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					● The PEARL project is a global youth project created in order to get youth from all the world closer to news.
● Students from different high-schools from all over the world participate in the PEARL project, read, write and publish their compositions

over the network and in other media.
● The students receive assignments and articles they're supposed to read and answer. At the end of the training session the students receive a

Young Journalist certificate and publish their own material on a regular basis on the PEARL site and on other medias.
● To learn how to write
articles professionally;
● To get to know new

people from new places
around the world;
● To get a place to be

expressed in;
● To practice English.
● I believe we all joined the project in order to get
our voices heard, to get a “stage” for our opinions.
● Nowdays, when the Israeli propaganda is very

poor, it's very important to represent our country –
both the good sides and the bad ones. As the youth
of Israel we have got a lot of influence on the
people that would read what we are going to
express, so we have decided to take the lead and
represent our country in an appropriate way.
● We, as teenagers have already learnt: if you don't

express your opinions and thoughts – the world will
not change.
• During our study of journalistic writing, we’ve learned about
children’s rights and the students’ rights in Israel.
• We received many texts, fliers and read a lot of information

about our rights as children of the world and our rights as high
school students in Israel.
• Using the skills the Pearl program has given us, we wrote

articles about children’s and students’ rights. Some of the
articles were sent and even shown to the public by using them
as a part of the final English project.
• I believe that by studying about the children’s and the

students’ rights in Israel through the Pearl program, people
know now much more about their rights. Fellow students are
getting more interested in those topics, and the students who
participated in the program are the ones with the answers to

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