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									The information regarding field trip opportunities at Shawnee Mission
East, Shawnee Mission North, Shawnee Mission Northwest, Shawnee
Mission South, and Shawnee Mission West is included in the following

Donations are accepted for tours at all schools, except Shawnee Mission
North, at $.50 per student payable to the school.

              Shawnee Mission East                pages 2-3

              Shawnee Mission North               page 4

              Shawnee Mission Northwest           pages 5-6

              Shawnee Mission South               pages 7-8

              Shawnee Mission West                page 9

                             WINTER and SPRING TOURS

                  ATTENTION ALL K - 4 TEACHERS
Nature Classroom TOURS
        The Students in Environmental Education I would like to share their studies with your
elementary students. Our classroom tour is conducted inside, so we can provide you with a great
break during the winter months. We have a curriculum designed for your students, so as you
cover animals with your students, our tour would make a great introductory activity or a
culminating one. Each talk will include a discussion of the characteristics of an animal group,
some interesting facts, a look at live examples, and a quick review. Taking our tour during the
winter is a great break, a great field trip, and a valuable education experience.

One of our highlights of our tour will be a visit with “Jackson” our African spurred tortoise.
Another highlight is sure to be a visit with "Aldo" our captive Great Horned Owl.

Your students will be divided into small groups and rotated through the following topics. Each
talk will be 8-10 minutes long depending on time available.

Fishes: Students will be asked what makes a fish different? An emphasis will be on the shark
and the native fish. They will study our aquarium display and see the jaw of a ten foot shark, as
well as several mounted fish. New this year students can pose in front of a life size painting of
the jaws of the fossil giant great white shark.

Amphibians: Frogs, toads, and salamanders to look at and talk about, including a marine
toad and The Brazilian “Pac Man” frog will fascinate your students.

Reptiles: Students will look at and handle live snakes and lizards.      Our king snakes are easy
to handle and our reptile collection is almost zoo quality.

Big Snakes: All students are excited about the hands on experience with our carpet python,

Arthropods:          Hermit crabs, crayfish and spiders really aren’t as creepy as you think If
they chose, students that hold our tarantula get a "I Held a Tarantula card".

Turtles: The attraction is on the study our pond turtles and our large tortoise to learn how
they have adapted to their environment.

Birds: We feature “Aldo” our great horned owl to emphasize the birds of prey, especially
hawks and owls. We also have doves, finches, parakeets and cockatiels to study.

Environment: Our focus is why we study the environment and how to improve it.                We
discuss recycling, car pooling and other ways to be good environmental citizens.

Mammals: The furry things that make good pets like our rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils,
hamsters, and ferrets start the conversation about the responsibilities of having a pet.

Hands on science is the best kind. Your student’s visit will include hands on experiences with a
               wide variety of animals, an experience they will not soon forget.

      The talks are given by high school juniors and seniors who are enrolled in the class
Environmental Education 1. They are enrolled because they want to learn more about nature and
                          share what they know with young children.

 We are offering our tours starting January 27th. Tours are Tuesday thru Friday. With our new
                 block schedule, the only time we can offer is 10 a.m. to noon.

                                       HOW MANY
 We utilize a large biology classroom, our animal room, prep room, entryway, and greenhouse.
          We can handle no more than 50 students and will give tours for as few as 25.

 S.M. East is located at 75th and Mission Road, if you will pull up to the front door we will have
                            students there to lead you to our classroom.

                             YOUR RESPONSIBILITY
The teacher’s responsibilities are limited to getting transportation, finding out about any special
 health problems such as allergies, make sure the students are in a learning frame of mind, and
                                providing name tags for students.

                                   HOW TO SIGN UP
  The best way to reserve a time is to e-mail jameslockard@smsd.org. Include the date desired,
                   grade, and number of students. You may call at 993-6736.

                          SHAWNEE MISSION NORTH
                         Environmental Education 2: School Visits

What:         SM North EE2 brings animals to grades K - 8 in order to educate and entertain
              students about the environment. We can prepare special programs or just do
              what we normally do – talk about animals!

