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									POLAR BEARS

 Why The Polar Bears
 Are Disappearing
Why Are The Polar Bears Dying?

   Polar bears are dieing because of global
   warming. In the next century experts say
   they are going to be extinct and the only
   ones left are going to be in zoo’s.
How Is Global Warming Killing
Polar Bears

  Global warming is melting all the ice
  caps. Polar bears can not find food
  like seals and fish because the ice is
  going away and the polar bears can
  not go out on ice burgs to get them
  to eat.
       Pictures To Show How Many
       Polar Bears Are Going To Be Left

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How Global Warming Works

This image shows how GW works.
Some scientist think that ice will move
farther away from the coast of countries
that boarder the Artic. Do you want this
to happen?
                 Important Words

Atmosphere- the mixture of gases that surrounds the planet.
Climate- the general weather conditions in a place.
Fossil Fuels- coal,oil,and natural gas, which have formed from
the remains of prehistoric plants and animals over millions of
Global Warming- the gradual rise in the world’s temperature.
Greenhouse Effect- the warming of Earth’s surface caused
when carbon dioxide and other gases trap heat from sun the
Predators- animals that live by hunting other animals for food.
        Wipe Out Year

Scientist say that in 2050 all polar
bears will be wiped out. Our grand
children will NEVER see a polar
bear, not even in a zoo. Maybe
before 2050 they maybe extinct.
Do you want that to happen?
                  Make A Change.

These are tips on how to help.

1.Plant a tree.
3.Stop watching t.v. and other things and go outside.
4.Take the plug out of the wall when you don’t use it
because it still uses electricity.
5.Ride a bike instead of a dirt bike and a golf cart …

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