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									                                              Kiwanis Club of Scottsbluff

                        August 1, 2011                                                     Volume 82, no. 10

              Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing
                     the world one child and one community at a time.

                                                                  MEMBER NEWS
Birthdays:                                                                          Greeters:
         August 10th :                  Doug Southard                                 August 4th:      Scott & Andy

Anniversaries:                                                                        August 11th:     Jeri & Loren
         August 2             :         Scott & Angela Haun                           August 18 :th
                                                                                                       Joy & Kevin
         August 4th           :         Doug & Kim Southard                                      th
                                        David & Linda Boeckner                        August 25 :      Steve & Doug
         August 22            :         Ladd & Sue Harrison                           **Notice there are only two greeters each
Please let me know if I ever miss a birthday or anniversary, so we can update our   week now – so please be there early on your
                                                                                    week to greet **

                                                   CLUB CALENDAR
  Mark your calendars:

            August       2nd              National Night Out
            August       3rd              Board Meeting
            August       11th-14th        Kiwanis District Convention – Colorado Springs
            August       17th             B.U.G.s Presentation to Longfellow Teachers
            August       22nd             Kiwanis After Hours – Steele Grill
            Oct. 1st                      New Kiwanis Year begins with New Officers!
                                     Thank you Jeri for July’s programs!

 Thursday, Aug. 4th :          Amanda Filipi, Wildcat Hill Visitor Center

 Thursday, Aug. 11th:          Steph Black, United Way, Day of Caring/Sharing and Campaign

 Thursday, Aug. 18th:          Karen Dunaven and Laura Winchell, Grace Camp

 Thursday, Aug. 25th:          Dave Ostdiek, Panhandle Station

                               *September Programs – TBD

                                  No one on my list so volunteer please! 

                                 SPONSORED PROGRAMS
Aktion Club – First United Methodist Church, 4th Monday of the month, 6:30 p.m.
A note from Ann Koehler, “Everyone loved the show and had a great time. Some club members even sang along
with the cast during some of the numbers. They really appreciated being able to go on stage for a group photo (we
just had to make sure that nobody was in front of Elvis!). It was a really special night for all of them.”

Key Club – Scottsbluff High School, Every Other Thursday, 11:30 a.m.–12:15 p.m.
No updates with summer break!

Builders Club – Gering Junior High
No updates with summer break!

                                        BOARD ACTION

                                  Board Meeting is August 3rd at the Elks.

       Pat has sent out quarterly bills. If you could get your payments made in
       a timely manner, we would appreciate it. If you need to discuss your bill
                 or payment, please contact Pat or Katie. Thank you!

                          Oregon Trail Days

                              Pie Sales
             Thanks to all who helped out!

                       SERVICE PROJECTS

       Picket Pick-up and Put-back
Thank you to all of you who rushed to save our pickets from
  the flood and then put them back – we appreciate you!

            (Your eyes are not deceiving you….that’s Bev…at 7:00 a.m.)
        Camp Scott
We will be grilling hamburgers on
       Thursday, July 14th
in the evening for the campers –
sign up with Kevin at a meeting!

     National Night Out
  Passing out bags at 5:00 p.m.
           on August 2nd!
    Meet in front of the old U.S. Bank

                               KIWANIS AFTER HOURS
                 Steele Grill –Monday, August 22 , 2011 @ 5:00 p.m.

               LUSCHE NOMINATION                          Annual Rocky Mountain
                                                            District Convention
         YOUNG CHILDREN - PRIORITY ONE                      August 11-14, 2011
                                                           Colorado Springs, Colorado
      Winner will be announced in September             Let Katie know if you have an interest in

                Membership Recognition – WHO is bringing in our new members???
                                October 2010 – September 2011
                        Get your name in the News (the Kiwanis news )
                           New Member                              My favorite Kiwanian
                           Raul Aguallo                            Darwin Skelton
                           Jeff Wolfe                              Darwin Skelton
                           Jed German                              Dan Charron
                           Jay Weitzel                             Pat Weitzel
                           Rev. Lauren Ekdahl                      Roger & Bev Russell
                           Andy Mendoza                            Charmaine Uhrig
                           Spencer McMurtry                        Susan Wiedeman
                           John Luchsinger                         Kevin Mooney

                   Get YOUR name on this list – the Who’s Who of Scottsbluff Kiwanis!

  2010-2011 Board of Directors                              FOUNDATION BOARD of DIRECTORS

President:           Katie Camacho                                         2010-2011
Pres. Elect:         Darwin Skelton
Vice Pres:           Jeri Goodman                        Jeff Reifschneider – Chair (13)
Treasurer:           Pat Weitzel                         Pat Wietzel - Treasurer (14)
Secretary:           Charmaine Uhrig                     Doug Southard – Secretary (11)
Past Pres:           Roger Russell                       Ron Moore (13)
                                                         Dan Charron (12)
Board members:                                           Kevin Mooney (11)
 Don Overman (12)       Melva Guard (11)
                                                         Roger Russell (14)
 Scott Haun (11)        Cinda Munoz (11)
 Bev Russell (10)       Joy McKay (11)
                                                         Darwin Skelton (11)
 Kevin Mooney (12)      Dan Charron (12)

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