January 13 2008 Exec Board

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					                                    Collins Executive Board
                                       January 13, 2008

In attendance: Janet Hamilton, Andrew Hahn, Gretchen Sneegas, Emily Bloom-Carlin, Dan
Oates, Lauren Muskat, Erin McDaniel, Alison Howard, Joanna Powers, Erin Sheets, Julie Ponce,
Madeline Wolfe, Laura Jagla, Chelsea Merta, Ray Tennison

   A.) Office hours
   B.) Plans for the semester
       1.) Dan, Finance & BOEP Co-Chair
           a.) Website
           b.) Bios still needed from many—tonight would be good
           c.) BOEP will be doing lots of cool stuff; hopefully lots more programming in
               1.) Lincoln’s Birthday Party, a short course on paper airplanes
       2.) Lauren & Madeline, E-Force
               1.) Lightbulb exchange for desk lamps
               2.) Still working with IU & Sustainability
               3.) Outdoor recycling bins around the center, w/ Hilltop Recycling Center (the
                   money from recycled cans raises money for Hilltop, which funds their
                   programming this way)
       3.) Chelsea, Communication: Deadlines for Gnome News submissions will be Tuesday
           at 7:00
       4.) Julie, Community Involvement: Will continue working w/ Community Kitchen
       5.) Alison, Community Council—will be meeting Mondays at 4:00
       6.) Emily, AC-Currently a shake-up in coordinator positions; AC hopes to do more large
           programs this semester
       7.) Laura, IUSA
           a.) April 5—canoeing & leadership retreat through IU Outdoor Adventures; all
               would be paid for and transportation would be provided
       8.) Joanna, Sports & Rec
           a.) Welcome to new assistant, Erin Sheets
           b.) hopes to plan a climbing trip this semester
       9.) Janet, President
           a.) We have some people interested in election commissioner, VP BOG, president—
               need BOP candidates
           b.) Elections will be Tuesday March 4 or Wednesday March 5
           c.) Feedback forms
           d.) TVs/DVD players in floor lounges
           e.) Stapler (with staples, no less!) and hole punch in computer lab, securely affixed to
               something in the lab so that no wily office supply thieves will ruthlessly pilfer
           f.) More effective use of student money
       10.) Gretchen, VP BOP
           a.) Viennese Ball will be Feb. 16
        b.) Collinsfest planning is in the works
C.) Smoking ban issues
    1.) The posters which were put up showing the designated smoking areas for each center
        talk about said areas as part of a “temporary” phase in a transition to a smoke-free
        campus; no one really knows what “temporary” means. There is still no enforcement
        for this policy.
    2.) Ray: RAs are repetitively and diligently asking violators to move to the designated
        areas, with mixed success
D.) NRHH Retreat
    1.) One-day leadership retreat at Bradford Woods on January 26. Will be $10/person;
        Collins can foot the bill; talk to Ray if you’re interested.

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