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									                                              Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              Networking Vendor Boosts Mobile Access,
                                              Security with Updated Messaging System

Overview                                      “Exchange Server 2007 lets our users work faster and
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Professional services—IT            more effectively regardless of location, and in the
                                              event of a disaster, we can get them back working
Customer Profile                              more quickly than before.”
Enterasys, based in Andover,
                                              Dan Wakefield, IT Operations Manager, Enterasys Networks
Massachusetts, provides its Secure
Networks solutions to ensure the integrity    Enterasys Networks, a global provider of Secure Networks solutions
and performance of IT services. Enterasys
has about 750 employees worldwide.            to enterprise customers across a range of industries, maintains
                                              offices in many countries and has a sales force that travels
Business Situation
Enterasys evaluated early beta releases of    constantly. To provide sales representatives and other mobile
Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 to            information workers with improved access to the corporate
determine if it could enhance e-mail access
for mobile workers while streamlining IT      messaging system, Enterasys became an early adopter of
tasks.                                        Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007. The deployment is expected to
Solution                                      deliver benefits to both users and the Enterasys IT department.
The firm became an early adopter of           These include easier and faster access to e-mail with the improved
Exchange Server 2007, using features like
the enhanced Outlook® Web Access, Edge        Outlook® Web Access, which can be used from any Web browser,
Transport, and greater e-mail compression     and Outlook Voice Access, which can be used from any phone. The
to improve messaging and streamline
management tasks.                             IT department also expects that Exchange Server 2007 will
                                              streamline tasks such as management of user lists of permitted e-
 Easier information access for mobile
                                              mail addresses and provide easier, faster backup and recovery of e-
  users                                       mail messages.
 Streamlined, lower-cost security
 Easier backup and recovery of e-mail
                                        Situation                                          To ensure the availability of its messaging
                                        Enterasys Networks offers a complete               infrastructure and to assist mobile and
                                        portfolio of network devices, including            remote employees in accessing their e-mail,
                                        switches, routers, and wireless access points,     the company’s IT staff continually evaluates
                                        with embedded support for corporate security       technologies to see if there are new solutions
                                        and management policies. Enterasys                 that can help the company in its worldwide
                                        solutions typically include three main             operations. As part of that effort, Enterasys
                                        components—a security-enabled                      began evaluating Microsoft® Exchange Server
                                        infrastructure, centralized command and            2007 in early 2006, when the messaging
                                        control, and advanced security applications.       software was still in the early development
                                        Enterasys, based in Andover, Massachusetts,
                                        is a global company with offices in Europe,        Solution
                                        Asia, and Latin America. The company has           Enterasys decided to become an early
                                        about 750 employees. Nearly half of them,          adopter of Exchange Server 2007 in order to
“We believe that Outlook                including sales employees and various              take advantage of several new and enhanced

Web Access 2007 is                      managers, work somewhere other than the
                                        company headquarters. Many of the
                                                                                           features, including better security options
                                                                                           and increased and easier access for mobile
going to give our mobile                company’s employees, especially sales              users. Exchange Server 2007 is being

employees much greater                  representatives, travel extensively.               deployed in conjunction with a migration from
                                                                                           the Microsoft Windows® XP operating system
flexibility to manage                   Because it is an information-intensive             to the Windows Vista™ Enterprise operating

their e-mail and                        company with a global workforce, Enterasys
                                        relies heavily on e-mail and other kinds of
                                                                                           system, and from Microsoft Office
                                                                                           Professional Edition 2003 to the 2007
calendars while they’re                 communication tools to service its clients.        release of the Microsoft Office system.

