*** HIGHEST PRIORITY *** by bsN2jI5X


									                                *** HIGHEST PRIORITY ***

March 10, 2003

TO:           All Program Directors

FROM:         Rob Christopher, Executive Director of McGaw
              Sharon Dooley, M.D., Associate Dean for GME

RE:           HIPAA and clinical training sites

cc:           All Clinical Chairs

We have just received an ultimatum by ACGME to have on file by April 14 HIPAA
agreements with each and every clinical site we use for resident and fellow training. It
is imperative that we receive from you a list of all clinical sites used for education in your
program, including county health clinics, community clinics, and non-McGaw hospitals.
Even if this is a very short experience like a one-week rotation, we need to know about
it. Please understand that if we are unable to get these agreements by April 14, we will
have to put a hold on residents or fellows rotating to sites for which there is no
agreement.        The ACGME has notified us that failure to comply will threaten
accreditation of all our programs.

Please respond immediately if possible with a list of sites and, ideally, the name and
number of an administrative contact at that site. Even if you do not use any non-McGaw
sites whatsoever, please respond. Even if you have a non-ACGME accredited
program, please still respond. It will be easiest for us if you reply electronically to
Beth Atkins, Rob Christopher’s secretary, at b-atkins@northwestern.edu Every day of
delay at this stage undermines our ability to meet the deadline.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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