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									                                                                                August 2012

Under the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future Plan introduced on 1 July an
equivalent carbon price now applies to synthetic greenhouse gases.

The price per tonne of synthetic greenhouse       also persist in the atmosphere for many years,
gas is based on the carbon price and the          in one case 3000 years or more.
global warming potential for each gas relative
to carbon dioxide.
                                                  Who is affected by these
Applying an equivalent carbon price to            changes?
synthetic greenhouse gases creates a
financial incentive to reduce emissions by        Importers of synthetic greenhouse gases,
placing a price tag on every tonne of synthetic   including importers of equipment containing
greenhouse gases.                                 these gases, are required to pay the
                                                  equivalent carbon price. While these gases
It encourages Australian consumers to             are currently not manufactured in Australia
consider purchasing products containing           any domestic manufacturer would be required
alternative gases and to take measures to         to pay the equivalent carbon price.
reduce leakage of gas from equipment. It also
provides an incentive for industry to use
alternative gases and to improve recycling
                                                  How much will it cost
rates for these gases.                            consumers?
                                                  The impact on consumers is low as the
What are synthetic                                amount of these gases in consumer products
                                                  is generally small, with the synthetic
greenhouse gases?                                 greenhouse gas content being a small part of
Synthetic greenhouse gases are industrial         the overall cost of the product.
chemicals used mainly as refrigerant gases in
air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.     For example, the price of a domestic
They are also used for foam blowing, as           refrigerator may increase by around $4 and
propellants in specialty aerosol products and     the price of a new car may increase by around
in the pharmaceutical, fire protection and        $18 because of the synthetic greenhouse gas
electricity supply industries.                    contained in the air conditioner (if the full
                                                  amount of the equivalent carbon price is
These gases generally have high global            passed on to consumers).
warming potentials, in the range of 140 to
23,900 times that of carbon dioxide. They can
The government’s household assistance             Will the equivalent carbon
package has taken these impacts into account
                                                  price apply to all products
and ensures that two in three households
receive tax cuts or increased payments that       containing synthetic
cover their expected average price impact of      greenhouse gases?
both this measure and the other elements of
                                                  The equivalent carbon price applies to all
the carbon price.
                                                  products containing these gases subject to
Where alternatives are available, consumers       exemptions which may be provided where:
will be able to reduce their costs by choosing
                                                   the minister determines it would be
products that contain these alternatives. For
                                                    impractical to apply the equivalent carbon
example, certain brands of domestic
                                                    price to a product containing synthetic
refrigerators do not contain these gases.
                                                    greenhouse gas or

                                                   the product is for medical, veterinary, or
When does the equivalent
                                                    health or safety purposes.
carbon price commence?
                                                  The government will carefully consider the
The equivalent carbon price is part of the
                                                  impact on consumers of applying the
government’s Clean Energy Future Plan and
                                                  equivalent carbon price to certain items,
commenced on 1 July 2012.
                                                  particularly those critical for health or safety.

What products are affected by                     More information
the new arrangements?
                                                  For more information about the carbon price
Products which are likely to be affected by the   package visit the Clean Energy Future
changes include:                                  website:
 air conditioners (domestic, commercial and
                                                  For more information about the government’s
 refrigerators and freezers (domestic and
                                                  administration of synthetic greenhouse gases
                                                  go to
 specialty aerosol products                      www.environment.gov.au/atmosphere/
                                                  ozone/sgg or call the Department of
 fire protection equipment                       Sustainability, Environment, Water,
                                                  Population and Communities on
 high voltage electrical switchgear used by
                                                  1800 803 772.
  the electricity industry

 specialty solvents.

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