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									Your local guide to fun, food & family life.     Autumn 2009 | Issue Twelve

Sutton Coldfield

  funky feet
  Professionally fitted footwear for little funky feet

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                                                                                   MON — FRI:
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2 Carlton House, Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield B75 5BS
Located next to Sainsbury’s | Call 0121 323 2308
                                                                                                                                                                     Issue 12
                                                                                                                                                                 Autumn 2009

A    utumn is coming like a speeding
     train. The leaves are turning to
shades of gold and burnt amber, and the
                                                                                                  Autumn also brings darkness to the skies by 5pm,
                                                                                               allowing little ones to be tucked into bed at a much
                                                                                               more appropriate time. Since young children cannot tell
                                                                                               time, they depend largely on what the sky tells them.
chill in the air makes it clear that winter
                                                                                               Daylight is playtime, darkness is bedtime, hooray!
is indeed on its way. (My husband might
                                                                                                   So what have we got in store for you this issue?
even let me put the heating on.)
                                                                                                  We have top tips on creating a healthy and exciting
  Autumn brings with it one of my favourite occasions.
                                                                                               lunch box, follow the diaries of our new inspirational,
Halloween. Living on a family housing development,
                                                                                               breast feeding mums, find out how one reader went
my daughter is well trained in the whole dressing up
                                                                                               from flab to fab for her wedding day and discover how to
and trick or treating, last year my son was only three
                                                                                               cut the cost of Christmas by making your own gifts.
and a bit of a novice, he quickly became adept at ringing
door bells and gleefully yelling ‘trick or treat. I had more
                                                ’                                                  So put your feet up, grab a nice hot cuppa and enjoy.
fun watching them than I ever did participating in the
event when I was a child. Now that summer has gone,
getting out and about will always lift your spirits. Wrap                                                                          Editors:
up warm, go to the park and let them jump in all the                                                                               Claire Hubbard &
lovely crisp leaves.                                                                                                               Chris Luke-Harrison

Family Time Magazine is a bi-monthly publication with a 15,000 circulation
that is free to pick up and distributed through playgroups, baby clinics, health visitors,

pre-schools, private dancing and acting schools, retailers such as Waitrose and over
40 local schools.

Editors:                    Christine Luke-Harrison
                            & Claire Hubbard
                            07957 637 977                                                                                           04         Party Party Party
                            07957 638 588                                                                                           05         Creative Kids
                            Heather 07968 437 204
                            Natalie 07852 925 704
                                                                                                                                    07         King Edward Community
Photography:                Heather Tait Photography                                                                                           & Learning Partnership
Published by Colourful Tree Ltd., The Old School House,                                                                             11         Welcome to Lapland
Fazeley Studios, 191 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5SE.
                                                                                                                                    12         Make your move a Happy one
No part of Family Time Magazine may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the publisher. Family Time
Magazine cannot be held responsible for views or claims that are expressed by contributors or advertisers that are not              14         Healthy Lunch Boxes
necessarily those of the publisher. All prices and information correct at time of going to print. The publishers, authors and
printers cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions.                                                                       15         Esporta Kids
                                                                                                                                    16         Fall into Fashion
                                                                                                                                    19         Gymphobics
                                                                                                                                    20         You Have Mail
                                                                                                                                    22         Breast Feeding Diaries
                                                                                                                                    26         Baby & Toddler Listing
                                                                                                                                    28         Out & About
                                                                                                                                    30         Directory
                     Get all the latest news and updates on the
          Family Time website at

                                                                                                                                                  | 03
              party, party,
      party                                       These little
                                                 cakes make
                                                 desserts for
What you need…                                any Halloween
✔ Fairy Cakes                                    buffet table.
✔ Fondant Icing Sugar
✔ Food colouring
✔ Chocolate Buttercream Icing

How to make them…
1   Bake some fairy cakes to your favourite recipe
    (or cheat and buy some ready made from your
    favourite supermarket)

2    Mix the fondant icing according to the instructions.
     You should end up with a thick dough for modelling

3    Add food colouring to the fondant, and have fun
     creating some ghoulish cakes                                                                                                      Top Tip:
4   Some ideas to try are Cobwebs, Worms in Mud
    (chocolate buttercream), Eyeballs, and Yummy
    Mummy cakes
                                                                                                                                       Use black icing to add
                                                                                                                                       fiddly details like eyeballs

                                                                                                                          Fun for all
                                                                                                                          the family

                             your Tickety-Boo party will be fantastic fun, well organised and safe, if you want your EXCLUSIVE party to be the
                          talk of the town; then anyone of the Tickety-boo parties are a fantastic way to impress your children and their friends,

                             Active                                        Explore                                  Bouncy Castles

               Adventure Aerobics & Dinky Disco            Highschool Musical & Cheerleading                  Cheerleading Hen Parties
                                 "make your party a Tickety-Boo Party this year"


04 |
I   f, like me, you are trying to
    cut costs this Christmas,
think about homemade gifts.
I know, I know, you have
visions of a cardboard
monstrosity the kids have
cobbled together with a toilet
roll tube and a cereal packet but
erase that image now.
   Why not visit a pottery
painting cafe? The children will
love the chance to unleash their      their hands or feet immortalised       the friendly staff
creativity and Grandma gets           forever in a clay impression.          were on hand
a very personal gift she will         A lovely gift that can be framed       with help and
treasure. One of the ideas I loved    and mounted on the wall, you           advice and you
was a big plate with all the family   won’t believe how quickly they         can enjoy a nice
painted on it, you could include      grow and what a lovely reminder
                                                                             hot drink while
mum, dad, grandma, grandpa,           of that special time. You can even
                                                                             you get creative.
aunties, uncles, cousins, they        decorate a Christmas bauble,
                                      a great gift that will get a smile     Cafe Ceramica
look great and will be a fantastic
centre piece on the Christmas         this Christmas and for many more       is open 7 days a
dinner table.                         to come.                               week, check out
   If you have a little bundle of        We visited Cafe Ceramica,           their website at
joy in the family why not get         situated in Mitchell’s Craft Centre,

                                                              C hristmas	
                                                              •	   Baby	prints	in	clay	or	paint
                                                              •	   Gifts	to	paint	yourself	and	personalise
                                                              •	   Christmas	baubles	–	baby ’s	1st	Christmas
                                                              •	   Takeaway	gift	kits
                                                              •	   Personalised	commissions	items	by	our	artist
                                                              •	   Gift	voucher	coins	and	gift	wrapping

                                                              Café	Ceramica	Ltd	
                                                              Mitchell’s	Art	and	Craf t	Centre	
                                                              Weeford	Road	
                                                              Sutton	Coldf ield	B75	6NA	
                                                              0121	308	3984	
                                                              w w

                                                                                           | 05
                        Burntwood Toy Library
                 From just 25p for 2 weeks
                    (membership is £1)
 Stay                            Find us at:                                for all

 &                     Burntwood Library
                    Wednesday 10 till 4 (term time)
                    Wednesday 10 till 2 (holidays)

 Play               Boney Hay Children’s Centre
                    (Community Primary School)
                           Monday 10 till 2
                        (except Bank holidays)
                        Ridgeway Primary
                     Monday 3 till 4.30 (term time)

                                                       Your children will
                                                      never get chance to
                                                       become bored of
      Burntwood Toy Library working
                 in association with
                                                        their toys again

06 |
             In THE CoMMunITy

     Welcome to Kings Edward VI
   Community & Learning Partnership.

