Written Proposal is a document that offers to solve a by k966Xd




Written Proposal is a document that offers to solve a problem for a reader or group of
reader by providing specified goods and/or services at a specified cost or in exchange
for something else.

Sale function is an offer to exchange goods and/or services, it needs to be persuasive.

Technical function is an offer to do or to provide something for the reader or reader’s
organization, the description of what will be accomplished or provided needs to be clear
and complete.

Legal function is a promise to perform certain work ( usually in the form of a product or
service) in exchange for a specified reward, a proposal is often a legal document,
binding the writer to whatever terms are specified in it.

Short proposal - presented in letter or memo format, for example, are often called
letter proposals and memo proposals.

Long proposal - requiring heavy investment in preparation may be termed major or
detailed while brief proposals are called minor or brief.

Solicited proposal - is written in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP
will provide a description of the problem from the perspective of these requesting the
proposal. It will usually forth any specifications or special requirements believed
necessary for a solution to the problem.

Unsolicited proposal - is written to solve a problem perceived by the writer.

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