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									                              PREPARATION                                                                       THE MAIN EVENT

★   Increase your fitness by setting a new goal in a sport you already             ★   Organise a fundraising event to show off your sporty side and donate the
                                                                                       money to Wheelpower (British Wheelchair Sport). An ideas pack and a
    participate in or work towards an Interest badge such as Sports or Outdoor
                                                                                       sponsorship form are also available – follow the links.
                                                                                   ★   Design a vehicle that can self-propel itself over a 100m course.
★   Make musical instruments from scrap and use them to create a unit opening
    ceremony.                                                                      ★   Invent a new Games or Paralympic sport. Send each idea into the “Dragons
                                                                                       Den” to decide which idea to play as a unit.
★   Bring in your teddy to use as a mascot or choose a member of your unit and
                                                                                   ★   Make the Olympic rings out of natural materials or a photo mosaic or a
    turn them into a mascot for a meeting.

★   Plan and prepare a meal for a sports person the night before their main        ★   Try and adapt a current sport to a Paralympic sport. What are the
    event. Think about the sport they take part in and which foods will give           additional considerations?
    the sports person the energy to do well in their event.
                                                                                   ★   Create a new game for the Guiding Games Fun Day using the following: a
                                                                                       beanbag, a hoop, a cup, a stick, a chair and some bells. Send your idea
★   Take part in a warm up routine based on the rules of Simon Says.
                                                                                       into the County Office by 31 July 2012 so that we can choose one to play
                                                                                       on 23 September 2012.
★   Find out which countries the Torch for the Games is travelling through to
    reach London. Find the countries on a map and find the flags for each          ★   Design your own unit sports kit for the Games. Think about the sport’s
    country.                                                                           needs.

★   Find out about the origins of the Torch for the Games – where does it start?   ★   Visit a team game as a unit outing.
    Make your own Torch. Can you make an edible torch?!
                                                                                   ★   Make your own Unit Mascot. What sort of things do you need to think about
                                                                                       when designing this? Have a discussion on how you could plan the making of
★   Make an advert for the Games or Paralympics – this can be a poster, tv             the mascot - where would make it, what would you put it on, how much
    advert, flyer, play or any other suitable media.                                   would it cost etc. Bring your unit mascot to the Fun Day.

★   What events were included in the Ancient Games? Give them a try!               ★   Research a female Paralympian and give a presentation about why you have
                                                                                       been inspired by that person.
★   If you could bring back an event from the Ancient Games which one would
    it be and why?                                                                 ★   Have a debate on the pros and cons of having just one Games accessible for
                                                                                       all. How would the sports work, which ones would not?
★   Find out what the Olympic rings mean.
                                                                                   ★   Keep a sports diary for a week. How did you get on - can you increase your
★   Mark on a world map of the venues for previous Games, Paralympics and              exercise by 20 minutes next week?
    Winter Games.
                                                                                   ★   Ask a local club or society that provides sports for the disabled to come in
★   There is an Olympic hymn - can you write a song, rap or poem for Go for            and talk to your unit.
    Gold including as many sports as possible?.

★   Wenlock and Mandeville are the mascots for the 2012 Games. Find out            ★   Hold a sports evening at your meeting place and try to complete as many
    about the mascots used in previous Games – Summer or Winter                        events as possible in your hall / field.

★    Tell your unit or a peer group about your greatest achievement and what
     inspired you to achieve it.

★    Extend the Games’ spirit of friendship and find out about Guiding in the
     Country to host the next Summer or Winter Games and Paralympics.

★    Share how you use the Paralympics ideals of Courage, Determination,
     Inspiration and Equality in your unit.                                                     Go For Gold Challenge
★    Hold a pampering evening in your unit to relax your muscles.
                                                                                    The following pages detail our Guiding Games Challenge which we hope you will
★    Practice a relaxation technique or invite someone in to your meeting to       take part in. Although there are suggested numbers of activities to complete, we
     show you how to relax properly.                                               hope you will embrace the challenge and be able to use this resource to introduce
                                                                                       the Games and Paralympics to your units across a half term/term, or as an
★    Write a press release on a sports evening your unit has held or a recent        opportunity to get together in your Divisions or Districts. Wheelpower (British
     sporting event.                                                               Wheelchair Sport) is doing an enormous amount to help us organise the Fun Day in
                                                                                    September and we would like to encourage as many of you as possible to help us
★    Make your own medals and design your own medal ceremony.
                                                                                           raise funds for this Charity to say thank you for all their assistance.
★    Write or draw a short story about the adventures of Mandeville and
     Wenlock after the Games. Other media such as cartoons or computer                   The challenge will lead us to our “Guiding Games Bucks Fun Day” on
     images may be used as appropriate.                                                  23rd September 2012 at Stoke Mandeville Stadium near Aylesbury.

★    Think about the facilities designed and built for this year’s Games. Hold a   There are 3 key areas - Preparation, The Main Event and Recovery Events we have
     group discussion about how you would like these facilities to be used after                                 entered you into are:
     the Games.

★    Is there a sport which you would like to see in the 2016 Games? Find out
     how you would propose the sport to the Organising Committee. In a small               Rainbows                   Brownies                  Guides
     group give a presentation about the chosen sport to the rest of your unit.            Triathlon                 Pentathlon                Heptathlon
     Hold a vote on which sport should be adopted.                                     one challenge from            one challenge            Two challenges
                                                                                          each section            from each section         from each section
                                                                                                                    plus two others           plus one other
Once you have completed your challenge, please order your badges by completing
         the attached order form and send it with your payment to the
      County Office. Please make cheques payable to Guide Association of
                               Buckinghamshire.                                                Senior Section                        Adults
                                                                                                 Decathlon                         Marathon
      Have fun and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at                  Three challenges from                26 hours spent
                 Stoke Mandeville Stadium in September 2012.                                each section plus one             orgainising events or
                                                                                                    other                    completing challenges

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