We have something
  for everyone

                          | 07
                                In THE CoMMunITy

08 |

          | 09
                                In THE CoMMunITy

10 |
  Welcome to Lapland

There’s absolutely no place like Lapland; whether you’re travelling Santa-style through the snow,
being wowed by the mysterious Northern Lights, laughing around the campfire or attending
elf school, this magical region has it all. And you might even meet the real Santa Claus.

      utton Travel, one of the          enjoying a delicious dinner, with
      area’s most popular               crackers and all the trimmings.
      family run independent            Say goodbye to the friendly elves
ABTA travel agencies, is                and see Santa arrive at your hotel
offering a wide range of
                                        with a special present for
exciting and memorable day-
                                        every child.
trips to Lapland this December,
as well as excellent value for             For those with less time on
money 3 and 4 night breaks,             their hands this December, then
where there’s plenty of fun to          a day-trip to Rovaniemi will
be had for all of the family.           include time in Santa’s secret
   With short break departures          underground grotto and graduate
on a variety of dates and day           as one of his elves. Meet Old Man
trips from nearby East Midlands         Reindeer and listen to stories as
Airport, and a further day trip
                                        you learn about the Arctic Circle
from Birmingham Airport, let
                                        crossing ceremony. Santa’s a busy
2009 be the year that the dreams
of your children or grandchildren       man, but he’s made time to meet
come true, by making that once          you and your new friends on your
in a lifetime journey to the            special day. Ask the Elves how to
enchanted land.                         greet him in Finnish and receive
   A typical itinerary for a relaxing   a super present.
4 night break to Lapland this             Now that you know all about
December, will include a special        what there is to see and do in the
welcome to Lapland by meeting           homeland of Santa Claus, if this
Santa’s friendly elves, family fun
                                        year is the year for you to take
together in the snow with taster
                                        your children or grandchildren,
rides on a husky dog, sledge or
snowmobile, Christmas treats and        then contact Sutton Travel on
festive wishes, a visit to Santa’s      0121 323 3922, or visit them 7
activity area for the coolest           days a week at the Mitchells Art
fun. You’ll spend your final night      & Craft Centre in Sutton Coldfield.

                                                                     | 11
Make your move a happy one

In a two part article Julie Tomasik, head of Ansons LLP’s residential property
department explains the legal process involved in buying and selling a property.
This article focuses on the process of selling a property.

     n a two part article          Information Form’ and a             the buyer’s solicitors may ask.     They will also apply for the
     Julie Tomasik, head of        ‘Fixtures, Fittings and Contents    Once these questions have           seller’s estate agents account
     Ansons LLP’s residential      Form.’ If the property is           been answered and the buyers        and forward it to the seller for
property department                leasehold there will be an          are in a position to proceed, the   approval.
explains the legal process         additional form.                    seller will then be asked to        Stage 3: Completion

                                   2                                                                       7
involved in buying and                 As soon as the seller’s         sign the contract and consider          On the completion date
selling a property. This               solicitor has received the      a moving date.                          (this is the date of the move
article focuses on the process     completed forms they will           Stage 2: Exchange of Contracts      and the exchange of keys) the
of selling a property.
  Once an offer on a property
                                   obtain the seller’s deeds, a copy
                                   of the Home Information Pack        5    Once everything is agreed
                                                                            including completion date
                                                                       and the contract is signed,
                                                                                                           seller’s solicitor will receive the
                                                                                                           balance of the sale price, in
has been accepted and              and a redemption statement                                              return for which they hand over
solicitors’ details have been      (the outstanding mortgage           the solicitors can proceed          the title deeds to the buyer’s
exchanged by the two parties       balance) for budgeting              to exchange contracts. It is        solicitor. Very often the seller
the legal and administrative       purposes.                           at this stage that the seller       and buyer will contact each
                                                                       becomes legally bound to sell
process associated with                The seller’s solicitor will                                         other to arrange what time
transferring the ownership                                             their property and the buyer        the house will be ready for
                                       enquire if the seller has
of land or buildings from one                                          becomes legally bound to            the buyer to move in. This is
                                   made any alterations to the         purchase the property. It is
owner to another can begin.        property such as replacement                                            usually around lunchtime.
                                                                       still the seller’s responsibility
This process is referred to as     windows or extensions. If they                                              The seller’s solicitor will
                                                                       to maintain and insure
conveyancing.                      have the solicitor will ask the                                             redeem (pay off) any
                                                                       the property. To make the
   Although it is possible to do   seller to provide them with any     contract binding the buyer’s        mortgage out of the sales
the conveyancing work yourself     guarantees or other documents       solicitors will send a deposit      proceeds, pay the estate
most people hire a solicitor or    not held with the title             to the seller’s solicitor, which    agents account, collect their
licensed conveyancer as the        deeds e.g. damp and timber          would be forfeit if the buyer       legal fees and any outstanding
advantages of instructing a        reports, planning consents for      fails to complete. If the seller    search fees and forward any
professional to successfully       alterations and extensions etc.     fails to compete they could be      left over money to the seller,

complete the purchase and to           A draft contract will be        sued through the courts for         unless it is being used for
resolve any possible problems          prepared and sent to the        any financial loss suffered by      a related purchase.
normally outweighs the cost.       buyer’s solicitors, who will then   the buyer.                             For further information on
Stage 1: Sale Agreed
                                   carry out various searches. The
                                   buyer may request a survey          6    The seller’s solicitor will
                                                                            approve the transfer deed
                                                                                                           the legalities of buying or selling
                                                                                                           a residential property, please

1  Once the seller has
   instructed a solicitor,
they will normally be asked
                                   of the seller’s property and
                                   may have to arrange mortgage
                                   finance. The seller’s solicitor
                                                                       and ask the seller to sign it.
                                                                       The solicitor will apply for any
                                                                       mortgage redemption figure
                                                                                                           contact Julie Tomasik of Ansons
                                                                                                           LLP on 01543 263 456 or email
to complete a ‘Property            must answer any questions           and prepare the final accounts.     or visit
12 |
Glittermoon has something for little pretenders galore…
                                                                                 ✶ Fabulous fancy dress for girls, boys and toddlers
                                                                                 ✶ Genuine Disney licensed costumes and gifts
                                                                                 ✶ Themed bedroom/playroom wooden accessories
                                                                                 ✶ ‘Must have’ range of girlie fun accessories.
                                                                                 ✶ Delightful wooden toys, castles, jigsaw puzzles
                                                                                   and much more
                                                                                 ✶ Gift ideas for Birthdays, Christmas or just for that
                                                                                   special treat

Like our products? Let glittermoon come to you. Christmas is heading our way,
why not play host to a glittermoon party and earn £££’s off our product range.
All we ask is you provide the guests and we’ll do the rest.
Contact us at for more information. For fantastic
Christmas gift and fancy dress ideas visit our website

                                                                                                | 13
                                                                                                                            Children’s Health

                                                             What’s in your
Coming up with different, healthy and fun
lunch box ideas for the kid’s can be difficult
and with all the scary stories about salt and
sugar in processed foods it’s hard to know
what you should use.

I                                     Go For Fingers Foods
    find I seem to pack the
    same lunch time and time          Sometimes kids, especially younger
    again, sandwich, grapes,          ones, don’t like to eat a whole
and a biscuit or little cake. So      sandwich or bowl of food. Instead
here are a few ideas to spice         you can try preparing cut up cubes
things up. Enjoy.                     of cheese, grapes, baby tomatoes,
                                      carrot sticks, pretzels, mini
                                      crackers, and ham cubes. Finger
                                      foods are really very appealing for
                                      all ages. Place in a container with
                                      individual compartments or just
                                      a standard one for a fun lunch. You
                                      can also try cutting sandwiches
                                      into small rectangles or triangles
                                      for easier eating.
                                      Pinwheels Anyone?
                                      Instead of sandwiches try
                                      pinwheels. Cut the crust from
                                      two slices of bread, and flatten
                                      using a rolling pin. Spread thinly
                                      with cream cheese, and add
                                      a slice of ham. Roll each slice into
                                      a log shape. Wrap in cling film
                                      and place in freezer for about
Change the Bread                      30 minutes. Unwrap and cut into
Just like adults, kids can get        pinwheel rounds.
bored with sandwiches. Why            Dip It
not try using the same fillings,      Kids love dipping stuff. For an        serve with a strawberry or peanut   or cream cheese dip. For a more
but add excitement by changing        easy and nutritious lunch snack        butter dip. Cut up veggies are      substantial lunch add pieces of
the bread. You can try pitta          you can cut apple wedges and           brilliant served with a hummus      pita bread, breadsticks or crackers.
bread, bagels or tortilla wraps.
For a real change, try packing
crackers or breadsticks separately
from the filling. Your child then
assembles the crackers and filling
into sandwiches, or dips the
breadsticks in. Great fun.
Make those sandwiches
If you decide to pack a traditional
sandwich, try cutting the bread
with fun shapes using a cookie
cutter. You’ll be amazed at how
a boring cheese sandwich will get
gobbled up when shaped into
a flower or dinosaur.

