Youth Wrestling Tournament
       Spring, 2010
         BY: CODY BARRY
                                           Sat., March 20, 2010
                                                   Deadline: March 15
ALL WEIGH-INS 8:00-9:00                                    Albany R-III MS/HS                           Wrestling Starts at
                                                       101 West Jefferson
                                                       Albany, MO 64402

                     Awards: Medals for ALL places, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
     Pre-registration- $10.00     Walk-ins- $15.00
     Make checks payable to “Albany Youth Wrestling,” mail with registration to:
                                                                                                            Att. James Shoush
                                                                                                           Albany R-III MS/HS
                                                                                                            101 West Jefferson
                                                                                                            Albany, MO 64402
                               4 Man Round Robin Tournament Format
                                 th   th
     Divisions-(Senior)- 7 -8 (Junior)- 5TH-6TH (Midget)- 3RD- 4Th (Pee Wee)- 1ST-2ND (Super
     Pee Wee)- Pre K- K

                                       If you have any questions, please contact:

     Cody Barry- Albany R-III School                       James Shoust
     Phone: (660) 868-0024                  Phone: (660) 373-1627
     Anyone who is 15 years or in the 9th grade are not eligible. Pre K-6th grade matches will consist of 3-one minute
     periods (1-1-1) and 7th & 8th grade 1-one minute period and 2-two minute periods (1-2-2). In case of ties, a one
     minute sudden death over-time, first point scored wins. Headgear and singlet’s are optional. Anyone causing
     trouble or damaging the facilities will be ruled ineligible for the rest of the day, regardless of results at that point.
     Name:                                                  Age:            Grade:
     Address:                                               Approximate Weight
     We                      the parents of                        . Hereby consent that we
     understand that no insurance coverage is provided for my child and I hereby accept full
     responsibility for his/her behavior and participation. I hereby release Albany Youth Wrestling,
     Albany R-III School District, staff, and the volunteers for any liability from any accidents or
     injuries sustained by my child or us during the course of the Albany Youth Wrestling
     Tournament. If there are any accommodations we should be aware of. Please let us know at the
     time of registration on March 15, 2010. We certify that                              is
     years old.
     Parent/Guardian Signature:                                     Date:
March 1, 2010

                                 Youth Wrestling Tournament

Albany, MO – The coaches of the Albany Youth Wrestling Team, Cody Barry and James
Shoust is hosting the first annual youth wrestling tournament, on March 20th beginning at 8:00
a.m. The youth wrestlers will be participating in a round robin wrestling tournament from
opponents all across the state of Missouri. This tournament is being held to highlight all of the
improvements and skills that the wrestles have developed and one last weekend for the kids to
enjoy the sport of wrestling before the season comes to an end.

The tournament will be a round robin tournament with five different divisions, which contain
eight different weight classes per division. This tournament is developed to allow wrestlers to
have at least 5 matches to showcase their skills and gain experience on the mat. The top four
wrestlers from weight class will receive medals ranging from 1st place to 4th place.

The tournament will have wrestlers from surrounding schools such as: Albany, Stanberry,
Maryville, Bethany, Gallatin, Polo, South Holt, Savanna, Hamilton, Maysville, Cameron, Tarkio,
Rockport, and out of state schools from Iowa and Nebraska. It will start at 8:00 a.m. and will end
at approximately 5:00 p.m. Wrestling matches will consist of 1-one minute period and 2-two
minute periods (1-2-2). Incase of ties, a, one-minute sudden death over-time, first point scored
wins. Headgear and singlet’s are optional.

Contact: Cody Barry
Address: 1814 North Grand Apt. 3
City: Maryville, MO
Zip: 64468
Phone: 660-868-0024
                                 Parks & Recreation
                        Activity/Program Goals & Objectives

Use the following to assist you in designing measurable goals and objectives for your
activities/programs. Remember that these are used to evaluate the outcomes from your program.

    Goal: (Broad based statement of intent & summary of your outcomes)

    TO provide as much mat time as possible for participants.

    Objective 1:
           Who: Participants     What: mat time
           How: Wrestling        When: March 20, 2010
           Proficiency (To What Level) At least 5 wrestling matches
    Written Objective (MEASURABLE): Participants will wrestle at least 5 matches on March
    20, 2010.
                   Parks & Recreation Program Justification
Facility Requested: Albany R-III MS/HS Gym

Name of Program: Youth Wrestling Tournament

Program Description: Join us at the Albany High School for a round robin wrestling
competition for ages Pre K – 8th Graders. These young athletes will be putting their skills to the
test in a safe competitive environment.

