start an organics program for the 10 by 6hlc488


									                  Start an Organics Program for the 10/11 School Year

Here is an exciting opportunity for your school to ‘go green’ next year. As you may
know, this year over 20 Minneapolis schools began recycling their lunchroom waste and
restroom paper towels. Thanks to a grant from Hennepin County, we have the ability to
add ten schools to this program for the 10-11 school year. We hope you will consider
participating. Organics recycling has wonderful environmental benefits, saves the
district money, and provides students with a hands-on opportunity to participate in
environmental stewardship.

With the assistance of the grant, MPS will cover all the start up costs for the program
(bins, bags, signage) and pay for the weekly hauling. Participating schools must
designate a coordinator for the program and invest time in training kids and adults in
the building to participate. Check the Organics Coordinator Handbook, linked to the
organics webpage, to see step-by-step instructions for implementing a successful
Organics program. If you think your school may be interested in the program, please
contact for further information.


Mary Blitzer
MPS’ goes green’ intern

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