14 |
                                                                                                                                                                        Children’s Health

 Esporta Hoola, Hoola            Kids
         fitness fun
Following feedback from members, we’ve
given our children’s clubs a complete makeover,
enhancing the variety and number of fun-packed
activities available to all age groups.

        sporta Kids is the new              hours of free activities featuring
        junior membership                   everything from Nintendo WII
        category for 0–7 year               sessions and Street Dance classes
olds. This membership includes              to SAQ circuits and Group cycling.
30 hours of FREE crèche                     Enough to exercise anyone’s
and activity sessions like                  imagination.                                         and weekend sessions.                                     for peak-time crèche sessions,
dancemat mania, SAQ circuits,                 Our purpose-built crèche,                             As well as the exciting new                            children’s parties, holiday camps
Top Chef, and Mini Artists.                 staffed by our experienced and                       classes offered, each child also                          and activity based courses like
It’s the Ultimate children’s                dedicated childcare specialists, is                  has full access to the club under
                                                                                                                                                           swimming, tennis and soccer.
entertainment programme.                    there to care for your 0–4 year                      the supervision of parents/
                                                                                                                                                             To speak to a member of staff
   Esporta Extreme meanwhile                olds while parents can enjoy a                       guardians for general use, such
is the new junior membership                well deserved break. We’ve just                      as swimming, racquets, and                                regarding further information,
category for 8–15 year olds.                extended the opening hours,                          restaurant usage. Member’s                                please contact Esporta
This membership includes 29                 along with offering free evening                     also receive great value prices                           on 01543 266700.

        Esporta Kids
        activitiEs timEtablE
                       monDAy                TueSDAy          WeDneSDAy                     THurSDAy             FriDAy                        SATurDAy            SunDAy
          Age group:   0 - 4 yrs             0 - 4 yrs        0 - 4 yrs                     0 - 4 yrs            0 - 4 yrs                     0 - 4 yrs           0 - 4 yrs
          Time:        09.00 - 12.00         09.00 - 12.00    09.00 - 12.00                 09.00 - 12.00        09.00 - 12.00                 09.15 - 10.15       09.15 - 10.15
          AcTiviTy:    crèche                crèche           crèche                        crèche               crèche                        crèche              crèche
          LocATion:    crèche                crèche           crèche                        crèche               crèche                        crèche              crèche
          Type:        From £3.50            From £3.50       From £3.50                    From £3.50           From £3.50                    Free                Free

          Age group:   0 - 4 yrs             0 - 4 yrs        0 - 4 yrs                     0 - 4 yrs            0 - 4 yrs                     5 - 7 yrs           5 - 7 yrs
          Time:        17.00 - 18.00         16.00 - 17.00    16.00 - 17.00                 16.00 - 17.00        17.00 - 18.00                 09.15 - 10.15       09.15 - 10.15
          AcTiviTy:    crèche                crèche           crèche                        mini Fundamentals    crèche                        esporta Active      Top chef
          LocATion:    crèche                crèche           crèche                        Streetzone           crèche                        Streetzone          Bar
          Type:        Free                  Free             Free                          £42 (12 wk course)   Free                          Free                Free

          Age group:   5 - 7 yrs             5 - 7 yrs        5 - 7 yrs                     0 - 4 yrs            5 - 7 yrs                     0 - 4 yrs           0 - 4 yrs
          Time:        17.00 - 18.00         16.00 - 17.00    16.00 - 17.00                 17.00 - 18.00        17.00 - 18.00                 10.15 - 11.15       10.15 - 11.15
          AcTiviTy:    Dancemat mania        mini Artists     Soccer School                 crèche               esporta Active                crèche              crèche
          LocATion:    e-Zone                e-Zone           Streetzone                    crèche               Streetzone                    crèche              crèche
          Type:        Free                  Free             £42 (12 wk course)            Free                 Free                          Free                Free

          Age group:   0 - 4 yrs             0 - 4 yrs        0 - 4 yrs                     5 - 7 yrs            5 - 11 yrs (parent & child)   5 - 7 yrs           5 - 7 yrs
          Time:        18.00 - 19.00         17.00 - 18.00    17.00 - 18.00                 17.00 - 18.00        17.00 - 17.45                 10.15 - 11.15       10.15 - 11.15
          AcTiviTy:    crèche                crèche           crèche                        Street Dance         combat                        SAQ Kids            console mania
          LocATion:    crèche                crèche           crèche                        Studio 1             Studio 2                      Streetzone          e-Zone
          Type:        Free                  Free             Free                          Free                 Free                          Free                Free

          Age group:   5 - 7 yrs             5 - 7 yrs        5 - 7 yrs                                          0 - 4 yrs                     0 - 4 yrs           0 - 4 yrs
          Time:        18.00 - 19.00         17.00 - 18.00    17.00 - 18.00                                      18.00 - 19.00                 11.15 - 12.15       11.15 - 12.15
          AcTiviTy:    Theatre School        console mania    esporta Active                                     crèche                        crèche              crèche
          LocATion:    e-Zone                e-Zone           Studio 1                                           crèche                        crèche              crèche
          Type:        £42 (12 wk course)    Free             Free                                               Free                          Free                Free

          Age group:                                          5 - 11 yrs (parent & child)                        5 - 7 yrs                     5 - 7 yrs           5 - 7 yrs
          Time:                                               17.00 - 18.00                                      18.00 - 19.00                 11.15 - 12.15       11.15 - 12.15
          AcTiviTy:                                           Hoola Hoop                                         SAQ Kids                      mini Artists        SAQ Kids
          LocATion:                                           Studio 2                                           Streetzone                    Bar                 Streetzone
          Type:                                               Free                                               Free                          Free                Free

          for 0-7 year olds

                                                                                                                                                       | 15
                                       Autumn Fashion

       fall                     into

                            fashion                     Photography by Heather Tait

   Sandwich collection available
   at Ooh La La Boutique
   Call 01543 480971

16 |
All clothes available
       from Just Boo | 17
                                Choose from a stunning collection at Ooh la la Boutique
                                  for a contemporary individual look including designer
                                brands such as Sandwich, Part Two, Penny Black and SET.
                                Limited numbers of items in each style gives an exclusive
                                       edge that makes each outfit extra special.

                                                  OOh la la BOutique
                                            heart of the Country Shopping Village
                                                  Swinfen, lichfield WS14 9qR
                                            Call: 01543 480971 Fax: 01543 480971

                                Look good… stay Fresh
                                                                          Tattoo removal
                                                                          Tattoo removal has been
                                                                          revolutionised – Rejuvi is a
                                                                          method of ink extraction that
                                                                          enables full tattoo removal, with
                                                                          less pain, more speed and more
                                                                          cost effectively than ever before.

                                The brighter way
                                to take away
                                unwanted hair
                                Pulsar is the world leading system
                                in IPL (Intense Pulsed Light),
                                clinically proven to offer you more
                                effective, virtually pain-free, quicker
                                and longer lasting results.

                                                 Fresh beauty clinic
                                            Lazy Hill Road, Aldridge Tel: 01922 456969

                                          Tattoo Removal • Permanent Hair Removal (Pulsar IPL)
                                     • Colonic Hydrotherapy • Botox Fillers • Calgel Nail Extensions

 ShooT PRIceS STaRT fRom £65         • Spray Tanning • Tanning 225 watt tubes • Permanent Make-up
                                         • Reflexology • Dermalogica Facial and Body Treatments

18 |
                                                               Women’s Health

Whatever your age, shape or size, Gymophobics can
make a big difference to your fitness level. Kate and
Debbie tell us their inspirational success stories...

