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             Improving the lives of women around the world by
             expanding access to screening technologies and
             working to eliminate cervical cancer

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        Cervical Cancer:
        A known cause, yet prevention restrained by access

                                 Cervical cancer has a single primary cause: human papillomavirus

The Cause                        Testing for high-risk types of HPV is proven to be very effective

                                 Intervene to remove abnormal cells before they become cancerous

                Cervical cancer is preventable because its cause is known

The Paradox     Still the No. 2 cause of cancer death among women worldwide

                300,000 women die of cervical cancer each year – 80% in developing countries

                   Improve access. Increase political will. Engage with partners.
The Challenge
                                       In countries around the world.

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       What Does it Take to Eliminate Cervical Cancer?

           A comprehensive approach to cervical cancer prevention:

                       HPV vaccination     Screening and
                        of young girls       treatment

The cause is known. The prevention tools are available. The challenge is access.

      For the sake of women everywhere, access needs to be improved.

                        QIAGEN is taking the lead.

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        QIAGEN Working to Expand Access to Preventive Tools

careHPV                     .

New HPV test customized
.                           Donation of 1.5 million      Comprehensive HPV
for low-resource settings   tests for developing world   prevention collaboration

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        What You Can Do to Help Eliminate Cervical Cancer

             Partnership required – No one can do this alone
      We need greater alignment among all partners to ensure sustainable progress

GlobeWomen from Companies, Governments and NGOs

 Educate yourself, staff and constituents about prevention
 Educate legislators and mobilize governments
 Encourage policies to support accessible prevention
 Assure that insurance plans cover screening/ vaccination
 Engage advocates and attract media attention
 Seek partners to host educational session, launch local
  pilots/demonstration projects

>300,000 lives per year depend on the outcome of our collective efforts

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Working Together We Can End Cervical Cancer

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