Target Market: Ages 4-15

Marketing Plan: Flyers, Coaches, and word of mouth

Date of Program: March 20, 2010

Time of Program: 8:00 A.M.            Day(s) of Program: Saturday

Name of Instructor: Cody Barry and James Shoust

Address: 101 West Jefferson       City: Albany       Zip: 64402

Phone: (660) 868-0024       Email:

Pay per Hour: $0       Total Hours: 9 hours Total Payment: $0

Participant/Team:      Minimum: 20            Maximum: 100

Fees: Pre-registration: $10.00 Walk-ins: $15.00              Other: $10.00 T-shirts, $4.00
admission fee
Miscellaneous Expenses: $455.00

List Miscellaneous Expenses: Referees, Flyers, and Medals

Total Income:          $800 - $850            Registration Method(s): Flyer with Registration

Total Expenses: $455.00

Profit/Loss: $345 - $455              Registration Deadline: March 15, 2010

Comments: There will be 3 referees to officiate the wrestling tournament. Wrestlers will have
the option to wrestle in 5 different Divisions dictated by age and ability, which has 8 different
weight classes. The top four placers from each weight class will receive a medal at the end of
the day.
Program Description:

Youth Wrestling Tournament

Join us at the Albany High School for a round robin wrestling competition for ages Pre K – 8th
Graders. These young athletes will be putting their skills to the test in a safe competitive

Animation Plan- Timeline:
7:00-8:00: Fine Tuning on set up

8:00-9:00: Weigh-Ins

9:00- 10:00: Set up brackets

10:00-12:00: Rounds 1&2

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-3:00: Rounds 3&4

3:00-3:30: Break

3:30-4:30: Round 5

4:30-5:00: Hand out medals

5:00: Break down tournament

Plan B- Cancellation Plan:
      In case of facility scheduling conflict, program will relocate to the National Guard
       Armory gym at 203 East Daniel St. Albany, MO 64402.
      Stay tuned into 102.7 KANN Radio for rescheduling or cancelations.
Youth Wrestling Tournament
      Wheelchair – Wheelchair accessible building and gym
      Deaf – Interpreter
      Blind – Brail handouts to wrestler/family/coach

Risk Management:
Incase of emergency contact:

Athletic Director (Robert Guirtz)


Fire Escape Plan: Utilize nearest Exit
Tornado: Proceed to cafeteria or lower hallway
                                      Line Budget
    Store         Item #       Item        Cost Per Item   Quantity   Donations    Total Cost

 AD Trophy                    Medals          $1.50           160                   $240.00
   Officials                 Refferes          $70             3                    $210.00
  Marketing                   Flyers          $0.10            50                    $5.00
  Volunteers               14 Volunteers       $12          9 Hours   $1,512.00       $0
Equipment Use                  Mats           $100             2        $200          $0
Facility Rental                Gym            $150         10 Hours     $150          $0

                                                                      Total Cost    $455.00

Program Cost/ Benefit Breakdown

Youth Wrestling Tournament

3 Referees- $70 per Official
160 Medals- $1.50
50 Flyers- $.10 each
14 Volunteers- $12 each per hour
2 Wrestling Mats- $100 each
Facility Usage- $150

Total Cost of Program: $455.00
       Detailed Animation (Timeline) For Program
Secure Date & Facility- January 18, 2010

Referees- January 18, 2010

Brackets & Medals- January 25, 2010

       Order (better to have too many than not enough)
       Medal stand (have one? is it in good shape?)

Flyers- February 8, 2010

       Make flyers-
       Distribute Flyers- February 22, 2010

Volunteers- February 22, 2010
    Set up & break down- March 19-20th

           o Tables, chairs, and rugs
           o Mat tape
           o Mop, buckets, & Cleaner

       Concession stand (breakfast & lunch)- March 19-22nd

           o Set by shifts (1 hour long)
           o Food (decide what you are going to offer)
                  Breakfast & lunch
                          Biscuits & gravy, cinnamon rolls
                          Walking tacos, sloppy joes
                  Snack Food
                          Fruit, cookies, brownies
                  Drinks
                          Sports drinks & pop

       Clocks in working order-
           o People to work the clock
       Scorekeepers for each table-
       Towel Boys, Table Runners, Score Keepers, Gate Keepers
       Bracket room-
           o Setting up parings
           o Fill out brackets

       Table & workers for wrestlers-
          o Handle preregistered & walk ins
                             Program Evaluation

                     Youth Wrestling Tournament
                         March 20, 2010
 Please circle the appropriate choice to reflect your opinion of today’s program.

Did you find this tournament beneficial?

Strongly Agree   Agree    Somewhat Agree      Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree

Did this program meet your expectations?

Strongly Agree   Agree    Somewhat Agree      Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree

Would you recommend this to future wrestlers/parents?

Strongly Agree   Agree    Somewhat Agree      Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree

I found that the facilities and location of this program was held (space and layout of room,
equipment, adequacy of parking, personal comfort of room) to meet my standards.

Strongly Agree   Agree    Somewhat Agree      Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree

Comments and Concerns:

Contact Information:

Cody Barry
Phone: 1-660-868-0024

James Shoust
Phone: 1-660-373-1627

Robert Guirtz
Phone: 1-660-726-3378


Gavin Shoust
Dakota Johnson
Matt Carroll
Mike Tyson
Jr Anthony
Rodney Sornsen
Dusty Johnson
Jennifer Findley
Jove Stickle
Carter Gilispie
Tara Stoll
Ryan Jones
Colton Parkhurst
Logan Coleman

Concession Stand:

Wrestler’s parents

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