and noted that changes are
                  not allowed
2:47 PM The chair recessed the meeting

Wednesday, 11 March 2009
10:34 Bob Heile, WG chair called the meeting to order.
      WG Chair made announcements concerning social and logistics.
10:36 TG3c by Reed Fisher
       Chair sent out emails to the “no” voters requesting their responses but has
        had only 3 responses to date.
10:36 TG4c, TG4d, TG5 by B Heile
       No issues have been heard
10:37 TG4e by Pat Kinney
       Heard three subgroup reports, final three today
10:40 TG4f
       Added meeting slots for additional presentations
10:42 TG4g by Phil Beecher
       Hearing proposal presentations
10:46 TG6-BAN by Art Astrin
       Heard 11 proposals with 6 more today

10:48 TG7 by Eun Tae Won
         Hearing application presentations

10:49 P&P by Pat Kinney
       Received 3 offers for participation , need 3 – 4 more
       Will start conference calls after this session

10:52 WG chair recessed the meeting.

10:54 WG chair called meeting back to order
       Meeting on P&P revision was announced for PM2 Thursday

10:56 WG chair recessed the meeting until Thursday evening.
Thursday, 12 March 2009
18:34 WG chair called the meeting to order
      Chair reviewed the agenda.
18:36 802.18 report by J Barr (15-09-237-00-0000)
      Bluetooth liaison report by J Barr (15-09-216-00-0000)
      802.11n report by J Barr (15-09-232-00-0000)
19:03 TG3c closing report by Reed Fisher (15-09-0217-00-003c)
      Motion: that the 802.15 Work seek approval from the Executive Committee
      to start the Sponsor Ballot on draft Standard P802-15-3c-
      Moved by R Fisher
      Seconded by A Petrick
      Following no discussion the vote was taken with the results of 41/1/0,
      motion carries.
19:17 Closing report for TG4e by P Kinney (15-09-236-004e)
19:19 Closing report for TG4f by M McInnis (15-09-238-004f)
19:22 Closing report for TG4g by P Beecher (15-09-223-004g)
19:27 Closing report for TG6 by A Astrin (15-09-222-01-0006)
19:37 Closing report for TG7 by Eun Tae Won (15-09-242-00-0007)
19:41 TerraHz IG closing report by R Roberts (15-09-247-00-0thz)

19:44 SC31 liaison report by M McInnis (15-09-240-00-0000)

19:48 ZigBee liaison report by B Heile
       RF4CE has joined ZigBee Alliance
19:50 ISA100.11a liaison report by P Kinney

19:53 Motion: move that Clint Chaplin be appointed as 802.15 to 802.11 liaison
      moved by J Gilb and seconded by R Alfvin. Upon neither discussion nor
      opposition the motion carries

19:54 802.15.2 by B Heile
      Motion: Move to forward Std 802.15.2 reaffirmation to RevCom
       Moved by Art Astrin, seconded by P Beecher
       Following no discussion the vote was taken with the results of 37/0/0,
       motion carries.
19:59 Motion to adjourn was made R Alfvin seconded by A Astrin. Upon hearing
      no objection, the motion carries; the session is adjourned.

