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									                                             Microsoft Customer Solution
                                             Financial Services Industry Case Study

                                             Merrill Lynch Creates Development
                                             Framework for Increased Productivity

                                             “It’s now easier for developers to work together and
Customer: Merrill Lynch
Web Site:
                                             do so quickly, without sacrificing quality or any
Customer Size: 63,100 employees              important aspects of the process, such as reporting.”
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Financial services—Capital         Kumar Vadaparty, Director, Global Wealth Management Technology, Merrill Lynch
                                             Merrill Lynch wanted to better support its application life cycle
Customer Profile
New York City–based Merrill Lynch is a
                                             management to increase developer productivity. It created a
leading wealth management, capital           process framework using tools such as Microsoft® Visual Studio®
markets, and advisory company, with
offices in 40 countries and total client
                                             Team System and WiX to automate processes and make it possible
assets of approximately U.S.$1.6 trillion.   for developers to use their choice of methodologies. With the new
Software and Services
                                             framework, Merrill Lynch can maintain its competitive advantage
 Microsoft Visual Studio                    by getting innovative solutions to business users more quickly.
  − Microsoft Visual Studio Team System
  − Microsoft Visual Studio Team System
  − Microsoft Visual Studio Team System      Business Needs                                    Framework. Those developers stay busy
    2008 Team Foundation Server              Merrill Lynch is a leader in the highly           providing hundreds of applications to
 Technologies
                                             competitive financial services industry, with     support large-scale business initiatives for
  − Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5             capital markets services, investment              various lines of business.
                                             banking and advisory services, wealth and
                                             investment management, insurance, and             To support its developers, Merrill Lynch
                                             related products and services. One of the         sought to standardize the ways in which its
                                             ways that Merrill Lynch sets itself apart from    developers handled the life cycle of the
                                             competitors is by providing superior tech-        firm’s application development process.
                                             nology tools to help its financial services       “Even though various groups wanted to use
                                             professionals do their jobs well.                 different development methodologies, they
                                                                                               needed to have a homogeneous way to
                                             To keep up with the business demand for IT        approach the entire process, from gathering
                                             tools, the Merrill Lynch Global Wealth            requirements to updating release dash-
For more information about other Microsoft   Management division employs more than             boards,” says Kumar Vadaparty, Director of
customer successes, please visit:
                                             500 software developers who specialize in         Global Wealth Management Technology for
                                             developing with the Microsoft® .NET               Merrill Lynch. “We wanted to heighten
developer productivity so that we could get                             with Visual Studio Team System 2008 to                  says Vadaparty. In addition, the firm has
tools to our business users more quickly. We                            quickly produce MSI packages.                           been able to greatly reduce the time that it
knew that doing so would ultimately have a                                                                                      takes to produce MSI packages. “We used
positive effect on the level of service that we                         Merrill Lynch completed its framework in                to have a team that manually wrote the
can offer to our clients.”                                              February 2008 and started to use it as a                templates necessary to produce MSIs, but
                                                                        basis for development projects at that time.            that process took days for each Web ser-
The firm decided to build a “process frame-                             In addition to using the framework to provide           vice component,” says Vadaparty. “With
work” to provide deep integration among the                             regular design and development function–                the new approach, we can use Visual
components and tools in the life cycle of an                            ality and building MSI packages, the firm is            Studio Team System 2008 to
application. The idea was to make it possible                           using it to automatically generate build                automatically generate an MSI package in
for different teams to use various methodo-                             processes, produce complete reports, and                a matter of minutes, all of which helps us
logies and yet provide a comprehensive view                             manage multiple releases through a                      speed application delivery.”
of progress to senior management.                                       customized dashboard that shows code
                                                                        releases in various stages. Developers can             Improved flexibility and teamwork. It’s now
Solution                                                                select from a range of methodologies—such               easier for Merrill Lynch developers to
Merrill Lynch began to create its process                               as Rational Unified Process, Microsoft                  accomplish their software development
framework in July 2007. The firm chose to                               Solutions Framework, and Scrum—and still                tasks because the framework makes
base the framework on Microsoft techno-                                 use the same firm-wide interface, because               collaboration so straightforward. They
logies, including Microsoft Visual Studio®                              the interface maps to each methodology.                 have standardized definitions of tasks,
Team System 2005. Merrill Lynch upgraded to                                                                                     and developers no longer require
Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 as                             The firm also plans to extend its framework.            specialized skill sets to do their work. “We
soon as it became available. “We opted to use                           For instance, it aims to add Microsoft                  used to need a group with special
Visual Studio Team System because of its                                Silverlight™ browser plug-in capabilities in            expertise to build MSI packages,” recalls
tightly integrated workflow, design, and                                2008 for more dynamic Web development.                  Vadaparty. “Now, those developers who
development capabilities,” says Vadaparty.                                                                                      are most familiar with the code can break
“We defined an ‘intermediate language’ of                               Benefits                                                it up into appropriate MSI packages
reports and artifacts and mapped different                              Merrill Lynch now has an integrated                     themselves, without having to wait for
methodologies to this intermediate                                      framework that supports developers as they              others to handle that task.”
representation.”                                                        build applications for business users.
                                                                        Comments Vadaparty: “We’re achieving                   Higher levels of service. Merrill Lynch is
The firm included Microsoft Visual Studio                               complete application life-cycle management,             better able to support its business
2008 Team Foundation Server in its                                      with an unprecedented range of coverage.                because it can produce more innovative
framework to foster collaboration among                                 Our developers can use whatever method-                 applications and more quickly get them
developers. “We used Team Foundation                                    ologies make them the most productive, and              into the hands of those who need them.
Server to establish a universal build type and                          yet we can keep a consistent, efficient                 “Because our productivity has increased
develop custom tasks—including pre- and                                 development process.”                                   and we’ve been able to enhance the
post-task activities—that are specific to our                                                                                   quality of our software, we can stay ahead
firm’s processes,” explains Vadaparty.                                     Faster project development. Merrill Lynch           in our industry,” says Vadaparty. “Provi-
                                                                            developers now have a more streamlined,             ding innovative, useful technology tools
Another key component of the framework is                                   automated way to produce applications,              helps us attract and retain top talent and
the Windows® Installer XML toolset (WiX),                                   which helps improve their time-to-market            helps them improve their level of service
which is open source software that is used to                               and reduce development costs. “It’s now             to clients, all of which keeps our share-
build Windows Installer (MSI) packages from                                 easier for developers to work together and          holders happy.”
an XML document. Merrill Lynch used WiX to                                  do so quickly, without sacrificing quality or
develop a custom tool that closely integrates                               any important aspects of the process,”

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

Document published June 2008

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