on the road.”                           Dan Wakefield, IT Operations Manager of
                                        Enterasys, says that maintaining the reliability   Enterasys began work on the Exchange
Dan Wakefield, IT Operations Manager,   of e-mail is critical to company operations.       Server deployment in mid-2006, developing a
Enterasys Networks                                                                         plan for a phased rollout of the software,
                                        “E-mail is a major component of our daily          which runs on the Windows Server® 2003
                                        jobs,” he says. “We get about 10,000               Enterprise Edition operating system and
                                        incoming e-mail messages daily and send            resides on a server at a data center in
                                        between 5,000 and 7,000 out. And those             Boston.
                                        numbers are after message traffic has been
                                        filtered for bogus e-mails.”                       Consultants from Microsoft Services assisted
                                                                                           Enterasys in implementing the initial rollout
                                        Enterasys has consolidated some of its             to almost 15 percent of the workforce
                                        operations. As a result, many employees are        (approximately 100 users). Half of the initial
                                        now telecommuting or using some kind of            users are IT staff members, and the rest are
                                        mobile connection to access network data.          information workers who are located around
                                        However, these connections are sometimes           the globe. The rest of the company will be
                                        unreliable and can be inefficient and costly to    migrated to Exchange Server 2007 when the
                                        support. Additionally, the IT department           software is released to market.
                                        sought ways to reduce or eliminate other
                                        tasks, such as managing lists for users that       The company is also working with Enabling
                                        determine which e-mails are permitted into         Technologies, a Microsoft Gold Certified
                                        the company network and which are blocked.         Partner, to integrate a Unified Messaging
                                       system that will be used on conjunction with      provides a rich experience very similar to the
                                       the company’s Avaya S8700 private branch          Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 messaging
                                       exchange (PBX) telephone system and               and collaboration client that they already use.
                                       Dialogic TIMG300DT1 gateway. Unified              Unified Messaging will help employees
                                       Messaging provides e-mail, voice mail, and        access their e-mail on the phone, helping
                                       fax services through Exchange Server 2007.        them to be more productive during times
                                       Enabling Technologies helped with a smooth        when they cannot use a keyboard-based
                                       transition by providing the expertise required    device to access e-mail, such as commuting
                                       for integrating the PBX and gateway               to and from the office.
                                       technologies with Exchange Server.
                                                                                         The IT department plans on taking advantage
                                       The Unified Messaging functionality will be       of built-in protection features, including the
                                       deployed to 85 users by mid-November              Edge Transport server role and services that
                                       2006. The remainder of the company should         block spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail)
                                       be able to use Unified Messaging by mid-          and viruses.
“Getting Exchange                      2007, says Rich Casselberry, Director of IT
Server 2007 up and                     Operations at Enterasys.                          The company also anticipates greater
                                                                                         manageability for its messaging system with
running was a quick                    George Thomas, System Administrator for           capabilities such as greater compression of
project—just a couple of               Enterasys, says the Exchange Server 2007          mail messages, which will streamline backup
                                       deployment has gone smoothly. “Getting            and recovery of e-mail messages.
days in the lab setting it             Exchange Server 2007 up and running was a
up, and a couple of                    quick project—just a couple of days in the lab    Easier Information Access for Mobile Users
                                       setting it up, and a couple of weeks preparing    Wakefield says the improved OWA client
weeks preparing                        production and rolling out,” he says.             software in Exchange Server 2007 greatly
production and rolling                                                                   enhances the ability of Enterasys users to
                                       Thomas and his colleagues use some of the         access their e-mail. Users have an improved
out.”                                  new administration and automation tools           experience of accessing e-mail over slow
George Thomas, System Administrator,   available in Exchange Server 2007, including      connections because the increased client
Enterasys Networks                     the Exchange Server Management Console.           caching in Exchange Server reduces server
                                       The console provides an improved graphical        roundtrips, thereby lowering bandwidth
                                       user interface for management tasks with a        usage.
                                       simplified navigation tree, along with
                                       management and troubleshooting tools. The         OWA 2007 also has a rich feature set that
                                       IT department also plans on using the new         provides Enterasys users with an experience
                                       Edge Transport server role to reduce both the     that is much more like their familiar desktop
                                       cost and management tasks associated with         Office Outlook client, including meeting
                                       operating antivirus software.                     scheduling, categories and flags, search
                                                                                         folders, and an out-of-office notification
                                       Benefits                                          capability. OWA 2007 uses WebReady
                                       IT staff members at Enterasys have already        Document Viewing to render Office
                                       seen great results and believe that when          documents in a Web browser window for easy
                                       Exchange Server 2007 is fully deployed, it will   reading, even if Office is not installed on the
                                       deliver a number of important benefits that       PC being used.
                                       will help both them and the company’s users.
                                       Mobile users benefit from the enhanced            Along with their sales personnel, Enterasys
                                       Outlook® Web Access (OWA) client, which           has many telecommuters and field personnel
who are also on the move a lot. “We believe       and from work each day. In the past, that was
that Outlook Web Access 2007 is going to          wasted time. With Unified Messaging through
give our mobile employees much greater            Exchange Server 2007, they can listen and
flexibility to manage their e-mail and            respond to e-mail while they are commuting,
calendars while they’re on the road,”             which frees up time when they are in the
Wakefield says. “With the better messaging        office. I use it myself on my Pocket PC phone,
functions in Exchange Server 2007, they           listening to my e-mail messages before I
won’t always need to boot up their laptops for    arrive at work.”
a connection back to headquarters. They can,
for example, easily use an airport Internet       Streamlined, Lower-Cost Security
kiosk while waiting to catch a plane.“            Enterasys is also planning on using the Edge
                                                  Transport server role, a feature new to
The company is also using the enhanced            Exchange Server 2007. This server role,
OWA to provide partners who are not on the        deployed at the network’s perimeter,
company network with Enterasys e-mail             supports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
addresses that they can access through OWA.       routing, provides anti-spam filtering
These addresses are easily managed by the         technologies, and supports antivirus
company’s Human Resources department,             extensibility.
eliminating the need for the IT department to
take on management of more users.                 The Microsoft Exchange EdgeSync Service in
                                                  Exchange Server 2007 publishes
Enterasys’s IT staff is already getting very      organization information to the Edge
positive feedback from initial users of the       Transport server for use in robust filtering,
mobile messaging capabilities in Exchange         which helps protect Enterasys
Server 2007.                                      communications. Communications between
                                                  the Edge Transport server and the internal
“For instance, we have a user who travels a       network in an Exchange Server 2007
lot, demonstrating our solutions across the       organization are encrypted by default. Edge
globe,” Wakefield says. “He is really excited     Transport also includes anti-spam
about the added functionality of OWA 2007         technologies that protect at many layers.
such as checking his e-mail from just about
any location, whether at Internet cafés,          Wakefield says, “There are cost savings by
airport kiosks, or in customer offices. He says   using the Edge Transport server for antivirus
it’s much more like working on the Outlook        and anti-spam functions, which means we
client in his office.”                            can replace our current third-party solution.”

