The new number to contact the North Herts Police for all non emergencies including fly
tipping is 0845 33 00 222. Duncan Askew can still be contacted for local community issues                                              PRESTON
on 01462 425045. In the event of an emergency or if you witness a crime taking place please                                     Church & Village News
call 999.
                                                                                                                                    February 2006
Farmers who have experienced fly tipping on their land will be pleased to hear that NHDC          DATES TO REMEMBER
have approved a budget to provide free help to farmers with clearance. Please contact The         First Tues every month Church cleaning, 4pm
Waste Management Unit, NHDC, Tel 01462 474376.                                                    Sat 11th Feb           Albany Basset meet at the red Lion, 12pm
                                                                                                  Wed 15th Feb           PVS meeting, Linda Salmon’s, 8pm
PRESTON VILLAGE SOCIETY                                                                           Fri 24th Feb           Quiz night, Preston Primary School, 8pm
Our next meeting is at 8pm on Wednesday February 15 th at Linda Salmon’s, Hedgerow,               Sat 25th Feb           Preston School swimming, Hitchin baths from 6:30pm
Chequers Lane. Linda will be talking on her new Spring fabrics, and these evenings are            Thur 9th Mar           Coffee morning at Sue Rider, 10am
always especially enjoyable. So do try to join us.                                                Sun 12th Mar           Preston Trust AGM, Village Hall 11am
                                                                                                  Sat 18th Mar           Preston CC Dinner Dance
WEBSITE FOR WALKERS                                                                               Sun 28th May           Preston Gardens Open and Flower festival gives you all the information you need for the best walking in the
County. It also has details of guidebooks and pamphlets and where to get them.                    20th of the month is the deadline for the next month’s newsletter. Contact Lisa Chambers on
                                                                                                  434480 or The newsletter also available via the village
PRESTON CRICKET CLUB                                                                              website
Hi Everyone - I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and didn't overindulge
too much - I certainly did. Just thought we should "touch base" as it were, to tell of a few      PRESTON SCHOOL SWIMMING EVENING
things afoot at Preston Cricket Club.                                                             We have organised a private hire of Hitchin Swimming pool on Saturday 25 th February to
 Winter Nets – now By the time you read this we would have started our Winter Nets -             which everyone is welcome. Tickets are £5 per person or £15 for a family ticket for up to 5
  every Wednesday at 9pm, at The Priory School in Hitchin. As you know we are always on           people and includes swimming and refreshments. Come along with your family and friends
  the look out for new players, and what better way to spend a Wednesday evening than             and enjoy an hour of swimming and playing on the inflatables and assault course followed by
  smashing my rubbish half-volleys everywhere. If you do know of anyone at all - who may          a drink and biscuits in the cafeteria upstairs. Children under the age of 8 and weak swimmers
  be looking for a game, beer or both then please pass on my details.                             must be accompanied in the pool by an adult.
 Dinner & Dance - Saturday March 18th 2006 The Dinner and Dance Committee have been               Swimming         6.30pm until 7.30pm
  working very hard in the run up to March to organise this season's Doo - again, by the time      Refreshments 7.30pm until 8.30pm
  you read this ticket will probably be on sale - it was a fantastic club night last year, with   Tickets are available from the School Office on 451734 or Sarah Gill on 451975 or Mary
  more and more of the village getting tables up - something which needs to be encouraged.        Stoppard on 459883.
  Please keep your eyes peeled on the pub noticeboard or village green for ticket information.
 Ice Cricket World Cup Championships - Tallinn, Estonia - Friday 3rd March 2006 Yeah,            NORTH HERTS & DISTRICT CITIZEN’S ADVICE BUREAU
  we're still trying to work it out too! A Group of us from PCC are representing England in       Advice Line open Mon, Tues and Thurs, 1 to 4pm on 01462 622999. The new civil
  the Social Ice Cricket World Cup, to be held on a frozen lake in Tallinn, Estonia. It is a 1-   partnership legislation has made many changes which may not be obvious; one of these is the
  day knockout competition where we will be pitted against other sides from around the            effect on various benefits. Same sex couples, living together as if they are in civil
  world but primarily the UK. We are staying for 5 nights though just to make sure Tallinn        partnership, will now be treated as couples. This may cause some difficulties. Please contact