I   joined Gympohobics in April
    2008 having lost 3 stone.
I knew I needed help to lose
                                        My aim was to slim down in
                                     time for my wedding in May
                                     2009 and I hit my weight and
another 3 stone. I am so pleased     size target with 2 weeks to go –
with the help and support the        the staff at gymophobics were
staff at Gymophobics gave me         always at hand to give advice and                           Before
to achieve my goal.                  motivation and offer diet ideas

   The programs is so easy to        too – following a healthy diet
follow and with each session         helps you to achieve the results
being only 30 minutes long it’s      you want. I love coming into the
so easy to fit into everyday life.   gym and always leave feeling
   I lost 3 stone and 38.5 inches,   fantastic. Its by far the easiest
and went from a size 20 to 14.       programme I have ever followed
                                     and will continue to come as
                                     often as I can, to maintain
                                     my weight.


                                                                            Look fine in Time for CHriSTmaS 2009!


I   n January 2008, I was feeling
    particularly unhappy with
the way I looked and felt, when
                                     looked back since.
                                        I attend the gym three to four
                                     times a week, and with the help
I read an advertisement for          of my tailor-made programmes
Gymophobics.                         and regular re-assessments,
   After some thought, especially    combined with a healthy
as ‘the gym was not for me’,         balanced diet I have lost 5 st 7 lbs
I decided to ring and arrange        and a massive 66.5 inches.
a trial visit. After having a look      The support and encouragement                    
around and listening to what the     I have received from all of the                 Lichfield Gymophobics                 Tamworth Gymophobics
instructor had to say, I made the    wonderful staff at Gymophobics
decision to join Gymophobics,        has been invaluable and I know             01543 252700                           01827 60056
Tamworth and arranged my first       that attending the gym will help              24 St John Street, Lichfield          2a George Street, Tamworth
                                                                                    Staffordshire WS13 6PB                  Staffordshire B79 7LH
assessment for the next day. It      make sure I keep the weight off.
was one of the best decisions        I would not hesitate to
I have ever made & I have not        recommend Gymophobics.
                                                                                                           | 19

               “You have mail”
                                                              by Jordan Hossack

“Leave me alone” was the wording of Gemma’s email as she pleaded for them to stop.
It had been going on for almost a month now, an endless line of threatening emails
 piling into her inbox against her own will.

      he didn’t know why it           obvious. Her mother was still in      WHO?’ from behind the glass.          consequences, which was how it
      started; she didn’t really      the same room; Gemma didn’t           She hesitated, conscious that her     was going to stay.
      understand what was             need to look around to check,         mother could hear her heartbeat          Another tone sounded, but
happening to her. All that she        she could hear her fingers quickly    pick up pace. As if by routine, she   it wasn’t from the computer.
really knew was that whoever          tapping away at the laptop keys.      typed the pleading words ‘LEAVE
                                                                                                                  Unlocking her phone, as another
it was wouldn’t leave her alone.                                            ME ALONE’, before clicking the
                                        She sighed quietly and returned                                           message was received, Gemma
   Obviously having an email                                                send button. And then she waited.
                                      her focus to the game she was                                               clicked on one of the unread
address had its perks; being able     playing; she had almost beaten          She knew what was going to          texts. It was from an unknown
to join fan sites for her favourite   her high score.                       happen. It had most nights for        number.
singers, and receiving updates                                              the past month now, except it
on her favourite shows, but she         Two new emails crept into her       was getting more regular.               She read the two words.
clearly hadn’t thought about the      inbox. With a few clicks of the                                             ‘GUESS WHO?’
                                                                              Gemma’s eyes didn’t leave
downside of it. But what ten year     mouse, Gemma quickly opened                                                    That single phrase triggered
                                                                            the corner of the screen as her
old would?                            the email, picking one of the three   mother walked out of the room.        a sickening feeling to flood through
  As quick as she had sent her        which were exactly the same.          As far as she was concerned,          her whole body. Helplessly,
own email, she received another.       She scanned the all too familiar     everything was fine, and as           she pressed the delete button.
She knew who had sent it, it was      words starting with ‘GUESS            Gemma had been told the               Gemma knew exactly who it was.

                                                                              If you’re being targeted by mobile phone, contact
                                                                              your service provider with details of the calls or
                                                                              texts that are causing you concern. Mobile phone
                                                                              companies take cases like this seriously and can
                                                                              trace people who think they are calling or texting

                                                                              Y    ou may also want to
                                                                                   change your SIM card
                                                                              in your mobile. It’s not fair
                                                                                                                  address or mobile number
                                                                                                                  in chat rooms. Be aware of
                                                                                                                  who you’re chatting to online.
                                                                              that you have to do this, but       Someone claiming to be
                                                                              it is an easy solution. You still   the same sex, age and have
                                                                              need to tell somebody what’s        similar interests to you might
                                                                              going on.                           not be telling the truth.
                                                                                 If you’re being targeted         To find out more check out
                                                                              online or by email, contact         these sites:
                                                                              your internet service provider
                                                                              and also the company who
                                                                              provides your email. If you
                                                                              can produce written evidence        If you need someone
                                                                              of what’s been going on, it
                                                                              may be possible to block the
                                                                                                                  to talk to right now
                                                                              bully’s account.                    call Childline Free
                                                                                Never give out your email         on 0800 1111
20 |
      School                in focus
                                                         Curdworth Primary School,
                                                         Sutton Coldfield
Curdworth Primary School is a small but
convivial school and is at the heart of the
community in the Village of Curdworth,
Sutton Coldfield.

       rom the time you                 Children are encouraged
       enter the school you          to speak up; each year group
       understand why Ofsted         (1–6) has two School Council
stated that ‘The level of care,      representatives that are selected
guidance and support is              through a voting system by the
outstanding.’ There is an air        children within their class. It is
of ‘togetherness’ and caring         their responsibility to raise any
nature as well as the evidence       issues of their fellow classmates
of a diverse curriculum.             and bring it to the attention of
   Reception year is always a        the School Council Co-ordinator
daunting prospect, often more so     in regular meetings.
for the parents rather than the         Having a relevant, broad and
child. We pride ourselves on our     balanced curriculum is paramount       “our children share what’s important to them in school
induction procedures and through     to the way we work and learn            and at home and are fascinated by the responses they
this the children very quickly       and although sited in a village,
become independent; each child is    our children are no strangers           receive indicating the cultural differences and giving
assigned a ‘family group’ with the   to the world. We have a joint           them more insight into how diverse the world is. ”
family group leaders from year 6     curriculum link with Ephanweni                                                             Colin Ricketts
taking them ‘under their wing’.      Model School in Malawi and
                                     recently raised funds to send
                                     them a weather station similar to
  Children in Reception              ours, meaning that we regularly
  make good progress in              share data on climate, geography,
  all areas of learning so           crop production as well as looking
  that by the time they go           at similarities and differences in
  into year 1 standards              schooling and cultures
  overall are above average             Colin Ricketts, head of Curdworth
  and broadly average in             Primary School commented:
   writing. Good induction             “Our children share what’s
   procedures and a strong           important to them in school
   emphasis on children’s            and at home and are fascinated
   personal development              by the responses they receive
   ensure that they settle           indicating the cultural differences                     The links with Malawi are also addi
                                                                                                                                 ng to
   quickly and are happy             and giving them more insight into                       pupils’ outstanding cultural developm
   at work and at play.              how diverse the world is.”
                                                                                                                        OFSTED 200 9
   The y develop extremely              We are currently having a
    well in conf idence and          recruitment drive for Reception
    independence, choosing           class of 2010, if you are
    activities sensibly and          interested in having a look around
    organising for themselves        or would like to know further
    the resources that               information please call Colin
     they need.                      Ricketts 01675 470379 or email
                 OFSTED 200 9 Other
                                     years may be available too just ask.

