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					Student Timeline:
Disabled Students’ Allowance

Your Action                                              What Happens Next?                          How Long?

1    Fill out the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)        You receive a letter from Student
     form and send it to Student Finance England           Finance England asking you to arrange
     with a copy of your medical                           an Assessment of Needs                      2-3 weeks
     evidence/Educational Psychologist Report.
                                                           Not received?
     If you have difficulty filling out the form, the      Contact Student Finance England
     Disability Team will be happy to assist you.          0845 300 50 90

 2   You contact an Assessment Centre and                  The assessment centre will give you an
     arrange an appointment for your Assessment            appointment for your Assessment of
     of Needs. (Details of the Assessment Centres          Needs.                                     As soon as
     will be in the letter)                                                                             possible

                                                           You receive a draft
                                                           Assessment of Needs report.
3    You go to your Assessment of Needs
     appointment and discuss all elements of                                                               up to
     support.                                              Not received?                                3 weeks
                                                           Contact your Assessment Centre

                                                           You receive a letter from Student
                                                           Finance England approving your
4    Read the report carefully and sign it if you
                                                           Assessment of Needs and confirming
     agree, then send it back to your Assessment           payment of support.                             up to
     Centre. Book an appointment with the                                                               4 weeks
     Disability Team to discuss your report.               Not received?
                                                           Contact Student Finance England

                                                           You receive all equipment and other
                                                           support (e.g. study skills/note taker).
5    Take the approval letter to the Disability Team.
     Contact the supplier on your letter for delivery                                                      up to
     of equipment.                                         Not received? Contact your                   3 weeks
                                                           Disability Adviser

 Remember - contact Student Finance England & the Disability Team each academic year to renew your support.
 Remember - you can contact your Disability Adviser at anytime throughout your course with any queries.

Times are approximate based on usual                                                  Disability Team contacts:
circumstances during the busy periods                                                         Tel: 0207 919 7757

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