  will have enough of us! Losing is certainly not an option and we will be bringing back          us if you need help.
  acute hypothermia, broken necks and, of course, Glory. If someone could organise for our
  return an open-top bus, some tickertape, the Rocky music, Cheerleaders, etc - that would be     ALBANY BASSETS
  great.                                                                                          The Albany Bassets will be meeting at the Red Lion on Saturday 11 th February at 12pm
 New Players We are always looking to welcome new supporters, players, helpers, etc - so         before moving off from the green at 1pm. Please feel free to come and see the hounds off and
  please pass on my number to anyone that shows the slightest twitch of interest.                 follow on foot if you feel particularly energetic. For more details please contact Alison or
Cheers, Mark Waters - 01462 631322 / 077965 44683                                                 Jeremy on tel 432120 or
Come along on Thursday March 9th 2006 10am – 11.30am and enjoy a cup of coffee with                    Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to look after the Neighbourhood Watch
your friends in the peaceful surrounding of our library. There will also be a Nearly New Sale,          Scheme? Apparently there is not a great deal involved. It’s a liaison role between the police
Raffle, Tea/coffee and Home Made Cakes and Biscuits. All proceeds will go towards                       and the various village area representatives. If you are interested please call Richard Gill on
resident care.                                                                                          451975.
Notes for your dairy: Sue Ryder Care coffee mornings are the second Thursday in the month.
The Easter coffee morning will be Thursday April 13th                                                 PRESTON PARISH COUNCIL
For further information please contact Jo Hunt or Barbara Keen 01438 871427                           We have had notification that approval for a telephone mast to be erected has been given by
                                                                                                      North Herts District Council. This is a 20 metre lattice mast being put up by “Orange”
PRESTON GARDENS OPEN                                                                                  telephone network and will be situated near the reservoir at Poynders End.
Preston gardens open and flower festival will be on 28 th May 2006. If you feel able to open
your garden this year or help on the day please call Carolyn on 452220.                               We have arranged a meeting with Angela Forster from Countryside Management Services to
                                                                                                      investigate the possibility of making some improvements to The Spinney at Crunnells Green.
THE CHRISTOPHER WHALL EXHIBITION                                                                      This flanks both sides of the lane at Crunnells Green and at the moment has little
In 1900 Christopher Whall designed, for our own new St Martin’s church, the large East                regeneration of any species of trees or shrubs, mainly due to much of the elm succumbing to
window; which we have just had restored last Autumn. In 1905 he published a major                     Dutch Elm Disease and the canopy of trees creating a dark condition for the undergrowth to
reference book, titled ‘Stained Glass Work’. This is still referred to by present day designers.      grow. The fencing and hedging are also in poor condition. The woodland could be
                                                                                                      improved drastically and would encourage more wildlife and natural woodland plants to
The William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow, East London is holding an exhibition                       survive. We will update as and when we have more information.
celebrating the publication in 1905 of this reference book. Christopher Whall’s design, in
watercolours, of our East window is on display in this exhibition, alongside other designs,           JOB VACANCIE
cartoons, photographs and documents.                                                                  Book keeper / Administrative Assistant required for Store Promotions Ltd, suppliers of
                                                                                                      quality homewares; 15 hours per week (additional and flexible hours possible). For further
If any parishioners would like to visit this exhibition, do let Meta Reeves (456567) or Liz           information on position, contact Farren Sullivan on 01438 833278 or 07930 415730. Store
Hunter (433859) know. Meta is planning to visit it on Friday 3 rd February and Liz on                 Promotions Ltd, Tailor House, 63-65 High Street, Whitwell, Hertfordshire, SG4 8AH.
Tuesday 7th. Please do come and fill up our cars or bring you own! This is the first ever
exhibition of Christopher Whall’s work and the Curator will have done much careful
research for it. The exhibition closes on Saturday 11 th February.