                                                                                                      | 21
 Breast Feeding
                                     LicHFieLd Breast Feeding
 support group                       support group
 Springhill Children’s               * Are you feeding your baby?
 Centre, Springhill                  * Would you like more information & support?
 Primary School,
                                     * Would you like to talk to other breast
 Mossbank Avenue,
 Chasetown, Burntwood.                 feeding mum’s
 Weekly from Tuesday 7th             Join midwife Jo Marshall at the Breast Feeding
 October 2008 at 11.00am             Group. Thursdays, 11.00am – 12noon.
 until 12 noon.                      no need to Book.
 Contact the Health
 Visitors or Midwives                LicHFieLd Breast Feeding project                 LicHFieLd antenataL Breast
 on 01543 682817.                    Electric breast pump hire. Breast pumps are      Feeding worksHop
                                     available to hire with priority given to those   Are you currently pregnant,
 Burntwood                           with:                                            a partner or family member wanting
 Breast pump Hire                    * Breast Feeding Problems                        to offer support?
 For more information                * Those with babies in hospital
                                                                                        Come to the Lichfield Antenatal
 Contact the Health                  * Multiple Births
                                                                                      Breast Feeding Workshop.
 Visitors or Midwives                Remaining pumps are then available for hire.
                                     For more information call in to the Breast       Thursdays, 10.10am–11.10am.
 on 01543 682 817.
                                     Feeding Support Group.                           To book a place call Maternity Samuel
 To find out more about                                                               Johnson Hospital 01543 412905.
                                     Thursdays, 11.00am–12noon.
 other Children’s Centre
                                     Visiting Team 01543 418049.
 services in Burntwood
 please contact Angela               All groups take place at:
 Dobson on 07976 191082.             Ashmole Room, The Guildhall, Lichfield WS13 6LX.

                                    Breast feeding story, young mum’s group

Young Mum’s supporting each other
             y name is Emily        a different topic, such as labour,
             Shelley and I’m        pain relief, hospitals, natural
             17 years old. I fell   birth, c-sections, bathing your
pregnant late November 2008         newborn, and as we got close to
and as it was unplanned I was       someone’s due date we would
quite nervous. My midwife           re-discus everything about labour,
passed my details on to Liz         contractions and pain relief. We
who runs the young mums             also had bump casts made once
group and she contacted me          we got to 37 weeks, went on
and asked me to go along to         tours of the local hospitals, visited
the group.                          the Lichfield breast-feeding
   I started going to the group     support group and the baby
in March, I kept leaving it, as I   massage group. I am really glad I
was nervous of meeting other        joined the young mums group, as
girls. When I arrived most of       I have made so many new friends
the girls had been there a while    who are all young mums like
but everyone welcomed me            me, it really helped my decision
and I really enjoyed the first      to breast feed and I was fully
session. The group is weekly on     prepared for looking after my
a Thursday and it really helped     little boy Seth who was born on
me prepare for the birth of my      27th August 2009. And I would
little boy. Every week we would     like to thank Liz and Laura for all
have fresh sandwiches, snacks       the help and support they provide
and drinks while we would discus    every week.

22 |
                                                       Health in the Community

    My Breast Feeding Diary
My name is Rowan Holt, I am a 25 year
                                                                           going through the
old single mum, with the support of my                                     same thing. Just
mum Audrey. I gave birth to my son Milo                                    having another
in the birthing pool at Samuel Johnson                                     mum whose
Hospital on July 22nd 2009 at 3.35am                                       breastfeeding to
weighing 8lbs 10oz. With the support of                                    talk to gives me
my mum and Liz from the breast feeding                                     the confidence
support group I want to breast feed.                                       to continue and
Here is my story so far.                                                   knowing I’ve got
                                                                           that support
Week 1                             once he was on he was                   system is a big
Milo is sleeping in two sets of    feeding very well. He’s                 help Determined
3 hours at night. He is a very     been quite fretful and a bit            to breastfeed.                   feed and he smiles at me its
sucky baby, also quite windy.      difficult to settle for me, so                                           all worth it.
Attachment to my left breast       mum had to help settle him              Week 5
has been difficult, which has      for the night. Lack of sleep            Last night wasn’t good. Milo     Week 6
left me feeling quite sore.        and a wide awake baby feels             was feeding every 1 ½ hours      The formula feed at night
My milk has come in so             a little overwhelming but so            but wasn’t taking a full feed    helps. It’s been nearly a week
attachment is a bit tricky with    worth it.                               and kept falling asleep at       now and he’s sleeping 3-4
flat nipples but Milo is feeding                                           the breast. Stripped him         hours, so I’m catching up on
well.                              Week 3                                  down to his nappy but that       sleep and now means I’m
                                   Milo still cluster feeding,             didn’t work. I have been         more rested and can feed
Week 2                             think he’s having a growth              expressing between feed as       him better at 2am instead
Been really weepy today.           spurt so not getting much               I have so much milk. Still       of falling asleep next to him.
Hormones all over the place,       sleep. Purposely haven’t                cluster feeding all day but      He’s found his voice and tries
Milo is cluster feeding so         bought any formula so I                 he favours the right breast.     to talk to me but this usually
predicting his next feed is        can’t give up easily. Went              Decided to buy a box of          happens when I’m feeding
difficult. He missed a feed        to breastfeeding support                formula and use that as his      him so it’s sometimes
last night so my boobs were        group, really helpful talking           last feed at night, usually at   difficult to feed him because
over full this morning making      to other mums with babies               8pm. He’s started smiling so     he just wants to talk. It’s still
attachment a bit sore, but         the same age as Milo and                when he wakes for his 3am        very cute though.

                                              All of the establishments below are happy for you
                                              to breast feed while you enjoy a cup of coffee:
                                              * Après                       * Tudor Cafe                       * Perry Fine Food
                                              * The Lounge                  * Kastico’s Tea & Coffee           * McDonald’s
                                              * Hindley & Son               * The Food room                    * Ask – The Swan
                                              * Subway                      * Lichfield garrick                * gate House
                                              * rhiannes Cafe               * Dovestones                       * The Scales
                                              * Costa Coffee                * Minster Coffee Shop              * ego
                                              * Three Spires Coffee Shop    * garrick Coffee Shop              * nero

                                                                                                      | 23
     Mum’s          in Business
                                                        Footymums Kicks off !
                                                        A new website launched this Autumn
                                                        for mums with football mad kids.

       round 5,000,000               years at junior football games.
       children play football on        Bron told Family Time that
       a regular basis. Many at     “Being a footy mum is brilliant
school and many at one of the        fun. It can also bring many other
9,000 grass roots youth clubs        emotions from high excitement
around the country.                  to extreme frustration. provides              “We feel that mums are often
information on the basics of the     on the periphery of football in
game, how to get involved, how       the family; our site aims to help
to support a junior footballer,      mums help children get more out
suggestions for fund raising and     of their football. You could have
much more.                           up to 10 years of being a ‘junior’
  The website was founded by         footy mum, so you may as well
Bron Moss, who lives and works in    embrace it and enjoy it. The footy
the West Midlands, and has spent     mums’ community is like no
her weekends for the last seven      other – and it is highly underrated.
                            has a forum and
                                     blog and we want to hear mums’
                                     questions, suggestions, outrages,
                                     ideas – the lot.
                                       “We are also planning to                                                  “Register for our monthly
                                     support the FA Respect campaign
                                     in a big way. Mums have a huge                                               e-newsletter, which will
                                     part to play here and I, for one,      football will hopefully sign-up       have ideas for football
                                     have witnessed parental abuse          to                  themed activities, presents
                                     of children as young as eight at       and register for our monthly
                                     so called ‘kids football’ matches.     e-newsletter, which will have         and reminders about
                                     With more mums taking an               ideas for football themed             key dates in the football
                                     active role in junior football, such   activities, presents and reminders    calendar for footy dads
                                     issues can hopefully move up the       about key dates in the football
                                     agenda, enabling more children         calendar for footy dads too.’            ”
                                                                                                                  too. Bron Moss
                                     to enjoy their football in a safe,        For further information
                                     supportive environment.”               contact Bron Moss email
                                       “At the very least, mums with
Bron Moss                            boys and girls interested in           or mobile 07818 061373.

