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Houston is famous for its attractions that have turned it into a tourist hotspot. One of the most important attractions is the Houston zoo that has on an average 1.6 million visitors each year. Located in the Hermann Park, Texas, it is the abode of nearly 5000 animals that accounts to about 900 species. Add to this is the wide variety of wild fauna that is found here.

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									                   Houston Zoo Coupons
Conservation projects include the Houston Toad, Wyoming toad, golden frog,
Komodo dragon, Red Panda, Chimney Swift and Clouded leopard.When selecting a
zoo or aquarium to visit, it's always a good idea to first consult the Association of
Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) website for a list of fully accredited, family-friendly
facilities near you.With Houston Zoo coupons you'll be able to visit exhibits like
the Reptile and the Amphibian Building, which has been around since 1960, with
over eighty exhibits that feature more than 300 specimens.The zoo also boasts over
900 birds in several different areas around the zoo.

There are some special exhibit at the Houston attraction that aren't available to
holiday visitors.The free admission also does not include any of the educational
programs, the miniature train or motorized scooter rentals.Plus your family will be
delighted by 5 other incredible, new and fresh Houston attractions that will edu-tain
them.You will need to bring two important things.Houston Zoo, you better get there
early, to avoid the big crowds. How It Works The card holder must present a valid
award letter along with a photo ID at the ticket booth to receive their tickets.

Another great exhibit is the Janice Suber McNair Asian Elephant Habitat which is
7000 square feet and features a look at the world of elephants and in the middle of
the zoo you can view all of the different species of primates that the zoo offers,
called the Worltham World of Primates.Don’t go bananas on me now.Also, the zoo
has an amazing aquarium with more than 1000 fish.Mary had a little rhino.It will
give you access to the exciting Houston Zoo and your choice of 5 other must-see
Houston attractions.Hey, why not bring along a baby sitter and then you and you’re
better half check out the 4-D Experience Theater.Space Center Houston Downtown
Aquarium Houston Museum of Natural Science The Children's Museum of Houston
George Historical Ranch The Health Museum If you miss out on the free visits,
getting the discount passes for the Houston Zoo is the best option.

The best part is that your Houston Citypass saves you nearly half off the regular
ticket price and lets you skip most ticket lines, leaving more time for your family to
enjoy, explore and experience lots of fantastic places in Houston.It’s a petting zoo
with a playground , small kids water park, aquarium, Asian Elephant Habitat, reptile
house, and even more.Tickets are only issued the day of the zoo visit.Here's
another way that you can obtain free admission to the Houston attraction. Check
out the African Forest exhibit that’s full of great African wildlife like the powerful
rhino or natures own gag comedian the chimpanzee.And here’s a secret tip that’s
sure to make your day; the zoo offers free admission to children under 2, active
military members along with their families, and for everyone else you get in free
the first Tuesday of every month.Discount Pass For The Houston Zoo A discount
pass for the zoo is the best bang for your buck.

Zoos are a popular source for family fun, but they can be quite pricey.Also, the
Children's Zoo allows kids to get up close and personal with some of the animals
such as goats, and domestic pets.Houston Zoo Coupons can definitely save you
an excellent deal of money inside your visit to zoo.The zoo is an accredited member
of the AZA and is part of their Species Survival Plan, which is a program for helping
to manage and conserve species that are housed in zoos in North America.

This exhibit also has a restaurant and a gift shop.A current award letter from
SNAPS (Texas food stamp program) A photo ID (Texas Drivers License or Texas
Department of Public Safety photo ID card) AdChoices There is a limit of 5 persons
per visit (2 adults/3 children living in the same household) and the Lone Star Card
holder must accompany their party.What's Not Free At The Zoo Don't expect to see
everything the zoo has to offer for free.You can save valuable time by purchasing
the Houston Citypass booklet online.

Free Admission For Families Receiving SNAPS If you are not able to round-up your
family on holidays to visit the zoo.So, be prepared to shell out a few bucks if you
really want the kids to see them.McGovern Children’s Zoo.Your kids are going to
love the John P.Spending the day within the Houston Zoo collectively together with
your family members is truly a great activity that might create many lengthy lasting
memories. However, there is no limit on the number of times you and your family
can visit the zoo using a SNAPS award letter.Nonetheless, these days every and
each and every dollar counts and also the expenditures of zoo admission, zoo
parking and snacks for the kids can really add up.You’ve never heard of 4-D?These
pages are designed to give quick access to some of the best zoo coupons, zoo
discounts and additional information to several of the most popular zoos across the
United States.If your family is currently a recipient of SNAPS via the Lone Star
Card, you can visit the Houston Zoo free any day of the week.

Houston Zoo Coupons and Houston Zoo Parking Coupons also as other discount
vouchers can generally be found in many numerous techniques that we'll be listing
beneath: Chamber of Commerce - Many occasions visiting, calling or even going to
your Nearby Chamber of Commerce internet website can help provide information
on acquiring Houston Zoo Coupons.The zoo is open from 9am to 7pm, with the
last people allowed in the gate at 6pm, except in the winter time, when the zoo is
open until 6pm, with the last groups allowed inside at 5pm.

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