Minutes of Shawlands Academy PTC meeting 12th Sept 2011 7pm by bsN2jI5X


									Minutes of Shawlands Academy PTC meeting 12th Sept 2011 7pm

   1. Welcome and apologies. Present were Susan Lawson (minutes) Kevin Kane (Chair)
      Kathy Nicholson, Ann Grant, David Wylie, John Donnelly, Lindsay Hall, Lorna Durie,
      Peter Alexander, Tom Prentice, Marjorie Phillips, Cherif Merrouche, Tahir
      Mohammed, Paul Legemah, Diane Webster, Susan Haynes, Julie McKenzie.
      Apologies were received from Capt. Shafique, and Cherif would have to leave at
   2. Minutes from 13th June 2011. A point was clarified that emailing is still not set up to
      happen in SEMIS, but Susan should email Ann Harold to ask about this so we know
      when we can use it. Amended minutes accepted.
   3. Head Teacher’s Report.
          Uniform; there has been a good response with most 1st years wearing
          Staff: one extra principal FTE has been granted up to March 2012. There are 4
             admin staff now which is an improvement.
          Texas instruments have given calculators to the school.
          There are new trees and new step tiles at the front of the school, part of
             Shawlands Gate Project. The lighting designer and artists have been
             appointed and will work with 1st 3rd and 6th year students.
          SA has applied for funding to be a Scottish school of rugby.
          The D of E teachers would like 8 students to go for a Gold award, this would
             be the first time.
          SA will host a Young Enterprise event on 30th Sept, which other schools will
          4 students will go to Turkey in October as part of the Commenius link.
          A new Regio link between Marseille and Glasgow will focus on the topic of
             transition of (second language?) learners.
          SA has just received the International School Award for the 2 nd time/
          Results from exams were outstanding. This is despite the negative effect of
             the 4th year roll including pupils who registered but are no longer in the
             school (e.g. have moved away), an effect which can be taken into account
             from next year.
   4. Impact of Cuts. At present there is no negative impact but we will continue to
      monitor this. The library being taken under the wing of Glasgow Life has had the
      benefit of new books being supplied.
   5. Matters arising from last meeting
          David Miller has written to Kevin to say that he is reviewing the status of SA
             as a polling station, but there are no obvious alternatives. The outcome may
             be that part of the school will be used for polling, while keeping the school
             open at least for senior pupils.
          Website. Some present commented that it would be good for the website to
           have a new academic year feel. Mrs Grant said that Patrick McGrory is going
           to see if some 6th Year pupils would like to help with the running of the site.
          PTA Social Evening has not yet happened; 7th Oct was raised as a possible

6. Finance: Peter reported that as 25/08/11 the account balance was £2666.19,
    although about £150 is still to come off for Prizegiving Expenses. The new bench has
    now been paid for.
7. Shawlands Academy Mela. The following people volunteered to meet as a sub-
    committee to plan it further: Tahir Mohammed, Dianne Webster, Susan Haynes,
    Peter Alexander, David Wylie, Susan Lawson, along with Ann Grant. Tahir explained
    that a substantial financial outlay would be required, for example for buying all the
    food which would be sold at the Mela. Those present at the meeting agreed that up
    to £1000 of PTC funds could be used, hopefully less, and that the planning budget
    would be communicated to Kevin and Cherif as well as the subcommittee, during the
    planning process.
8. Correspondence:
         Kevin had received a questionnaire from SPTC (as part of Parents Voice)
            about school toilets which he thought others might also be interested to fill
            out. Susan to find out how they can access this.
         Susan had received an email from Alison Warden about meeting up to discuss
            Health and Well Being. So far a suitable date/time has not been found. Lorna
            Durie would also be interested to be in a discussion group.
9. AGM will be held on 10th October. A text reminder is to be sent out to parents, Susan
    to check that this happens with 2 weeks notice. Also we want to invite all councillors
    who relate to the School catchment area, Susan and Kevin to arrange. Peter to co-
    ordinate refreshments. Kevin, Cherif and Susan are happy to stand as office bearers
    again next year. Peter will be leaving us after the AGM, Tom Prentice is willing to
    stand as treasurer. Others may also put their names forward for these posts.
10. AOCB Susan to check that insurance has been renewed.
11. Dates of next meeting, AGM on 10th October, short PTC meeting to follow
    immediately after AGM, then Mon 14th Nov and Mon 12th Dec. Susan to apply for
    room lets.

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