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									                   Popular Types of Pen Drives

The USB Pen Drive is an USB flash memory drive and can support up to 8 GB disc space. This
is 5600 times more than a 1.44 MB floppy disk. A USB flash drive is a plug and play device. It is
as easy as simply plugging into any USB port and the computer automatically detects it as
another removable drive.

This done, it is possible to read, write, copy, delete and move data from hard disk to the pen
drive and vice versa. It is also possible to play MP3 files, run applications, view videos or even
take high quality digital photos directly from the pen drive.

Pen drives support flash ROM (EEPROM) for Insystem Programming. Through USB port, it is
possible to change or update usb pen drive firmware anytime and anywhere. From security point
of view, the pen drive can be used as a key to valuable information on the hard disk drive-
without the key (the pen drive), the data is inaccessible.

The pen drive is very compact and easy to carry anywhere. It does not need any battery (for USB
port), does not need any software or cables and is compatible with IBM PC /desktop and laptop
computers with USB.

There are a variety of pen drives.

Pen Drive Professional:

It has a high performance flash memory stick (USB 2.0) and performs up to Read 20 MB/ write
20 MB-the fastest in the world. It has integrated LED indicator, Boot function and Write /Delete
Protection Switch with a weight of 22grams. The scope of supply includes a neck strip, USB
cable and software CD with device drivers.

USB Pen Drive Mini: This is much as same as that of Pen drive professional’s technical
specifications but comes with a key ring.

USB Pen Drive Micro: This has a security function with a shock resistance of 1000 grams

USB Pen Drive Compact: It is available with 16 MB to 1 GB capacity durable solid-state data
retention for at least 10 years with a weight of 20 grams.

USB Pen Drive HDD –2 GO: This has an ultra fast data transfer, compact and mobile light and
robust aluminum housing with an approximate weight of 55 grams.
USB Pen Drive Business Drive: This is a removable memory drive capable of storing up to 4
GB which is approximately equal to 2000 floppy disks. The pen drive business drive does not
need batteries or software or cable. Data transfer is 40 times faster which saves large files like
movies in seconds.

PEN Drive Ivo Fr: It is an integrated solution of MP3 player, USB Memory storage, FM radio
and digital audio recorder. It has the added advantage of using as a digital voice recorder.

Apart from these there are Pen drive MP3, Pendrive blue tooth and Pen drive camera.

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