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					                             Meeting Minutes
             S:\BBR\BBRS\AGENDA\2011 Agenda\01_January\BBRS Minutes January 11, 2011
A meeting of the Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) was held at 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, January
11, 2011 @ the Gardner Auditorium, MA State House, Boston, MA 02133.
Brian Gale, Chair– Building Official from a Town
Alexander MacLeod, Vice-Chair - Registered Architect
Rob Anderson (RA) -Chief of Inspections- Buildings
Richard Crowley (RC) -Building Trades
Kevin Gallagher (KG) -Head of a Local Fire Department
Gary Moccia (GM), - Registered Professional Engineer (Structural)
Douglas Semple (DS) -Building Official from a City
Harry Smith (HS) -One- and Two-Family Homebuilders
Timothee Rodrique (TR) – Designee for Steven Coan, State Fire Marshal, DFS
Jerry Ludwig (JL) -Registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical)
Stanley Shuman (SS) -General Contractor of Commercial/Industrial Buildings

Tom Riley (TMR), Don Finocchio (DF), Mike Guigli (MSG), and Todd Grossman (TG) from DPS were present
as well as others as indicated on the attendance sheet, which is on file at the Board. These minutes contain
some record of discussion but essentially just motions*, seconds, votes, and actions. Documents that were
either viewed or discussed at this meeting are listed below this table of minutes.
*Motion/Second/All (if unanimous BBRS vote)