24 |
  Family law you can trust
  Our specialist team advise on:                                                     Contact us today
    •	    	Divorce	and	separation	
    •	    	Business	and	financial	interests	
    •	    	Contact	and	residence	orders
    •	    	Parental	responsibility	agreements                                           01543 466 660
    •	    	Civil	partnerships
    •	    	Cohabitation	agreements	                                                           Lichfield
    •	    	Pre	marital	agreements
                                                                                         01543 263 456
  We also advise on:
    •	    Wills	and	probate	
    •	    Residential	property
    •	    Corporate	transactions                                     
    •	    Commercial	property	
    •	    Commercial	disputes	
    •	    Employment	law	                                               
    •	    Planning	and	Environmental	legislation
                                                         Susan	Davies
                                                   Family	Law	Partner

                                                      A great place to play, learn and
                                                      make new friends at Busy Bees
want to work                                                    Individual fully equipped play areas

from home?
                                                              Out of school and holiday care available
                                                       Full and part time places available for 0-11 year olds
                                                               Open 7:30am-6pm, Monday to Friday
                                                                           ‘Good’ Ofsted
ever fancied working for an exciting                       Qualified teacher starting soon in Pre-school
     and expanding magazine?
                                                                                      THE HIVE
   we are currently looking for                                                  October Holiday Club
        advertising staff.                                                           26th-30th October
                                                                                    Spooky spiders Paper Mache

         work hours to suit you.                                                         Visit from Zoo Lab
                                                                                     Chocolate apple decorating
                                                                                       Spooky Treasure Hunt
    this is a commission only postition.                                      Trip to Lichfield Garrick to see Pinocchio

         send your cV and a covering letter to:
                                                                Call Caroline on 01543 678 690
                                                        Busy Bees at St Matthews, Shaftsbury Drive, Staffs, WS7 9QP

                                                                                 | 25
If you run a baby or toddler group and would like it listed here and on our website, please send details to

Aldridge                           1.30–3.00. Highfields               1–3pm. NCT’s Bumps &                9.30–11.30. Toddlers
                                   Primary School Toddler              Babes, Methodist Church             Together, Streetly Methodist
Tuesday                            Group, Burntwood.                   Hall, Tamworth Street               Church B74 3EH.
9.30–11.30. Cheeky Monkey’s        Call Sarah 07980 733 926.           Admission: £2 inc refreshment
Parent & Toddler Group,                                                (non-members welcome).              9.30–11.00. Teddy Tots,
                                   Friday                              0844 243 6189 or                    Bannersgate United
St. Mary’s of the Angels RC
Church, Whetstone Lane.            9.15–11.15. Little Monkeys 2        lichfieldtamworthnct                Reformed Church,
01922 448 833.                     Parent & Toddlers,                                Westwood Road B73 6HH.
9.30–11.30. Seedlings Baby         Springhill Primary School,          Thursday
                                   Mossbank Avenue,                                                        10.00–11.30. St. Peter’s
& Toddler Group, Tynings                                                                                   Parent & Toddler Group,
Lane Church, Tynings Lane.         Burntwood. 01543 682 680.           9.45–11.45. Armitage Parent
                                                                       & Toddler Group, Armitage           St. Peter’s Church Hall,
01922 458 547.                     9.30–11.30. Jumping Jacks,          Village Hall, Shropshire            Maney Hill Road B72 1JJ.
Thursday                           Scout Hut, Ironstone Road,          Brook Road. Call Vicky on
                                   Chase Terrace.                      01543 492 845.                      10.00–11.30. Ashfield Parent
9.30–11.30. Noah’s Ark                                                                                     & Toddler Group, St John’s
Parent & Toddler,                  1.30pm & 3pm.                       10.00–11.30. Boley Park             Church Hall B76 1QN.
Church Rooms,                      Ridgeways Children’s                Parent & Toddler Group,
The Green. 01922 455 229.          Centre, Grange Road,                Community Hall, 7 Boley             10.00–12.00. Duke Street           Chasetown. 01543 510 470.           Park Centre, Ryknild Street.        Toddler Group, Duke Street
9.30–11.30 & 1.00–2.30.                                                01543 432 773.                      Chapel B72 1RJ.
Seedlings Baby & Toddler           Fradley                             10.00–12.00. Teddies,               1.15–3.00. Bumps, Babies,
Group, Tynings Lane                                                    Stonnall Village Hall,
                                   Wednesday                                                               Crawlers & Cruisers,
Church, Tynings Lane.                                                  Main Street, Stonnall.
01922 458 547.                     10.00–11.30.                                                            The Acorn Suite,
                                   New Village Hall.                   10.00–11.30. Whittington            Four Oaks Primary School,
                                                                       Baby & Toddler Group,               Edge Hill Road B74 4PA.
Alrewas/Willenhall                                                     Whittington Village Hall.           0121 353 9915,
Tuesday                            Lichfield                                                               fouroaksbumpsbabies
10.00–11.30. Stepping Stones       Monday                                                        
Parent & Toddler Group,                                                9.30–11.30. St. John’s Church
                                   1.15–2.45. Cathedral                Hall, St. John’s Hill, Shenstone.   Wednesday
Alrewas Village Hall,              Outreach ‘Mums and Babes’
Wellfield Road.                    Curborough Community                                                    9.00–12.00. Sutton Coldfield
Wednesday                          Centre, Reynolds Close.             Sutton Coldfield                    Methodist Church Toddler
                                   01543 258 906.                      Monday                              Group B72 1DY.
Lighthouse Children’s Centre,
Heath Road, New Invention          1.30–3.00. Christ Church            9.30–10.40 & 10.40–12.00            9.30–11.30. Mere Green
WV12 5EF. 01922 402 544.           Under 5’s, Martin Heath             Tickety-Boo EXPLORE                 0–5 Parent & Toddler Group,
                                   Hall, Christ Church Lane.           Mere Green Library &                Mere Green Library &
Burntwood                          Kate Ecclestone-Brown               Community Centre.                   Community Centre B75 5BT.
                                   01543 250 484 or 07515              £3.50 per family.
Monday                             444 677 or Nicola Purkiss                                               9.30–11.30. Britwell
                                                                       01675 442261.
10.00–12.00. Little Monkeys        07933 702433.                                                           Toddlers, Wylde Green
Parent & Toddlers,                                                     9.30–11.30. Emmanuel                United Reform Church,
                                   Tuesday                             Church Parent & Toddler             Britwell Road B73 5SW.
Youth Centre, Cherry Close,
Chasetown. 01543 682 680.          9.15–11.15. Emmanuel                Group, Birmingham Road
                                                                       B72 1DP.                            9.30–12.00. Walmley Church
Tuesday                            Toddlers, Emmanuel
                                   Christian Centre,                                                       Parent & Toddler Group,
                                                                       9.30–11.30. Britwell
9.30–11.30. Jumping Jacks,         Nether Stowe.                       Toddlers, Wylde Green               Eachelhurst Road B76 1DP.
Scout Hut, Ironstone Road,         01543 254 596.                      United Reform Church,
Chase Terrace.                                                                                             Thursday
                                   Wednesday                           Britwell Road B73 5SW.
1.30pm & 3pm.                                                                                              9.30–11.30. Four Oaks
                                   9.15–11.15. Emmanuel                9.45–11.30. All Saints              Methodist Parent & Toddler
Ridgeways Children’s
                                   Toddlers, Emmanuel                  Parent & Toddler Group,             Group, Four Oaks Methodist
Centre, Grange Road,
                                   Christian Centre,                   Belwell Lane B74 4AA.
Chasetown. 01543 510 470.                                                                                  Church B72 2TH.
Wednesday                          Nether Stowe.                       10.00–11.30. Curdworth Tots
                                   01543 254 596.                      & Toddlers, Village Hall,           10.00–12.00. All Aboard
10.00–12.00.                                                           Coleshill Road, Curdworth.          Toddler Group, Sutton
Hammerwich Parent                  9.30–11.30. St. John’s Church                                           Coldfield Baptist Church,
& Toddler Group,                   Hall, St. John’s Hill, Shenstone.   10.00–11.30. Boldmere               Trinity Hall B72 1TA.
Hammerwich.                                                            Methodist Babies &
                                   10.00–11.15. Holy Cross
                                                                       Toddlers, Boldmere Road,            10.30–12.00.
Thursday                           Parent & Toddler Group,
                                                                       B73 5UY.                            St. Chads Hall Toddler
                                   Chapel Lane. 01543 250 130.
9.30–11.30. Little Friends                                                                                 Group, St. Chads Church,
Carer & Toddler Group,             10.00–12.00. Tiddlers’                                                  Hollyfield Road B75 5SN.
St. John’s Community Church,       Toddlers, Lichfield                 9.30–11.30. Four Oaks
High Street, Chase Terrace         Methodist Community                 Methodist Parent & Toddler          1.45–3.10.
WS7 1LR. 01543 306411.             Centre, Backcester Lane.            Group, Four Oaks Methodist          Four Oaks Baptist Church,      07970 924497.                       Church B72 2TH.                     Grange Lane B75 5JX.
Friday                         10.30–12.15. Aldergate
                               Parent & Toddler, Central
9.15–11.00. Little Ducklings
                               Methodist Church.
Parent & Toddler Group,
Brampton Hall Community        1.00–3.00. Warton Toddler
Centre, Princess Alice         Group, Warton Pre-school
Drive, New Oscott, Sutton      Building, Maypole Road,
Coldfield. Call Michelle       01827 894 445.
on 0121 355 1307.              1.30–2.45. Toddle In,
9.30–11.30. Mere Green         St. Andrew’s Methodist
0–5 Parent & Toddler Group,    Church, Thackeray Drive,
                                                                Jo Jingles have released a brand new charity
Mere Green Library &           01827 61897.                     single for this years Children In need appeal.
Community Centre B75 5BT.      1.30–3.15. Two Gates Tots,
10.00–11.30. Ashfield Parent
& Toddler Group, St John’s
                               Two Gates Community
                               Primary School, 07852 178 076.
                                                                B   oogie Bugs is a catchy
                                                                    new children’s song with
                                                                brilliant dance moves that
                                                                                                      Some spaces are still
                                                                                                    available at our classes so sign
                                                                                                    up now to start after half term.
Church Hall B76 1QN.           Wednesday                        are very infectious.
                                                                                                      Is your child’s nursery
10.00–12.00. Falcon Lodge                                       Singalong events will be taking     or playgroup looking for
                               9.15–11.15. Little Tots,
Chapel Parent & Toddler                                         place in classes to raise money     entertainment for their
                               St. Francis of Assisi Church,
Group, Reddicap Heath                                           and if you would like to take       Christmas party?
                               Masefield Drive, Leyfields.
Road B75 7ES.                                                   part, please call Mari-Vic or
                               01827 63747.                     Sarah depending on your area.         If so, why not invite Jo
1.15–3.15. Four Oaks Mother    9.30–11.30. Dordon Village                                           Jingles along? Christmas
                                                                  The CD’s cost £2.99 and can
& Toddler Group, Four Oaks     Hall, Browns Lane, Dordon.                                           music, songs and games ensure
                                                                be purchased at classes, with at
Junior and Infant School       07737 419 805.                                                       everyone has lots of fun.
                                                                least £1 from each CD going to
B74 4PA.                                                        the appeal.                           Bookings are limited, so
                               9.30–11.30. Lakeside,
                                                                  Tune in to BBC1 on the 20th       please book now to avoid
                               Glascote Meeting Rooms,
Tamworth                       Dumoloes Lane, Glascote          November and see if you can         disappointment.
Monday                         Road. 01827 282 749.             spot Jo Jingles on the live show.