Casselberry says that Unified Messaging will      The IT department may also take advantage
also be a big benefit to mobile users and field   of functionality between Exchange Server
representatives, giving them the ability to       2007 and Microsoft Office Outlook that
listen to e-mail messages over the phone          allows users to manage their own lists of e-
instead of needing a PC or other device to        mail addresses that are allowed through and
read e-mail.                                      those that are blocked. “This capability will
                                                  take a big load off the IT department,”
“Having voice access to Outlook e-mail is a       Wakefield says. “Enabling the users to do it
huge benefit,” says Casselberry. “Most of our     themselves will help free up four to six hours
employees at corporate headquarters spend         a week of IT staff time—time that can be used
30, 60, or even 90 minutes commuting to           for other projects.”
For More Information                                            Easier Backup and Recovery of E-Mail                   Microsoft Server Product Portfolio
For more information about Microsoft                            Enterasys expects additional administrative            For more information about the Microsoft
products and services, call the Microsoft                       benefits, including improved backup of e-mail          server product portfolio, go to:
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                          and reduced costs associated with message    
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                             storage.
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                                                                                For more information about Microsoft
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                        In Exchange Server 2007, backups can be                Exchange Server, go to:
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                      run against the copy of the production       
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in                         database on either the local server or passive
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in                          server node, lowering the impact on
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and                        production. With the enhanced compression
Canada, please contact your local                               of mail messages in Exchange Server 2007,
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information                     Enterasys mailboxes will be smaller than they
using the World Wide Web, go to:                                were with Exchange Server 2003. “We will                                               save in the amount of time it takes to back
                                                                up our e-mail to tape, as well as in restoring
For more information about Enabling                             messages,” Thomas says.
Technologies products and services, call
(800) 923-4310 or visit the Web site at:                        The Enterasys IT department is also                                        evaluating the possible use of Local
                                                                Continuous Replication, which increases the
For more information about Enterasys                            availability of messages by using continuous
Networks products and services, call                            replication of messaging data across multiple
(978) 684-1000 or visit the Web site at:                        disks on a single server. In the event of a disk                                               failure or data corruption, switching over to
                                                                the copy database provides a less costly and
                                                                less complex recovery solution for the

                                                                “Exchange Server 2007 lets our users work
                                                                faster and more effectively regardless of
                                                                location,” Wakefield says, “and in the event
                                                                of a disaster, we can get them back working
                                                                more quickly than before.”

                                                                 Software and Services                             Technologies
                                                                  Microsoft Server Product Portfolio                 Microsoft Outlook Web Access
                                                                   − Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
                                                                   − Windows Server 2003 Enterprise                Partners
                                                                     Edition                                          Enabling Technologies
                                                                  Microsoft Office
                                                                   − Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT

Document published November 2006

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