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									                  Volunteer Application: Intensive Experience

We are glad that you are interested in joining the dynamic team of VE Global (VE) volunteers
and are looking forward to learning more about you!

Information about VE and the Intensive Experience program
You can find detailed information about VE and the work we are doing on our website:
For more detailed information about this program we would like to direct you to the
corresponding section of our website:

Basic Requirements
Please take a look over the basic requirements in order to be sure that you are eligible to
participate in our volunteer program.

      Age of 18 years or higher
      Ability to speak in English or Spanish at an upper-intermediate level or higher
      Minimum stay of 3 months (minimum of 6 months strongly recommended)
      Full time involvement in an institution (approx. 30 hrs/wk)
      Involvement in VE committees and program events (approx.10hrs/week)
      Participation in orientation week (March, September, June, or December)
      General volunteer meetings, every 2 weeks
      Participation in one weekend retreat (Jornada)
      Welcoming in the next class of volunteers!
      Criminal background check (upon acceptance)

Application Instructions
To ensure that you correctly fill out the application form, please be sure to download and
carefully read the Application Instructions:

The Application Form and further documents needed
The application form itself has six different sections that solicit a variety of information. The six
sections are:
Section 1:   Personal Information
Section 2:   Start Date and Duration
Section 3:   Spanish Abilities
Section 4:   Preferences and Interests
Section 5:   Skills and Experience
Section 6:   Short Essays

                 Information submitted on this form will be shared with the relevant partner
                               institutions and staff members of VE Global.
Please fill out these sections with honesty to aid us in our selection process, as well as to ensure
that you are placed in the most appropriate setting. Exaggeration may result in you being placed
in an environment that is not appropriately aligned with your strengths and interests.

Along with the application form, you will also need to send in:
   1. A CV or resume
   2. A signed letter of recommendation (can be scanned or mailed)
   3. The contact information for three references (one can be the same person who wrote the
      letter of recommendation)

Please take your time to fill out the application and compile the materials carefully!
Your completed application materials should be sent to

The Selection Process:
In order to begin processing your application we need to receive each of the above items. Once
we receive all your application materials, they will be reviewed by our Selection Process Team,
after which you may be invited to an interview. Once the interview is complete, the Executive
Director makes all final acceptance decisions.

Section 1: Personal Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
Email Address:

Home Address:
Zip/Postal Code:
Home Phone:

                Information submitted on this form will be shared with the relevant partner
                              institutions and staff members of VE Global.
Emergency Contact:
Name and relationship to you:
Zip/Postal Code:
Cell Phone:

Additional Information:
Marital Status (Single, Engaged, Married, Other):
Driver’s License #:
Occupation or year in school:

Physical or Emotional Health needs/Allergies/Dietary Requirements (Please specify):

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? If yes, please explain.
VE requires a criminal background check upon acceptance.

How did you hear about Voluntarios de la Esperanza?
__ Search Engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.)
__ Website (please specify):
__ Friend (please specify):
__ Other (please specify):

Section 2: Start Date and Duration

Volunteer Session (select one, or mark by preference):
___ March 2010 (Orientation begins March 1st)
___June 2010 (Orientation begins June 7th)
___September 2010 (Orientation begins September 6th)
___January 2011 (Orientation begins January 3rd)
___ May 2011(Orientation begins May 2nd)*1

Duration: Although volunteers can come for a minimum of three months*2, we highly
recommend that volunteers consider a stay of 6 months or longer.
___3 Months
___6 Months
___12 Months
___ More than 12 months
___ Other (please specify)
               Information submitted on this form will be shared with the relevant partner
                             institutions and staff members of VE Global.
If you are applying for a stay of less than six months, what factors have determined your
desired length of stay? What makes you feel that it is the appropriate amount of time?

*1 Note: VE changes its class system as of the year 2011. Instead of four classes a year (March, June,
September, December) there will be three classes a year (January, May, September)
*2 Note: with the change of the class system the minimum stay will be changed to four months instead of three
Section 3: Spanish Abilities

Please mark the appropriate level:
(All volunteers with intermediate or lower level Spanish are expected to take at least 30 hours of
a formal Spanish course within six months prior to arrival.)