9.15–11.00. Glascote           10.00–11.30. Wednesday
Methodist Parent & Toddler     Toddler Group, Polesworth
Group, Glascote Methodist      Memorial Hall, High Street,
Church, Neville Street,        Polesworth. 01827 893 728.
Glascote, Tamworth.            1.00–2.30. St. Peter’s Church
01827 61935.                   & Community Centre,
10.00–11.00. Kingsbury First   Hawksworth, Tamworth.
Toddler Group, Kingsbury       Call Lydia Dawes on
Methodist Church Hall,         01827 287 182.
Tamworth Road.                 Thursday
07813 777 374.
                               9.00–11.30. St. Catherine’s
10.00–12.00. Coton Centre,     Church, Two Gates.
Mums & Tots Group, The         01827 250 856/01827 709 156.
Coton Centre, Comberford
Road. 01827 60789.             9.30–11.30.
                               Pat-a-Cake Toddler Group,
10.00 (first Monday of every   St. Leonard’s Church Hall,
month). Dordon Library,        Dordon. 01827 705 256.
Bounce & Rhyme, Rowan
Way. 01827 892 519.            9.30–11.30. Argyle, Glascote
                               Meeting Rooms, Dumoloes
2.30 (first Monday of every    Lane, Glascote Road.
month). Kingsbury Library,     01827 701 107.
Bounce & Rhyme, Bromage
Avenue. 01827 872 333.         10.00–11.30. Amington Ark
                               Parent & Toddler, Amington
Tuesday                        Church.
9.30–11.45. Howard Parent &    10.00–12.00. Coton Centre,
Toddler Group, Village Hall,   Mums & Tots Group, The
Church Road, Elford.           Coton Centre, Comberford
07960 039 224.                 Road. 01827 60789.
9.45–11.15. Newton Regis       10.00–12.00. St. Editha’s
& Austrey Baby & Toddler,      Parent & Toddler Group,
Newton Regis Village Hall,     St. Editha’s Church Hall,
Austrey Lane. 01827 830 849.   College Lane, Tamworth.
                               01827 68339.
Mile Oak Parent & Toddler      10.30–12.00. Polesworth
Group, Community Centre,       Baptist Church Toddler Club,
Price Avenue, Mile Oak.        Baptist Church Youth Hall,
01827 735 425.                 The Gullet. 01827 894 261.
                                                                                             | 27
                                                                 SCHooL For WIzArDS                  HALLoWeen TrAIn
                                                                 & WITCHeS WeDDInGS                  rIDeS
                                                                 Our Victorian schoolroom            Friday 30th to Saturday
                                                                 will become a Harry Potter          31st october, 11am – 5pm
                                                                 style school for wizards            Dress up and make yourself
                                                                 during half term and at             look really scary for a

