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Role and Background:
Max Nodder, B Eng, - Business Development Manager, Scanrope Susea Cables,
Responsible for marketing, sales, management of projects and procurement.

Scanrope Subsea cables is a global supplier of umbilicals and subsea power cables and
associated termination equipment to the offshore oil and gas industry, and the offshore wind
turbine industry.

Max has worked within a number of industries, and has spent the last 13 years working within
the Offshore Oil and Gas service industry with both ABB and Vetco Gray. Positions held
during this time include: Project Management, Production Management, Product
Management, and General Manager for ABB / Vetco Gray’s Down hole Technology division.

Key objectives:
    Strengthen the company’s and personal business network.
    Improve understanding of the customer’s organization, decision process and supplier
       expectations / requirements.
    Develop a broader understanding of the industries’ forthcoming requirements, to
       assist in aligning our business strategy
    Identify opportunities for enhancing contracting efficiencies.

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