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The Institute for Global Ethics will take 6 young people (18-25) to Karlstad, Sweden in June, to
represent the UK and be part of the creation of a Global Youth Media Declaration. All flights,
accommodation and food are included.

World Summits are held every three years and provide a forum for producers, broadcasters and
regulators of media for children and other professionals and community leaders committed to the
improvement of quality media for children.

The objectives of World Summit on Media for Children and Youth are:

        To achieve a greater understanding of developments in children’s media around the
        To raise the status of children’s media.
        To draw to the attention of key players in broadcasting the importance of issues relating
         to children.
        To promote a charter of guiding principles in children’s media.
        To ensure the provision of programs for children will be guaranteed as the
         communication revolution proceeds.
        To assist in the developing world to provide opportunities for quality children’s media in
         the future.

Must be over 18 years of age, hold a valid passport and are free and able to travel to Sweden on
the 14- 18th of June. Entrants are also needed to attend Youth Council Meetings and trips within
the UK in the run up to the World Summit.

The Competition will open for entries at 00:00 on 13 January 2010 and will close at 08:00 on 8
February 2010. Entries received after this deadline will not be accepted.

Judging and Notification
Entries will be judged by the IGE team and the Youth-led Media Summit Steering Group
The Judges' decision is final and no discussion or correspondence can be entered into in respect
of their decision.
The Finalists will be notified by email by the end of February 2010

General Terms and Conditions
Entrants are responsible for informing the Committee of any changes to the information entered
on the entry form, in particular of any change of contact details at any time before the trip.
Entrants agree to take part in pre and post-competition publicity and work.

Copyright Permissions
By submitting images to the Competition, each Entrant confirms and warrants that:
they are the sole author of each Entry and that it is their original work;
they own the copyright and any other intellectual property rights
they have the permission of those pictured in the image (or, where the image shows any persons
under 18, the consent of their parent/guardian) for the usage rights required in the section on
licensing below and will indemnify the Committee against any claims made by any third parties in
respect of such infringement;
Copyright of each image is retained by its respective photographer.

Data Protection
Entrant’s details will be stored on the competition database for the purposes of the Competition.
By entering the Competition, Entrants agree that the organisers can collect, save and process the
personal data provided (the Data) for the sole purposes of the Competition and Celebrity Private

Institute for Global Ethics UK Trust

By entering the Competition you are deemed to accept the Rules of Entry

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