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									Gloucester High School                                                     DUE DATE : Sept. ___, 2012
2012-2013 School Year

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

I take great pleasure in welcoming your son/daughter into my classroom this year. I would like to take a moment
to request that we keep an ongoing communication link during this school year starting with this memo.

Success this year will be based on a fairly simple set of rules:
     Coming to school prepared each day is the most single critical indicator for success.
     Being attentive and participate while in class (without being disruptive).
     Attempt all homework assignments.
     Come after school for extra help, if and when problems become too challenging to do at home.

I will be available any time after school to speak with you or to meet with your child.
Immediately, after school, my schedule for each day will be as follows:
      Mondays (open to all students/parents…by appt.)
      Tuesdays (Departmental Meetings)…(open to parents after 3:30pm by appt.)
      Wednesdays (help for students)
      Thursdays (help for students)
      Fridays

Mondays and Tuesdays would be the best time for me to meet with parents/guardians. Please do not hesitate to
contact me at any time regarding your child. I’m available any afternoon until 4:30p.m. The best way to contact
me is via email:

Expectations for each student will be to bring the following to class each day:
    A 3-ring binder dedicated to math and the binder should be divided into three sections
           o Homework (15% of each quarter’s grade)
           o Tests & Quizzes
           o Class handouts and notes
    A pencil with an ERASER (believe it or not, sometimes they will make mistakes)
    A calculator with simple trigonometric functions

Expectations for each student who attends class will be three-fold:
    Be respectful of all members of the class
    Do not disrupt the class
    Come prepared each day to class

In closing, I’m looking forward to this year and hope that I can be a positive influence in your child’s success. I am
here for them. Each of them deserves the best educational experience that Gloucester has to offer and I will do
my best to meet that expectation.

Sincerely,                       Please sign and fill out questionnaire on the back of this memo.

G. Martinson
                                                  Parent Questionnaire

Student’s Name             Last Name: ________________________________ First Name: _________________

Parent/Guardian’s          Last Name: ________________________________ First Name: ________________

                           Last Name: ________________________________ First Name: _________________

Parent/Guardian’s Contact Telephone Numbers:

                           Home Phone #: ___________________________

                           Cell Phone #: _____________________________

                           Work Phone #: ___________________________ (will only use in an emergency or with your permission)

Parent/Guardian’s Email Address: ________________________________________
                                                         (Please print clearly)

Note to parents/guardians/students:

I have created a webpage whose main function will be to provide weekly classroom assignments so that both
parents/guardians and students can always be aware of each night’s assignments.
If you feel this would be a useful tool, please check one of the following: ____(yes) ____(no)


Not all students have great success in math and some are even terrified by having to take math. Understanding
this and hopefully attempting to eliminate this stress from your child’s daily routine, I will make the following
promise and guarantee to both you and to your child:
Every student who satisfies the following conditions WILL NOT fail in my classroom.
      EVERY homework assignment is done and handed in on the due date. I will NOT give credit for just
         answers (unless otherwise stipulated). I’m interested in seeing the student’s attempt and their work at
         solving the given assignment. This helps me to identify where the understanding/misunderstanding may
         exists. Not every problem has to be done, but at least attempted.
      Student comes in for extra help at least four times a quarter, if they are in jeopardy of failing or having
         difficulty in doing homework assignments for my class.
      Student is NOT a disruption in class.
      Student does NOT cut my class.
      And most importantly, student maintains the highest level of integrity regarding any assignment.

This is all it will take to minimally pass in my class. The logic is simple, but requires work. Keeping up with
homework assignments and participating in class will give the student some control over their ability to succeed
without the fear of failure. Every student deserves the opportunity to learn in a stress free environment.

After having read both pages of this memo, I ask that both the student and parent/guardian sign below and return
 this on the due date (see front of this memo). This is their first assignment and will be graded as their first quiz.
           Please contact me if there is anything you feel I can do to provide your child with a better learning environment.

_________________________________________                           ________________________________________
      Student’s Signature                                                Parent/Guardian Signature

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