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									France: Go Green
Program Information
School of Engineering and Technology

Location Details

       France is the largest European country in terms of land area after Russia and Ukraine.
       Marseille is the oldest city in France, founded in 600 BC by the Greeks.
       The famous French fish soup, Bouillabaisee, originated in Marseille.

Upcoming Session Dates
Summer 2011       May 22, 2011 to May 27, 2011

Program that looks at "Sustainable (Green) Practices in Businesses, Industries and other types of
Organizations in and around Marseille"


       IUPUI - Saturday, April 23, 2011*
       Marseille, France - May 22-27, 2011
       IUPUI - Saturday, July 23, 2011

*These dates are tentative; however, all days are mandatory attendance.

Academic Program

       This is an interdisciplinary course emphasizing sustainability, globalization and French
        culture. In this context, sustainability refers to design, engineering, manufacturing,
        technology and leadership processes implemented and maintained in industry and
        business for the purpose of being environmentally responsible, energy efficient, cost
        effective, and socially responsible.
       Students will have evenings, some late afternoons, and the weekend to explore Marseille
        and surrounding towns. An important part of this class is learning about the French
        culture. This time should be used for students to observe and mingle with French people
        to get a feel for the culture.
       Students will earn 3 credit hours in OLS 42300.
       Students will be given an option to add an additional 3 credit hours, OLS 39900 GO
        GREEN Research, by enrolling in an Independent Study Course during 2011 in Summer
        I. The Independent Study Course will be designed to focus on a student's area of interest
       in a topic related to the GO GREEN course and to study this area further in depth. This
       option will give students the ability to take 6 full credit hours needed for financial aid
       purposes for summer enrollment awards.

The available coursework is particularly suited for, but not necessarily limited to, the following
academic interests: Business, Engineering and Technology, Environmental Studies/Science, and
Interior Design. However, this course is open to all IUPUI majors. There is no language

Additional Information

For more information please contact Professor Pat Fox: or 317-274-0807

All information is subject to change. This site is neither a contract nor an offer to make a
contract. The Office of International Affairs reserves the right to change or discontinue a
program at will. Please contact our office if you have a disability and need assistance or special

Housing Information

There are a number of housing options offered. There are hotels with various rates, participants
may wish to share rooms to reduce costs further, or participants may wish to make arrangements
with a local hostel. Further details are available on the Go Green website.

Program Eligibility

      All applicants must be at least sophomore in standing
      Cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
      Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university
      Program is open to all IUPUI and IU students, as well as students from other regionally
       accredited institutions, who enroll at IUPUI as a visiting student
      This program is also open to IU staff, faculty, alumni, and community members if space
       is available

Complete eligibility criteria and selection criteria are outlined within the Academic Policies and
Procedures of the Office of Study Abroad. Selection is based on maturity, seriousness of purpose,
and appropriateness of match between program and applicant. Students on academic or
disciplinary probation during program period are not eligible. Students must be at least 18 years
old to participate on an IUPUI Study Abroad Program.

Costs and Financial Aid
Summer 2011

      Program fee: $400 (includes insurance, local travel, materials and welcome dinner).
      Study Abroad administrative fee: $75 (fee posted to your bursar account)
      Airfare: $1,200 - approximate
      Room & board: $250 (Approximate for 6 nights)
      Meals: $150 (Approximate)
      Personal expenses: $200
      Total cost: $2,435 + standard tuition and fees

Costs will vary depending on the current exchange rate, airfare, and individual expenditures.
Estimate does not include tuition. For information on tuition cost visit the Finance and
Administration Office: Tuition fees will be
affected by your student status at IUPUI.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

      IUPUI scholarships, grants and loans are applicable to program costs. (Performance
       scholarships, Guaranteed Tuition certificates, fee courtesies, Indiana Higher Education
       Awards and awards to children of disabled veterans are not applicable.)
      Find general information about financial aid and links to additional scholarship
       opportunities here:

Application Information
Program Administration

This program is administered by the School of Engineering and Technology on the Indianapolis
campus. If this is not your campus, be aware that any program meetings or orientations may take
place here.

School of Engineering and Technology
799 W. Michigan Street Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 274-2533
Fax: (317) 274-4567

IU Students

Contact the program provider to apply.

Students from Other Universities

Contact the program provider to apply.

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