Who:          US: A group of 3-6 EE2 students and approximately 15 animals.

              YOU: No limit on class size, as long as there is enough space.

When:         We typically travel between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., but earlier or later visits can be
              arranged. Please try to schedule visits at least two weeks in advance to give us
              time to prepare (see below).

Where:        We come to you!

How:          To schedule a visit, or if you have questions, contact Sarah Derks at noderks or
              call 913-993-5710 during the school day. If you e-mail include WHEN (date and
              time), WHERE (your school and grade), SPECIFICS (certain animals you want,
              special program if you want one, etc.), and any other information you think would
              be helpful.

Can students visit North?
             No. Our facilities are too small to accommodate visits.

What animals do you have?
            We have a variety of reptiles, amphibians and mammals. E-mail
            Sarah Derks for a complete list.

How long do the visits last?
             Visits usually last about half an hour, but we can make them longer or shorter if

Can EE2 come to a Science Night?
           Absolutely! Just be sure to plan in advance.

Can the students touch the animals?
             It depends on the animal. We like students to be hands-on during our
             presentation, but some animals are too dangerous or too fragile to be touched.
             We will try to let your students touch as many animals as possible.

                     SHAWNEE MISSION NORTHWEST
         Shawnee Mission Environmental Science Laboratory and Education Program

The students in Environmental Education at SMNW are dedicated in giving your students a
better understanding of their natural world. We offer a two part program. This includes a tour in
the outside laboratory where students are introduced to animals and plants in their natural
habitats. The program also allows students to be introduced to the different classes of animals
and their characteristics inside our classroom.

                      BY THE AGE OF THE STUDENTS.

                                  Outside Outdoor Lab
Shawnee Mission Northwest has 18 acres dedicated for the sole purpose of expanding the
science curriculum from the classroom to the natural world. Students will be able to experience
four different ecosystems (wetlands, deciduous forest, prairie and streams) while on a nature
tour. In each ecosystem your students will learn about abiotic and biotic factors that make the
environment work. Students will also be introduced to how humans are changing habitats of
plants and animals, while learning about ways to fix those problems. Tours can be tailored to
any science curriculum kindergarten through sixth grade. If there is a specific assignment you
would like to set up feel free to ask and we will accommodate your tour with the objectives you
would like meet. Tours run approximately 50 minutes.

                                   Inside Animal Tour
The Shawnee Mission Northwest animal tour consists of approximately 30 different types of
animals. Students will be divided into small groups and rotated through the different types of
classes of animals. Classes of animals available are mammals, reptiles, arthropods,
amphibians, Aves, fish and insects. Students will have the opportunity to listen, share their
knowledge, ask questions and touch the animals. Tours run approximately 50 minutes with
students visiting each animal station for 5-10 minutes.

                           Additional Information to Know
Where Is It?
      12701 West 67Th Street (Between Pflumm and Quivera)

Why Would I Want to Set Up a Tour?
     Hands on science is the best!!! Your student’s visit will include hands on experiences
     that they will not son forget.

When Are Tours Available For My Students?
     During the month of October, April and May

How Long Does a Tour Last?
     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Morning Tours can be scheduled from 9:00 to
     11:30. Other times can be made available to work with any schedule.

How Do I Set Up a Tour?
      Decide what day you desire --(have alternate dates in mind)
      Email stacyrobins@smsd.org and michealpisani@smsd.org or call 913-993-7322.
      Include date, name of school, grade of students, number of students, and how long
          you would like to visit our program.
      Please add any additional information you would like our students to focus on to help
          us meet the objectives for your students.

What Are My Responsibilities?
       Get a bus or transportation.
       Be sure that children are dressed for the weather and the terrain.
       Find out if and what student has special health problems.
       Be sure that students are in a learning frame of mind.
       It is a good idea to have name tags for your students.

