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									A DIVISION OF HOLZER ENTERPRISES                   Joe Holzer, Eng, MBA prop   Supporting OpenEMR – a FREE Open-Source Practice Management Software

IDEA MAN                                         Helping Medical Practices Reduce Costs & Improve Processes
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Idea Man provides Install, Maintenance & Customization of OpenEMR in Windows for Stand-Alone, LAN & WAN

OpenEMR is a FREE software which has been developed by a global consortium of volunteers, and was designed for
Web Server usage in a Linux/Unix environment. Idea Man helped to port it successfully for use on Windows XP and
Vista computers as a stand-alone package, which means it can retain all the practice management in a single computer,
which is ideal for small practices, and especially for House Call practices like that of our first customer. ;-)

It can also be configured as a LAN or WAN server, and can be accessed with selectable authorizations using any number
of computers which have browser software, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. So even computers on the LAN
which are older OS’ like Windows 98 can access it, which maximizes your benefits at the lowest investment cost.

And with the use of VPN software and the Internet, authorized users can even access the same system from anywhere in
the world. That can allow vacationing Clinicians to still provide the level of care they are known for, and have the
information they need for all their patients, right at their fingertips from almost anywhere, while leaving the actual data
“at the office”, and therefore fully HIPAA secure. But you do not NEED the Internet to use OpenEMR.

Especially important is the fact that YOU have and hold all your patient and practice data, not some remote server whose
ownership (and prices) can change with the wind. There are no required costs for initial usage, beyond the cost of the
hardware required and the installation. You can self-train, or Idea Man can hold your hand through the entire process.
You can decide how much and how often to change the software, and even how the software is to work. You need not
know a thing about computers except how to turn them on and operate a mouse and keyboard. That is where Idea Man
comes in. We can install, maintain and modify the software to work in the most efficient way for YOUR practice, and
eliminate a lot of the excess steps which most canned packages require by the nature of their being designed to work
universally. And you pay us only for the services you wish us to provide.

And Idea Man can also provide anything from onsite to fully remote support anywhere in the world. Though we are
based in Central New York, the technology allows us to help users anywhere, as you will see we have in the OpenEMR
“forums”. Also, because it is open source, which means the software can be changed by anyone, all changes and
improvements made by anyone are published to the community via those “forums”, so can be adapted to your use if you
wish at only the cost of their install and test. And of course if you wish special proprietary revisions, those can be made
as well, at appropriate cost. One unique service we can provide is to have an RV in your parking lot where we train your
staff using your real system data, but remove them from the normal interruptions they would have in your office.

And as a member of CNY Professional Consultants Association, Idea Man conforms to the strictest ethical and
professional standards, even when we dress in shorts ;-) That also means we can suggest other resources who can help
with specific needs you may have for your practice which are beyond the scope of Idea Man services.

So give us a call. We will be happy to tell you how you can get independent information on OpenEMR or to discuss how
Idea Man can provide you real value at surprisingly low cost, at no obligation whatsoever. Look at our website to see
why our first customer will always be our most important, as you will be as well ;-)

Idea Man has managed multi-million dollar global projects for GE, Duracell, TRW, Kodak, Carrier and a number of
others, with strong emphasis on reliability, cost reduction and quality. Put that knowledge to work for YOUR practice.

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