                                              Old Business (OB) or Other
BG called the meeting to order. It was noted that public comment would be allowed on the 8th edition
Base Code Chapter 9 authority language only. After comment was heard on this topic the Dec. Public
Hearing was closed.
OB #1 Minutes BBRS approved the Dec 2010 meeting minutes as modified (TR, DS, All)                     1:04
OB #3 780 CMR: TG provided the BBRS with a summary of the code promulgation process and
guidance on considerations the BBRS should weigh when voting on each code proposal. BBRS
motions and approvals are found below.
   Because of board member time constraints two specific code change proposals were taken out of
2010_12_11_ R501.3_Fire_Protection_of_Floors_Rodrique.doc: Move to the next available public
hearing. (HS, DS, All) 1:26 p.m.
2010_12_12_ Appendix_BB_Stretch_Sprinkler_Code_Rodrique.doc: Move to next available Public
Hearing and likely no later than May 2011. (HS, RA, All) 1:37 p.m.
   Next up were the proposals that FPFP had recommendations for:
2010_12_1_ R314.2_Smoke_Detection_Systems_AFAA-NE.doc: Approve as submitted (RA, KG, All)
2010_12_2_ R314.2.1_Household_Fire_Alarm_Systems_AFAA-NE.doc: Deny (DS, GM, All) 1:47 p.m.
2010_12_3_ R314.4_Household_Fire_Alarm_Systems_AFAA-NE.doc: Deny (RA, DS, All) 1:48 p.m.
2010_12_4_ R315.3_Carbon_Monoxide_Detectors_AFAA-NE.doc: Approve as modified (DS, KG, All)
2010_12_5_ 403.6.1_Fire_service_access_elevator_Cote.pdf: No vote; approved at Dec 2010 meeting
2010_12_6_903.4.1_Alarm_Monitoring_Bigelow.doc: Deny (RA, GM, All) 1:51
2010_12_8_Chapter 9_Authority_FCAM.doc: Consists of three separate proposals as listed below.
               (a) Chapter 9 Authority: Table (DS, SM, All) 2:16 p.m.
               (b) Other Sleeping Areas: Approve as modified (TR, KG, All) 2:18 p.m.
                 (c) Smoke Proof Stair: Deny (DS, SM, All)
    Proposals then followed in order:
2010_12_7_3108_Wind_Data_Tower_Loading_Meacham.pdf: Table (TR, GM, All) 2:23 p.m.
2010_12_9_Appendix 115 AA_Boiler Requirements_Tyler.doc: Move to Public Hearing (TR, DS, All)
2010_12_10_Chapters 9 and 53 Sprinkler Antifreeze Exclusion_Haagensen.doc: Move to Public
Hearing with language modified to include “occupied areas” (TR, DS, All) 2:27 p.m.
2010_12_13_WFCM_110 MPH_ Guide_Checklist_ Liz Kovach.pdf: Approve as modified (DS, GM, All)
2010_12_14_ IRC comment, Flood resistant construction, ECarlson, final (2).doc: Approved as
modified as shown in file below. (GM, RA, All) 2:30 p.m.
2010_12_15_916.1_Low_Level_CO_Detectors_Roescher.doc: Table and issue FAQ or Interpretation as
applicable to clarify. (TR, RA, All) 2:40 p.m.
2010_12_16_31.11_Temp_Overnight_Shelters_DPS&DFS.doc: No vote; approved at Dec 2010 meeting
2010_12_17_801CMR 4.0_Fees_to_ ANF_Staff.doc: Approved as submitted (TR, RA, All) 2:42 p.m.
2010_12_18_ R301.2.1.1_Design_Wind_Speed_Edwards.doc: Deny (DS, RA, All)
2010_12_19_504.2_Height_Limitation_Option_2_Hastings.pdf: Move to Public Hearing (GM, SM, All)
2010_12_20_504.2_Height_Limitation_Option_1_Hastings.pdf: Deny (GM, SM, All) 2:45 p.m.
110 Regulation 5 Continuing Education Requirements for CSLs (subject name; not file name)
Approved as submitted (GM, TR, All) 2:48 p.m.
IRC 2009 Master File MA Amendments_08_06_2010_BBRS_Approved_485_12_23_2010.doc and IRC
comments final-revised, plus df comments, front end version, 10511.doc Approve as modified at this
Jan 11, 2011 BRS meeting and file with the Sec. of State ASAP (DS, GM, All) 4:21 p.m. Also, prior to
this vote BBRS discussion and vote was taken on amendment AJ102.3.1 with a motion to retain the
language as written (RC, SM, Approved with TR opposed) 4:03 p.m.
OB #2 Action Items from Previous BBRS Meetings
d. RA has sent out the BBRS letter to the BFPR on adoption of NFPA-1 as the MA Life Safety Code.
Other: BBRS approved a motion made by KG on behalf of the State Fire Marshal that the BBRS
encourages and appreciates the role of the fire services in the 780 CMR development process. (KG, TR,      3:04
                                         New Business (NB) or Other
NB #8: West Boylston Manufactured Building
RA gave an update and chronological history. Mrs. Chasse provided testimony as well. After some
discussion BBRS approved a motion for DPS to forward the file on the subject building to the AGO           4:23
consumer affairs division for a determination of whether or not action by that office against Signature
Builders or their TPIA is appropriate. (TR, KG, All)
NB #1: BBRS approved a motion to approve 91 New Construction Supervisor Licenses
between Dec 10, 2010 and Jan 6, 2011 (TR, KG, All)
NB #4: Manufactured Buildings and Mechanical Fastening Requirement:
BBRS approved a motion for an emergency amendment to the 7th edition One- and Two-Family Code              4:27
to require, effective Jan 13, 2011, mechanical fasteners for all ceiling gyp board installations.
NB #9: Existing Central Station and Master Boxes and when Building Permits are required.
TR provided some background on the subject and the BBRS discussed what type of work might
trigger the need for a building permit. TR will draft language for either an FAQ or BBRS
Interpretation and forward to Staff.
Other: The BBRS approved a motion made by RA on behalf of GM that the Sheet Metal Board delay
for 90 days the implementation of the sheet metal permit requirements, based on the fact that building
officials have not received training, have not been adequately notified, and therefore will not be ready
in Feb 2011 for this new process. (RA, SM, All)
BBRS approved a motion to adjourn (KG, TR, All)                                                            4:38
2010_12_1_ R314.2_Smoke_Detection_Systems_AFAA-NE.doc
2010_12_2_ R314.2.1_Household_Fire_Alarm_Systems_AFAA-NE.doc
2010_12_3_ R314.4_Household_Fire_Alarm_Systems_AFAA-NE.doc
2010_12_4_ R315.3_Carbon_Monoxide_Detectors_AFAA-NE.doc
2010_12_5_ 403.6.1_Fire_service_access_elevator_Cote.pdf
2010_12_8_Chapter 9_Authority_FCAM.doc
2010_12_9_Appendix 115 AA_Boiler Requirements_Tyler.doc
2010_12_10_Chapters 9 and 53 Sprinkler Antifreeze Exclusion_Haagensen.doc
2010_12_11_ R501.3_Fire_Protection_of_Floors_Rodrique.doc
2010_12_12_ Appendix_BB_Stretch_Sprinkler_Code_Rodrique.doc
2010_12_13_WFCM_110 MPH_ Guide_Checklist_ Liz Kovach.pdf
2010_12_14_ IRC comment, Flood resistant construction, ECarlson, final (2).doc
2010_12_17_801CMR 4.0_Fees_to_ ANF_Staff.doc
2010_12_18_ R301.2.1.1_Design_Wind_Speed_Edwards.doc
110 Regulation 5 Continuing Education Requirements for CSLs (subject name; not file name)
IRC 2009 Master File MA Amendments_08_06_2010_BBRS_Approved_485_12_23_2010.doc
IRC comments final-revised, plus df comments, front end version, 10511.doc
BBRS Jan 11, 2011 Meeting.pptx

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