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					                                                                                                                       Rev. 7/6/2012

                             UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII - Department of Psychiatry
                                                  Email & User Account Application

1.    First Name:                                                  Last Name:

2.     The undersigned understands and agrees that:
      a. The DOP email user account is the property of the University of Hawaii, Department of Psychiatry, and will be
         removed upon termination of employment/relationship with the department.
      b. Email should primarily be used for business-related communication.
      c. Incidental personal communication is permitted, if it has a minimal effect on the organization’s network and
         resources, and is consistent with the standards of ethical conduct.
      d. The DOP email system is not encrypted. No sensitive information such as Protected Health Information (PHI)
         should be sent, forwarded, or stored in email.
      e. Email should not be used to intimidate or harass anyone. Inappropriate sexual, racial, or abusive messages are
         not tolerated.
      f. The DOP email system is not private. Do not email messages that you would not want seen in court, printed in the
         newspaper or read by your supervisor.
      g. Email should not be used for personal business, political lobbying, or campaigning.
      h. Email should not be used to distribute protected works such as copyrighted material, except for academic
         purposes that do not entail profiting from such distribution.
      i. The DOP provides 1000 MB of email storage capacity. Once this threshold is met, sending privileges will be
         denied. To resume sending privileges the user must archive or delete their emails until they are under the limit.

      Applicant Signature                                   Date

      DOP Faculty/Staff Signature                           Name (Please print)                   Date
                     Sections below to be completed by DOP Faculty/Staff:
5. Listservs – Check all that apply.
This is a partial list of the most commonly used listservs. Refer to the Outlook Global Address List for a full listing.
     All Residents Fellows                        ER/CL Faculty                           RSCH-PM
     API-Admin                                    Faculty                                 RSCH-Everyone
     API-Everyone                                 GenPsychResidents                       RSCH-RA
     API-GA                                       Psychiatry                              Triple Board Residents
     API-RA                                       MD Faculty                              UCERA Employees
     Child Compensated Faculty                    R1 (Resident Intern)
     Child Residents                              Research Council
     Clinical Leaders                             ROOM (Conf Room Reservation)
     Education Council                            RSCH-Admin
6. Shared Folder Access
                                          Read                                                                        Read
Folder:                                   Write                              Folder:                                  Write

                        Return completed form to Tim Unten, 1356 Lusitana Street, Room 423, Honolulu, HI 96813

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