What About Rain?
       Our guides can go out in any kind of weather your students can. We can conduct an
        indoor program if your group has less than 40 students.
       If it has rained recently, the outdoor area will be muddy, please have students where
        old shoes.

                        SHAWNEE MISSION SOUTH
                   Shawnee Mission Environmental Science Laboratory
                          Environmental Education Program


Teachers will allow students to choose two topics to attend, one first hour and one
second hour. There are a total of ten different activities to choose from. All age groups
are offered the same topics, however, different levels of sophistication will be used for
different ages. The groups can be as small as one or two but no larger than eight. It is
helpful if the students wear a name tag with their name and chosen activities on it.
Place a check under the activities you are interested in working with during hour one
and hour two. We work with a single school bus size group. It is best to use more
activities with fewer students in each.

              Please limit groups to 8 children or less per hour per activity.

School                        School Phone               Teacher

Total Number of Students                   Grade         Date Scheduled          /   /
(1 bus or less)

Check Time Coming             9:30 – 11:15 a.m.
                              12:00 – 1:45 p.m.

                               (a.m. tours only)

                        1st              2nd
             1.                                    Birds
             2.                                    Fish
             3.                                    Mammals
             4.                                    Microscopic Life
             5.                                    Pet Care
             6.                                    Insects & Spiders
             7.                                    Reptiles
             8.                                    Tracks
             9.                                    Nature Scavenger Hunt
             10.                                   Animal Homes

After the students are grouped, send this form by inter-school mail to P.J. Born (913-
993-7609/ pjborn@smsd.org ), South High School or mail to:
        5800 W. 107th Street
        Shawnee Mission, KS 66207

      Reserve a date to insure a time for your class!
SM south Environmental

                                         WHERE IS IT?

    We are located at South High School, 107th and Nall. We have a 22 acre tract of
    ground with areas of grass and woods. We also have a stream, a pond and an
    assortment of animals.

                              WHO ARE THE TOUR GUIDES?

    They are high school junior and seniors with a background in biology and special
    training as naturalists.

                            HOW LONG DOES A TOUR LAST?

    Morning tours are 9:30 – 11:15 a.m.
    Afternoon tours are 12:00 – 1:45 p.m.

                                HOW DO I SET UP A TOUR?

       1. Call first and reserve a date (913-993-7609). Decide what day you desire (have
          alternate dates in mind).
       2. Send in the reservation form. We need:
                 Name of school
                 Your name (or teacher in charge)
                 Number coming (maximum of 60)
                 School phone number

                           WHAT ARE MY RESPONSIBILITIES?

       1.   Get a bus or other transportation.
       2.   Be sure that the children are dressed for the weather and the terrain.
       3.   Find out if and what student has special health problems.
       4.   Be sure that students are in a learning frame of mind.

    Teachers may join any group they choose or take a break, but must be with their
    classes when we change class hours. It is helpful if students are wearing name tags
    showing their 1st and 2nd hour activity choices.

                                WHAT ABOUT RAIN?

    Our guides can go out in any kind of weather your students can.
    We can conduct an indoor program if your group has 40 or
    less students.

                       SHAWNEE MISSION WEST
                     ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION
                          TALKS AND TOURS
Schedule a tour of the West High School Outdoor Learning site, observe a variety of
animals, and learn about our role in the world’s future.

An additional opportunity during the spring semester may be selected. West students
will bring the learning to you with trunks of educational materials and lesson plans
centered on a variety of topics listed below.

      Elementary students will learn about:
                Ecosystems and interactions between organisms
                Reducing consumption and recycling
                Ecological impacts of everyday actions
                New ways of seeing nature and human needs

         Each presentation can range from 30 minutes to an hour and can include a
                   rotation between several stations and areas.
                                Small groups are preferred!
                  Teachers can choose from a variety of presentations.
                                 Target grade levels: 3-6

                Please contact Carl Halverson to set up details of group visits.

                                                      For more information
                                                      Carl Halverson
                                                      Phone: 913-993-8023
                                                      Email: carlhalverson@smsd.org


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