                                                                 the farm you can enjoy the          spooky train ride in the
                                                                 witches wedding theme.              park. A prize for the best
                                                                                                     costume – judging at The
                                                                 KInGSBury WATer                     Harvester Station at 4.30pm.
                                                                 PArK                                All children must be
                                                                 HALLoWeen TrAIL                     accompanied by an adult.
                                                                 Monday 26th october                 The Harvester Station.
                                                                 to Sunday 1st november.             Admission: £1.00 per person
Visit to                                Come along and follow a trail       per train ride.
discover more exciting things to do.                             of spooky clues around the
                                                                 park. Collect your trail sheet       MAKe A BIrD FeeDer
We are constantly updating it with                               from the Information Centre.         Sunday 22nd november
interesting new events & ideas.                                  Admission: £1.50 per trial sheet.    (drop-in between 10.30am
                                                                                                     – 1pm).
                                                                 MILK BoTTLe                          Construct a bird feeder
                                                                 MonSTerS                             to take home and put
                                                                 Monday 26th october,                 up in your garden. Also
                                                                 10.30am – 12noon.                    bring along yoghurt pots
                                                                 Bring along a 2 or 4 pint            and cooking apples to
                                                                 plastic milk bottle to recycle       make alternative feeders.
                                                                 into a monster that lives            Please bring a hammer.
                                                                 on your arm. An event for
                                                                                                     All children must be
                                                                 children aged 5 to 12 years.
                                                                                                      accompanied by an adult.
                                                                 Admission: £3 per child.
                                                                                                      The Information Centre.
                                                                 Booking essential,
                                                                                                     Admission: £3.00 per feeder,
                                                                 call 01827 872660.
                                                                                                      to include nuts.
                                                                 HALLoWeen MASKS
                                                                                                     PLAy rAnGerS
                                                                 Tuesday 27th october
                                                                                                     Monday 26th october.
                                                                 (drop-in between 10.30am
SHuGBorouGH                     along to the farm and                                                Curborough Recreation
                                                                 and 2.00pm).
AuTuMn oCToBer                  servants’ quarters. Here,                                            Area, 10am–11.30am.
                                                                 Make a Halloween mask
HALF TerM                       they can have fun learning                                           Leyfields Community Area,
                                                                 using a variety of materials
ACTIVITIeS                      old-fashioned cleaning skills    ready for scaring people on         12pm–1.30pm.
24th to 29th october.           including boot polishing,        Halloween Night. An event           Drayton Bassett playing
Daily Shugborough activities    rug beating and learning         for children aged 3–12 years.       fields, 3pm–4.30pm.
include craft sessions and      to set a table properly.         Admission: £2.00 per child.
story times at the farm and                                                                          PLAy rAnGerS
quizzes in the servants’        AuTuMn TrAILS                    WInTer DenS                         Tuesday 27th october.
quarters and mansion house.     To get everyone in the mood      Wednesday 28th october,             Hammerwich playing field,
Demonstrations performed        for Halloween and autumn,        10.30am to 12noon.                  10am–11.30am.
by entertaining costumed        we’ll be debuting 2 new          Design and build your own           Redwood Park,
characters include baking,      trails around the house –        woodland shelter from               12pm–1.30pm.
brewing, milling, gardening     a visual ‘find the spooky        natural materials found             Alrewas – Walkfield
and laundry-making.             creatures’ one (for younger      within the park. An event           recreation area,
  Youngsters can step into      children) and a ‘cryptic         for children aged 5–12 years.       3pm–4.30pm.
the past with the help of       quiz’ for older children. In     Admission: £3.00 per child.
dressing up boxes and have      addition, there’ll be a table    Booking essential,                  Wednesday 28th october.
fun in the games gallery at     of activities such as jigsaw     call 01827 872660.                  Elford cricket fields, 10am–
the farm as well as getting     of the House, Shugborough                                            11.30am.
elbow deep in curds and         upstairs downstairs board        BAT WHIrLIeS                        Edingale Village hall field,
whey. Children love to          game (like snakes and            Thursday 29th october               12pm–1.30pm.
have a go at dolly pegging,     ladders), and drawing            (drop-in between 10.30am            Mile Oak Community
cheese-making, baking and       activities which families        and 2.00pm).                        Centre play area,
candle dipping.                 can dip in and out of at their   Have a go at making your            3pm–4.30pm.
  In addition any mums          leisure. We’ll be offering       own bat that will fly as you
who feel their youngsters       these Monday to Thursday         whirl it around on string.          Thursday 29th october.
need to brush up on             of half term week, 12pm          An event for children aged          Handsacre, 10am–11.30am.
housework skills are            until 4pm.                       3–12 years.                         St Barbara’s Road,
welcome to bring the family                                      Admission: £2.00 per child.         12pm–1.30pm.
28 |
Shenstone Wood End,              admission to Tamworth
3pm–4.30pm.                      Castle.
Friday 30th october,             FREE EVEnT
Mobile Skate Park, Alrewas       TAMWorTH ToWn
Cricket Club Car Park.           CenTre
                                 CHrISTMAS LIGHTS                THURSDAY 19 – SATURDAY 21 NOVEMBER 
TAMWorTH CASTLe                  SWITCH-on                       7.30pm (Saturday Matinee 2.30pm)
HALLoWeen eVenInG
                                 27th november.
                                 Christmas celebration
                                                                 The Nutcracker
                                                                 Tickets: £19.50, £17.50, £15.50, £10 students/children
Saturday 31st october.           and the switching on
Ghostly goings-on around         of Tamworth Lights.
the Castle for all the family.   To include a visit by Father
Free pumpkin lantern for all     Christmas, sing-a-long          Highly acclaimed
paying children.                 carol service and               European Ballet is proud
                                                                 to present ‘The Nutcracker’,
Admission: £6 (adults),          children’s activities.          the most magical and
£4 (child).                                                      enchanting of all fairy tales.
Booking essential,               HATTon CounTry                  The company of first-class
call 01827 709618.               WorLD                           international dancers, under the
                                                                 direction of Stanislav Tchassov,
                                 PuMPKIn WeeK                    has a well earned reputation
FIreWorK                         24th october                    among audiences and critics
SPeCTACuLAr                      to 1st november.                alike for superb classical ballets.
CeLeBrATIonS                     FREE Pumpkin for every          Set to Tchaikovsky’s glorious
                                                                 score, the ballet is enhanced
7th november, 6–8pm.             child. For more information     by over 45 beautiful
The biggest event of 2008        about activities to keep        handcrafted costumes
returns with Fireworks           the children occupied over      and colourful sets.
and other activities, Family     half term. Please visit         The magic of Christmas
                                                                 comes alive as Clara
Activities, Fair & Discount             dreams that her toys
                                                                 come to life.
                                                                “Magical, the company deserves the utmost praise” - Brighton Argus

       Having a
   firework display
  or christmas fair?                                                                                   TUES 27 – SAT 31 OCTOBER
                                                                                                         Tues & Weds 1pm & 4pm 
                                                                                                           Thurs 11am & 2.30 pm 
                                                                                                               Fri 11am & 2.30pm
                                                                                                            Sat 2.30pm & 7.30pm

                                                                  Much-loved comedian and actor Don Maclean (playing Gepetto)
                                                                  has appeared regularly on TV and radio and in cabaret and theatre
                                                                  all over Great Britain including London Palladium seasons,
                                                                  Royal Command Performances and numerous pantomimes.
                                                                  Acclaimed by critics and public alike, this spectacular show starts
                                                                  with the story that everyone loves – Pinocchio’s birth in Gepetto’s
          send yours details to                                   magical workshop – follows with his well-known meetings with
                                                                  favourite characters like the funny Fox and Cat – then sends him                               across the world on a new and fabulous adventure to find a heart
                                                                  and become a real boy.
        and we will publicise it on
                                                                  “Enchanting – delightful entertainment” - Time Out
          our website for Free.
                                                                     BOX OFFICE 01543 412121

                                                                                                | 29
                                                          Tuition Plus
                                                                ‘Helping students achieve
                                                                   their True Potential’
                                                              Professional Tutoring
                                                                     For Ages 5 to 11
                                                                  Literacy & Numeracy
                                                               SATS/11+ /Exam Preparation
                                                            • Qualified teachers (all staff CRB checked)
                                                                     • Individual teaching programme
                                                                     • All book & resources provided
                                                        • Located in a modern centre with free car parking
                                                              • Parents can relax in the centre atrium,
                                                                 which offers Wi-Fi & refreshments

                                                                     £20 for a 75 minute lesson
                                                       Harvest Fields Centre Sutton Coldfield
                                                                      B75 5TJ
                                                                       Tel. 07592 556 452

  Call: 01675 442261
                                Advertise here                   	
                                                     Family	law	you	can	trust.		
   or 07817 033292               for just £35              Call	us	today		
                                                      Cannock	01543	466	660		
                                                                                         Get under our skin at          Contact Chris on   or	Lichfield	01543	263	456          07957 637 977       

30 |
 Don’t Dress them in just
 anything when you can
  Dress them in just boo

 mitchells centre
  weeford road
     b75 6na
 sutton coldfield
  0121 308 6755
                                    as Genie
                            ashee                     as Widow
                 as Wishee W                                     Twankey

                                           Friday OWING FROM:
                                                  27 November 2009
                                          to Sat
                                                urday 9 J
                                                         anuary 2010

Tickets £19, £10 (children),
    Family Ticket £56                                        Sponsored by
    (2 adults, 2 children)
     Variable daily performances Box Office 01543 412121

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