___No Speaking Ability
___Beginner (Some class or other exposure)
___Low-Intermediate (basic grammar and vocabulary, basic conversation)
___Intermediate (good grammar/vocabulary, social conversation, good comprehension)
___Upper-Intermediate (strong grammar/vocabulary, clear expression of ideas)
___Advanced (Fluent or Native Speaker)

1. What classroom or other exposure (travel etc.) do you have to the Spanish language?

2. Describe your Spanish conversational ability.

3. What are you currently doing or planning to do to improve your Spanish?

4. Do you speak any other languages? Please indicate language and fluency.

                 Information submitted on this form will be shared with the relevant partner
                               institutions and staff members of VE Global.
Section 4: Preferences and Interests

Housing Preference (please number by preference):
___Volunteer Apartments (price varies, no food included, apartment shared with other VE
___VE-arranged shared apartment (price varies, housed with local non-volunteers)
___Host family (limited availability)
___Own Arrangement
___Residency (long-term hostel)

*When making housing placements, VE takes into account your preferences, proximity to work
location, and the size of your volunteer class. At any given time, these housing options may vary
depending on our current volunteers and room availability. VE will try its best to satisfy all
housing requests, though cannot guarantee every volunteer’s first choice. Regardless, VE
commits to finding one reasonably priced and reasonably comfortable housing option for all
incoming volunteers.

Volunteer Committees: Along with the responsibilities of the general volunteering position, VE
volunteers are also expected to work with a committee on specified projects. Below is a list of
VE committees; please number each committee in order of preference. Please refer to our
website for more information on each committee.

____Education Committee (Including our English and Reading programs)
____Arts and Sports Committee
____Volunteer Relations Committee
____Resource Development Committee

Section 5: Skills and Experience

Please mark any and all skills that apply:
__Web design                     __Teaching                                 __Outdoor/Nature
__Computer Skills                __Music                                    __Stick Shift Driver
__Woodworking                    __Fundraising/Grant                        __Conflict Management
__Carpentry                         Writing                                 __First Aid/CPR
__Construction                   __Project Management                       __Photography/Video
__Automotive Repair              __Administrative Skills                    __Training/Human
__Cooking                        __Acting                                   Resources
__Dance                          __Sports                                   __Peer Counseling

               Information submitted on this form will be shared with the relevant partner
                             institutions and staff members of VE Global.
Please use this space to elaborate on your selections or to mention any additional skills you
possess that you feel can contribute to the organization:

Relevant Experience:
1. Describe any previous volunteering experience:

2. Describe any experience you have had working with children and include their ages.

3. VE works with a diverse network of institutions ranging from well structured and funded to
   struggling and disordered. Describe your preferred work environment.

4. With which age group(s) of children do you feel most comfortable?
___ 0 – 2 years                                     ___ 10 – 14 years
___ 2 – 6 years                                     ___ 14 years or older
___ 6 – 10 years

5. Do you have any preference/experience to work with specific groups of children (gender,
   disabilities, behavioral issues etc.)?

Section 6: Short Essays

Please answer the following questions; we expect responses of approximately 250 words per

   1. What motivates you to serve children at social risk, particularly in Chile through VE?
      Why is now the right time for you to volunteer?

   2. What do you hope to accomplish in your time with VE in Chile? Please comment on your
      goals working with the children and the Chilean community as well as your personal
      development goals.

               Information submitted on this form will be shared with the relevant partner
                             institutions and staff members of VE Global.
3. Living in a foreign country can be very difficult, especially when faced with challenging
   and sometimes unexpected work situations. VE seeks volunteers able to handle the
   demanding volunteer experience both through their independence to take initiative when
   lacking support as well as being able to strongly contribute to a team. Explain with
   concrete examples how you are ready for this experience and what qualities and strengths
   you possess to help advance the mission of VE.

4. What is one of your weaknesses and what do you try to do to overcome it?

5. What is your favorite quote and why is it meaningful to you?

                          Thank you for your interest in VE Global!

           Information submitted on this form will be shared with the relevant partner
                         institutions and staff members of VE Global.

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