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									        OLIVER CROMWELL

 His grandfather was sheriff and a representative
in Parliament. His father Robert Cromwell had a
small estate and represented Huntingdon in
Parliament. Both his Father and grandfather
worked in the Court as well.
 Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntingdon
(Britain) on the 25th of April 1599 in the family of
rich landowners.

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was an
American printer, author, publisher and
scientist He was born in Boston, Massa-
chusetts on January, 17, 1706. His father
was a maker of soap and candles.
From his school days Benjamin Franklin
was greatly interested in science. In those
days Leyden made his famous jar and
Franklin very quickly understood that it
could keep electricity.
          MARY BARTON
John Barton was a weaver and lived with
his family in Manchester. He had a
daughter Mary and a son. The boy was
not strong and died in his childhood. John
Barton was out of work at that time and
could not buy good food for the child. John
Barton's wife did not live long after the
boy's death.
           JOHN HENRY
John Henry was a steel-driving man; a
famous Negro, a strong man and work-
hero. And he died with his hammer in his
hand; the 5-kilogram hammer (some say 6
kg) that flashed like gold when he worked.
The women came out from town when
John Henry worked to hear him sing and
the hammer ring.
              Harry Pollitt

 Harry Pollitt was the first General Secretary of
the Communist Party of Brit-ain. He was born in
1690 in the family of a poor Worker in
Lancashire. Very early the boy became a
boilermaker's apprentice. After work he attended
the evening classes four times a week where he
learned the theory of his trade. Harry edacated
himself by reading every book he could get. The
young man was interested in poetry and
            Benjamin Britten
Benjamin Britten was born in the county of Suffolk,
in November, 1913. His father was a dentist, and loved
music very much. Benjamin's mother played the piano
and sang. The friends of the family often came to the
house to make music in the evenings. When Benjamin
was five he be-gan to play the piano and compose
music. At school Benjamin worked hard at all subjects
but his favourite was music and he continued to write
songs. After leaving school Benjamin went to the Royal
Col-lege of Music where he studied for three years.
At 19 Benjamin Britten began to work as a musician for a
small film company, He wrote music for plays, songs for
         Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte, an English novelist of the
19th century. She was the daughter of a
poor clergyman. There were six children in
the family, five girls and one boy. Their
mother died when Charlotte was a very
small child. The girls were sent to a
charity-school which Charlotte Bronte
described later in her novel «Jane Eyre».
        Arthur Conan Doyle
 Arthur Conan Doyle was born in the
capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. His father,
Charles E. Doyle, was an artist and
architect by profession, but he worked as
a clerk in an office. The father died young
and the Doyle family was very poor.
Arthur’s mother was a very good story-
teller and her fantastic stories he
remembered all his life.
        Percy Bysshe Shelly

 Percy Bysshe Shelly came of an aristocratic
family, but already in his youth he was a fighter
for freedom. After finishing school. He went to
Oxford, but he was soon expelled from the
University after he had published a book ‘’A
Necessity of Atheism’’.
 When he was nineteen, he married a sixteen-
year-old girl Harriet Westbrook, the daughter of
an innkeeper. In order to protect her from her
 William Somerset Maugham

 William Somerset Maugham is one of the most
successful dramatists and short-story writers.
His father was an official at the British Embassy
in France and William spent his childhood in that
country. In his later life he also lived for long
periods there.
 In his youth Maugham wanted to become a
doctor, so he graduated from a medical college
and worked at a hospital in Lambeth.
         James Aldridge
 James Aldridge is a progressive English
writer. He was born in Australia but
received his education in England. He
began to work as a journalist when he was
He finished a pilot-school. During World
War II he was a newspaper reporter and
visited almost the fighting countries.
          Alfred Coppard

 Alfred Coppard is a representative of
critical realism in 20 century English
literature. He was born in the town of
Folkstone in the family of a poor tailor. In
1884 the family moved to Brighton where
the boy attended school. Alfred liked
drawing and music, so his father managed
to send him to an evening school of arts.

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