 In year 6, as part of the National Curriculum, pupils take their cycling proficiency test.
  However it is obvious that many children are out and about on the roads long before this
  time. We are therefore investigating the possibility of running a ‘Road Safety Awareness’
  course for children in years 3 to 5. This will probably take place mid week in the East
  holidays over a few days, starting in an off-road environment and ending with supervised
  experience of riding on the road. It will be possible for the less confident ones to be
  involved in the first part of the course even if they do not feel able to progress to the roads.
  The course does not involve taking the proficiency test, as they will still do this when they
  get to year 6.

 Before we can commit to this course we need to get a feel for how many children are likely
 to want to attend. Could all those interested please call or e-mail Lisa Chambers on 434480,
 stating their child’s current ability and their availability over Easter (i.e. full or part course
 and 1st week, 2nd week or both). Thank you.

 The Trust’s AGM is to be held at 11am on Sunday 12th March in the Village Hall. Please
  come along and let us hear your views.
                             ST MARTIN'S CHURCH SERVICES
                                                                                                  The “February syndrome”, if I may so call it, also arises in our daily lives. We all face times
February                               SIDESMAN                    READER                         when there is not much in prospect apart from the routine of daily life. Holidays are too far
5th    No Service at St Martin’s.                                                                 away to be a current source of stimulation. This means that we are forced to rely upon our
       11am Communion Service at All Saints, St Paul’s Walden                                     own resources – always risky. For many people it is a time of solitude and sometimes of
12th   9.30am Village only             Mr Kellard                  Mrs Clare                      depression. The Christian church tries in its way to offer a meaningful understanding of life
                                                         (1 Cor. 9:24-27, RCL p. 487)             even when it is not very exciting. The God whose Incarnation we celebrated at Christmas is
19th   9.30am Village only             Mr Cole                     Mr Blockley                    still with us and, in spite of our doubts, remains with us.
                                                        (Colossians 1:15-20, RCLp. 499)
       11am At All Saints. Family Service                                                         Last month I referred to a new appointment for our neighbouring parishes of Lilley, Offley
26th   9.30am Village only             Mrs Sansom                  Mrs Blockley                   and Kings Walden. It is now announced that the new parish priest will be the Revd Terrance
                                                        (2 Cor. 4:3-6, RCL p. 502)                Bell who is coming from a post at Hampstead Parish Church in the Diocese of London. He
March                                                                                             will be licensed and installed on Monday 3rd April, probably at St Mary Magdalene’s, Offley
1st    8pm     At All Saints. Holy Communion with imposition of ashes Ash Wednesday               as that is where the new vicarage is. I am sure that we wish him every success for his new
3rd    2pm     Womens World Day of Prayer Service at Pirton                                       task and, together with his parishioners, breathe a sigh of relief that the diocese has at last got
5th    No Service at St Martin’s. 11am Communion Service at All Saints, St Paul’s Walden          things organised.
       6pm      At All Saints. Lent Evensong (Said) First of five Lenten addresses.
                “The Devil” Speaker: The Revd Ruth Lampard                                        May I draw your attention to our Lent Course for 2006. On the five Sundays of Lent we shall
                                                                                                  have a service of said Evensong at 6pm with a visiting speaker each week. The theme of the
If any sidesman or reader cannot make any of these dates, please try to find an alternative       course will be “The Power of Evil”. Full details are in the course leaflet at the back of the
                                                                                                  church. We hope that some of our friends from the Walden-Offa Group will join with us.
                  ST MARTIN'S CHURCH 120 CLUB
The winners of the January draw in the 2005/6 120 Club (£20 each) are:                            The liturgical calendar for February reminds that the 23 rd is the day upon which the life and
        No. 7 Mrs M Pugh                                                                          ministry of Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna in the second century, is remembered. The preserved
No. 27 Mr & Mrs J Skirrow                                                                         documents of the early church contain records of how this 86 year-old bishop was martyred in
No. 114 Mrs V A Vyvyan-Robinson                                                                   Rome because he refused to curse the Christ. He was threatened with being thrown to the
                                                                                                  lions but was spared that fate because the blood sports were finished for the day. He was, in
This is the last draw in the 2005/2006 120 Club. Tickets for 2006/2007will be
                                                                                                  fact, stabbed to death. There are many tales of martyrdom from those early years of the
distributed by St Martin's church committee members shortly. Tickets cost £18 for
                                                                                                  church but the story of Polycarp is particularly touching due to his advanced years and his
the year, with 3 prizes of £20 each month (the price has been increased by £2, the
                                                                                                  final words about refusing to blaspheme the God who saved him. Even if our February is a
first increase in 12 years). All proceeds (£1440 if all the tickets are sold) go to the
church general and fabric funds. If you are not a current member and would like to                bit dreary, his was much worse.
join please contact Richard Blockley (Lychgate House, tel. 457631).                               David Dewey, Parish Priest
                                                                                                                                     LENT LUNCHES 2006
                       FROM THE CHURCH REGISTERS                                                  The PCC has decided to change the previous pattern of Lent Lunches for this year in order to
3rd January. Burial of ashes of Jean Griffiths, age 82. Formerly of Norfolk.                      make the Christian observation of Lent more of a community activity.

                     A LETTER FROM OUR PARISH PRIEST                                              There will be a Coffee Morning and Bring & Buy sale on Wednesday 8 th March between 10
The Vicarage, Bendish Lane, Whitwell, SG4 8HX. Tel: 01438-871658                                  – 12pm in the Whitwell Village Hall. Any donations for the Bring & Buy sale will be
                                                                                                  gratefully received at the vicarage.
Dear Friends
It is often said that February is the worst month of the year because the weather is unpleasant   There will be Soup Lent Lunch on Wednesday 12th April between 12 –2.30pm also in the
and the mornings and evenings are dark. In addition, the festivities of Christmas and New         Whitwell Village Hall. The combined proceeds will be divided equally between Sue Ryder
Year are behind us and we are in for a long wait before the Spring makes things look brighter.    Care and the Whitwell Village Hall. Julia & David Dewy.
It is, in a way, a time of the year when there does not seem to be much to look forward to. In
the Christian calendar the penitential season of Lent begins as we move into March but we
must wait until early April for the great feast of Easter.

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