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									          Employment, Training & Education Sub-Group
                     10th August 2011 at 10:00 – 11:30am
                           Farley Community Centre

Who came?
   Tracey Brennan – LBC                            Angela Amitrano – LBC - New
    Commissioning Manager (Chair)                    Horizons
   Roger Deards – Parent Carer                     Sarah Brown - LBC New Horizons
   Caroline Morgan – Job Centre Plus               Alan Fletcher - Luton Links
   Louise Peck-Cooper – Job Centre                 Kaz Allan – LBC Bramingham
    Plus                                            Janine Macey – LBC Bramingham
   Marilyn Orridge – Job Centre Plus               Nina Muurman – LBC Parent
   Allison Crampton - SEPT                          Partnership Officer
   Laura Oxley – LBC Adult Learning                Jane Cooke – LBC Transition
    Disability Team                                 Pauline Smith – St Alex LTD
   Diane Barton-Bates – Advocacy                   Minooe Beech –LBC Children
    Alliance                                         Services
   Kaleem Shafi – Advocacy Alliance                Lisa Burke - LBC New Horizons
   John Horan – Luton Rights                       Chanice Aebi - Morris – LBC
   Val Sheridan – LBC Commissioning                 (Minutes)
    Officer                                         Tereasa King – Luton Adult Ed
   Diane Walsh – LBC Commissioning

Cheryl Daniels, Bridget Moffatt, Kathy Bocutt, Declan Carroll, Judith Batson, Linda
Ambrose, Barnfield Representatives & Ian Hillsden

   Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed.

What was discussed?
Review of subgroup

Although there is currently a ‘Terms of reference’ for the Emp.Training + Ed Subgroup,
the Partnership board is seeking approval to restructure. It was agreed therefore that
‘Day opportunities’ is to replace ‘EMP Training & ED’ to then also incorporate alternative
social activities, including New Horizons & Day Care.

Action Plan

To be updated & circulated to attendees by 17/08/2011 for comments back to Bridget
prior to executive on 25/08/2011.
LUDUN update – LUDUN was a sheltered workshop located in Dunstable, following its
closure, SHAW Trust took on the customers working there, however none of the Luton
residents have secured alternative employment. 6 have been referred on to New
Horizons by Job Centre Plus.


In addition to the number of people with LD moving into employment (having increased
2% to 9%) currently the New Horizons service is still expanding to include the
development of skills in health & physical well-being; independent living & social
engagement. New Horizons is also working closely with several local social enterprises to
create employment opportunities for people with LD in Horticulture, Catering,
Warehouse Work + Retail.

Benefit system update

Louise Peck-Cooper – JCP, gave the group a brief overview of her services regarding the
process of the Incapacity Benefit Reassessment (attachment will be circulated). The work
choice program has key terms to try & get people in employment; in Oct 2010 there was
a trial was carried out in Lancaster & Ireland looking into capacity benefits - 1,700 cases
were reviewed with findings that:
 30% were found eligible to work
 32% did qualify for the ESA
 38% were found unfit to work
The reassessment process has reviews 11,000 people each week (global scale) sending
weekly letters until 2014. In 2008 patients were situated into 2 groups to help with work
focused interviews: - Support group (where the illness has a severe effect on the ability to
work long term) & Work related activity group (is where an eventual return to work is
achievable). The Luton team is based in Scotland, where they monitor weekly the
performance & progression.

Further to our meeting this morning please find below the links to the guidance around
permitted work for both Incapacity Benefit and Employment and Support Allowance.

Incapacity Benefit Customers

Employment and Support Allowance

D.O. Next Meeting

Will be holding 4 meets a year, with a 7 week window for feedback to executive. The
date of the next meeting is 11th October 2011 – 09:30 til 12:00 held at Farley
Community Centre. A forward plan of meeting dates for 2012 will be given in the next
few weeks

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