Annex A

175 Attendees
Last Name                 First Name
Alfvin,                   Richard
Astrin,                   Arthur
Bae,                      Taehan
Bahr,                     Michael
Banerjee,                 Kaberi
Barr,                     John
Basson,                   Gal
Batra,                    Anuj
Baykas,       Tuncer
Beecher,      Philip
Brubk,        Sverre
Buffington,   John
Bynam,        Kiran
Carson,       Pat
Cavage,       George
Chambelin,    Philippe
Chang,        Kuor-Hsin
Chaplin,      Clint
Chebbo,       Hind
Chen,         Tsan-Wen
Cheng,        Shih-Heng
Cho,          Chihong
Connell,      Ciaran
Cook,         Charles
Davenport,    Mr
De            Ruijter,
Dhaliwal,     Upkarjit
Ding,         Gang
Dixon,        Paul
Dolmans,      Guido
Dotlic,       Igor
Dugas,        Christophe
Eggert,       Dietmar
Enns,         Frederick
Farlow,       Charles
Farserotu,    John
Filippo,      Will
Fischbeck,    Jeffrey
Fisher,       Reed
Flammer,      George
Fukatsu,      Noriyasu
Fukui,        Kiyoshi
Funada,       Ryuhei
Gilb,         James
Goebel,       Uhland
Goodall,      David
Gottlib,      Elad
Hanlen,       Leif
Hara,         Shinsuke
Hart,         David
Heile,        Robert
Heo,          Jun
Hernandez,   Marco
Ho,          Jin-Meng
Hong,        Seungeun
Hong,        Wei
Howard,      David
Hughes,      Theresa
Hwang,       Jae
Hwang,       Jung-Hwan
Ikegami,     Tetsushi
Imamura,     Koji
Iso,         Akio
Jacob,       Martin
Jang,        Sung-Jeen
Jeong,       Wuncheol
Joo,         Seong-Soon
Kang,        Chol
Kang,        Tae-Gyu
Kang,        Noh-Gyoung
Kato,        Shuzo
Kim,         Chang
Kim,         Seong
Kim,         Dae
Kinney,      Patrick
Ko,          Young-Chai
Kohno,       Ryuji
Kondou,      Keitarou
Kuerner,     Thomas
Kwak,        Kyung
Kwon,        Hyoungjin
Kwon,        Ki
Kwon,        Hyukchoon
Kwon,        Youngmi
Lampe,       John
Lan,         Zhou
Le,          Khanh
Lee,         Cheolhyo
Lee,         Hyung
Lee,         Myung
Lewis,       Daniel
Li,          Liang
Li,          Changle
Li,          Huan-Bang
Lim,         Seung
Lim,         Sang-Kyu
Livneh,       Noam
Mao,          Wei
Martin,       Frederick
Mathew,       Abbie
Matsumoto,    Taisuke
Mccullough,   Jeff
Mcinnis,      Michael
Miniutti,     Dino
Monnerie,     Emmanuel
Moorti,       Rajendra
Myers,        Theodore
Ngo,          Chiu
Nishiyama,    Hirohito
Noda,         Makoto
Ono,          Ryoji
Park,         Kihong
Park,         Jungsoo
Park,         Seung-Hoon
Park,         Taejoon
Park,         Yong-Suk
Park,         Hyung-Il
Park,         Jahng
Patro,        Ranjeet
Petrick,      Albert
Petted,       Brian
Pokrajac,     Dalibor
Raab,         Jim
Rahman,       Mohammad
Rajagopal,    Sridhar
Ramasastry,   Jayaram
Rasno,        Adoule
Reznik,       Alex
Roberts,      Richard
Roh,          June
Rolfe,        Benjamin
Rouse,        John
Rousseaux,    Olivier
Ryu,          Seung-Moon
Sagan,        Didier
Sahinoglu,    Zafer
Sasaki,       Shigenobu
Sawada,       Hirokazu
Schmidt,      Michael
Schultz,      Donald
Schwoerer,     Jean
Seibert,       Cristina
Shah,          Kandarp
Shearer,       Steve
Shen,          Jie
Shimada,       Shusaku
Shin,          Chang
Smith,         Kendall
Son,           Jaeseung
Struik,        Rene
Sum,           Chin-Sean
Sungi,         Gu
Takahashi,     Kazuaki
Taylor,        Larry
Tomcik,        James
Tonnerre,      Arnaud
Toyoda,        Ichihiko
Tran,          Khanh
Ullah,         Sana
Van            Greunen,
Van            Puijenbroek,
Vlantis,       George
Walewski,      Joachim
Wang,          Quan
Wang,          Junyi
Weikel,        Scott
Whetten,       Frank
Wiklund,       Magnus
Winkel,        Ludwig
Won,           Yun-Jae
Won,           Eun
Yazdandoost,   Kamya
Yokoi,         Atsuya
Yoon,          Yang
Zhao,          Mu
Zhen,          Bin

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